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A man gets reborn in Young Justice with 3 wishes, see how he soars through the multiverse while having fun and growing more powerful. The story will follow the show at first so the changes will be minimal and later everything will be different. the Mc is op from the beginning and there will be some Multiversal travel but i'm thinking about letting it be Dc only. the Mc is a chill laid back guy but very smart and careful. He only wants to have fun and be powerful enough so no one will cause him problems. He only wish for happy and peaceful life. He is not a Hero nor a Villain so he won't be going around saving everyone but he's not heartless or cold blooded killer either. This is a light hearted story where the Mc enjoy his life doing what he wants, there are some #sliceoflife, #romance, don't know about the #Harem but most probably. There will be fights, action, techs and magic, it won't be slow but not fast either. i obviously don't own anything beside the Mc. ______________________ Chapters will be 1-2 times a week it depends how long the chapter and quality is, which I'm trying to focus on but I'm new so be patient with me. I'm trying to write at least 2.5k a chapter but i want more so don't be suprised if you have a 5k words in one chapter. It's up to my creativity.

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Chap 14: Teleportation incident

[November 5]


Finally, I am done. Man, that took time—well, not as much as I thought it would take—but it's done. I really need to thank Abra Kadabra next time I see him; I couldn't do it without him. I literally emptied every place and thing he had that I knew of and used everything useful he had, from his materials to his memories. Just looking at the time machine he used to come here helped me enough, and the last upgrade on my mind after the mind simulation incident was like the cherry on top: I could work faster and better, my work was more precise, and any mistake, calculation, or slight error I had or could have all got corrected and perfected.


I finally made my portal gun. Well, I made it more like a bracelet—an armor bracelet to be more precise—you know, like the Ultimatrex from Ben 10, but I made it black with red lines without the omnitrix symbol, less bulky, and more futuristic-like. I also added a lot of security measures, from face-to-body scanning to voice recognition, fingerprints, codes, passwords, and everything else I could think of, and it can't be removed or used by anyone but me. I also upgraded the storage bracelet and merged them together, so now my bracelet can store stuff in a personal space and teleport and travel through universes. How cool is that?


Oh, did I mention I used nanotechnology to make it so it can shapeshift to any size and look I want? Even Tony Stark will get jealous of how amazing it is.


I may have underestimated how much time or work it took me to finish it, but allow me to explain: I literally worked for hours every free moment I had; I made extra 4 arms and had computers, screens, and laptops 180° around me to work on; you may ask, Abra had all that? No, of course not. I took all the stuff Ivo had too, plus every villain in Belle Reve had some secret stash or hideout or whatever, and I took everything; I didn't even leave a dollar.


What I needed but didn't have, I used their money to buy while shapeshifting for different people. I had to take everything apart to make them into functioning supercomputers that could keep up with my thinking and speed. Even then, it was not enough, but after a lot of hard work, sweat, and patience, it's done.


You know it's good they have teleportation technologies here. I compared the two—Abra's and the League—to make it better. All those scientists and books about physics and quantum reality, programming and software, etc. paid off.


I can't wait to take a vacation and just get up and leave. I still need to map the device, but still, step by step.


Anyway, let's go to the cave. It's already late. I was too excited to notice the time. If I remember correctly, today is the day when Klarion made that two-dimensional spell. Shame, I can't help Zatanna with her father turning to Dr. Fate. I don't know if the spell must be activated on both sides simultaneously or not, but thinking about it, it probably is, and I don't know where their location is right now, so I can't stop the spell before they do it. Well, it was all first-season events, and I never looked at all the dates and locations, so I can't remember what I don't know. Kent Nelson really had to die just before that all happened, right?


Here's the Zeta-tube. <Recognize Zane... *teet-toot-teet...* wir sind von *BOOM*< p>


At the exact same moment Zane was going through the teleportation, the Klarion spell was already in motion and was finished, so it happened that both the spell and teleportation occurred at the exact same time, and Zane's new space bracelet reacted to both. The space signal from the Zeta-tube and the dimensional energy fluctuation from the spell caused a disturbance in the location he was in, and instead of teleporting to an adult world, he got teleported somewhere totally different.


The moment Zane heard the alarm from the bracelet and the sound of the spell Eco in the air, he knew something had gone wrong and couldn't help but think before disappearing, 'You have got to be shitting me'.



"Ugghh... what happened?" 'This has to be the first time I got knocked out since my awakening. Well, figures if anything, I know I probably got teleported between space and dimensions. It's a lot to adapt to for the first time, and it was so sudden, and with magic involved, yeah, magic makes everything worse'.


"What is that?" I noticed these cuffs on my hand; they are hiding both my hands and a portion of my arms too. They are good materials and seem really advanced, even more so than the ones on earth. I can feel the weight and hardness of them; I can break them obviously, but it's impressive. Let's figure things out first, then I can act like a geek.


Isn't that... Cecile? I can recognize this scarred face anywhere.


So I am in an invincible universe, huh? It kind of makes sense, but I'm still surprised a bit that this multiverse is close to DC. I would have thought it was Marvel, but I am glad it is not. Imagine seeing Nick Fury; instead, I would have really panicked. I mean, seeing him will be a blessing compared to the Ancient One, the TVA, or worse, some beyonder or some shit. But I keep cool and don't show anything on my face.


While I don't have a lot of knowledge about this multiverse aside from one and a half animated seasons and some TikTok videos, I know it's not as wild as both DC and Marvel. To my humble knowledge, there is neither a cosmic threat nor a god that roams freely. The biggest threat is maybe the Viltrumites empire.


I'm not sure, but it's just your normal, everyday superpowered beings, which is exactly what I need. This universe is pretty much a bootleg version of DC, as shown with their Guardian of the Globe copy of the Justice League, which makes sense why they are close.


There are also a lot of powerful and versatile abilities here, and most, if not all, have yet—I believe—to achieve their full potential, like Atom Eve, which is the highest priority on my list. After that, the Immortal, the dude, is a better version of Savage and the guy that can open portals to different dimensions, and there's Dupli-Kate too; those are like the top five. There's also one villain with teleportation ability and a girl in the new team later with shrinking ability; even Rex's powers hold some potential. Well, I hope I am early. Let's find the timeline first.


It's cute how he's hiding behind this one-sided invisible glass, acting all mysterious while observing me. You may think I am taking a long time, but thanks to my fast brain, it took a fraction of a second. I sped up my perception of time so that only the flash and the like could probably perceive it.


I return it to normal and act all confused while looking around the room I am in, and I have to say he's cautious. No windows. There is no 'visible door'; there are small, unnoticeable holes on walls, i suppose for sleep gas or something, in case things don't go his way; it's practically just four white walls and the bed I am on.


They probably tried to take my blood but couldn't pierce my skin. If it were before, maybe with their technology and vast experience with superpowered people they would have found a way, but after the teleportation, my body adapted, even slightly and not fully, but still adapted to space and interdimentional fluctuation, and my skin became harder to get affected by any simple metal or weapon. I can notice that after all, I have full knowledge of my body, and I can know if anyone tried anything or took anything, but even if they took some saliva or hair, it doesn't matter; they can't clone or replicate my power in any way.


So after pretending to look around for a couple of seconds and observing my shackled hands as 'not bad tech' i turn back to the glass and talk: "So who are you and where am I?"


He did flinch a bit from the surprise, but not so much. He has good control and probably got used to dealing with all the heroes and villains, so he continues to observe silently, probably thinking, 'He can see me?' "Yes, I can see you." "!" 'did he just' "no, I can't read your mind. I can read your facial and body movements while being controlled very well. There are still some things to be noticed." We continued looking at each other while he frowned a bit, then seconds later he made half a part of the glass visible and said, "We found you knocked out in a crater outside the city."


"Hmm.. so I didn't cause much harm, good; you are from the government, i suppose."


Cecile only nodded slightly, then said, "Well enough of that; now I will be asking the questions: who are you and where did you come from? Above the clothes that are miraculously undamaged, we found nothing to allow us to identify you, nor did we find anything in our database, so you are either an alien from space or something more." I managed to change into my suit at the last second before the teleportation, just in case.


Yeah, I kind of merged the bracelet and the clothes together too to make it look like it belongs to the suit, while the bracelet looked like an accessory. "Hmm, how perceptive. I take it you are used to this kind of situation, huh?" He didn't show much, but he was slightly annoyed, either because I didn't answer directly or because I could analyze him. "I suppose I can be both; to answer you truly, I need to ask you this: does the name Superman, Batman, or the Flash ring any bells to you?" He frowned more, probably coming to some sort of answer to his questions, already giving me the answer that I didn't even need and saying, "I've never heard of them."


"I see, then probably we both are thinking the same thing, but just to make sure this is planet earth, right, and considering your English accent and the fact that you look like a typical American and the flag on your chest pocket, this is probably the US, or maybe it has another name here, so care to enlighten me."


It's fun to play these games; I really never get tired of it. Seeing him think hard about the possibilities with all it entails while I read the minds of the supposedly invisible soldiers beside him, Cecile's mind is kind of protected, probably by some tech or something. Well, it's expected that the guy has a teleportation device on him all the time. While it's not hard to force myself or just break his device, there's no need to act aggressive now; I've got most of what I need timeline-wise.


I am not sure how early I am, but the guardians are still alive and Omni-Man is around, so maybe there is still some time before.


"No need to say anymore; you are not from this earth but from another, meaning you are from some other dimension, an alternative world, or something, so that's settled it. Now who are you, and why did you come here?"


"You government people are always hard to deal with, but you seem more approachable, so I will tell you that my name is Zane for now. I am kind of a teacher or more like a caretaker of a sort of team made of young heroes, but you see, on my way to meet them while using a teleportation machine, a magical entity we are familiar with, if the spell incantation that I heard is any indication, made a kind of alternate space-dimension spell or something, I am not sure that disrupted the coordinates, and now I am here.


As you can see, it was an accident, and I need to go back." Better not say I invented a universal travel device that reacted to the spell. Who would have thought the moment I finished it and was thinking of going on a trip, Klarion would activate the young/adult alternate reality spell? How unlucky or lucky(?) am I? And it seems to not work from what I can see through the cuffs. I hope the storage is working.


"Stay here and don't make any moves while I see what I can do."


"Sure, not like I have anywhere to go."


And so Cecile and Donald left me alone, so I will take my time to organize the memories I have while the soldiers are still here keeping watch.



"Sir, how true do you think his words are?" asked Donald while walking slightly behind Cecile, who answered after organizing his thoughts and the information he just got.


"We can't be sure, but the fact that we found nothing about him means that he may be telling some sort of truth; we can't be cautious enough."


"And Cecil found anything about him? Did he cause any problems? Need help dealing with him? asked the Guardians of the Globe from the screen.


"Yeah, he is not from this earth but another, like an alternate one if what he says is true, and he seems cooperative enough and smart, but he's calm, too calm, like nothing is bothering him, which bothers me."


"So what do you want to do with him, and can he go back?"


"I don't know; he said it was an accident, a magical accident, and before I know what he's capable of, he will stay here till we decide."


"Alright, call if you need any help."



Beside the date, which is spring 2022, by the way, I have nothing to tell me when exactly in the timeline I am. I suppose at the beginning, maybe a couple of months before, but yeah, that's all.


This is probably the GDA, or the global defense agency, getting real S.H.I.E.L.D. vibes here. I can see the labs, the secret rooms, and the technology they are using. Quite advanced, I must say. Well, it should be; it's 2022 in a superpowered world after all. Let's see if those scientists can also be called geniuses.


Hours later, Cecil showed up again, telling me to follow him still in cuffs and agents all around, but I ignored all that and just followed. Let's see what he has for me. Nothing; some phasing won't help, I think.


It seems they don't face a lot of telepathic problems here, as aside from Cecil, there was no real problem reading anyone's memories. I mean, there were indeed some wave signal disturber devices, but a skilled telepath can handle that with some concentration. Maybe they are too confident in this place, or it doesn't get that much attacked.


Ah well, while thinking about this, we arrived in front of a door that Donald opened for us. What a nice guy! To be honest, average in everything, but a good assistant. Shame he's not Maria Hill or something. Upon entering, I was greeted by the Guardians of the Globe themselves. Well, that's interesting; I saw them before entering but didn't think they would come personally.


"These are the Guardians of the Globe, like the name implies; they are our earth guardians, and they were the ones that found you and informed us about you." Cecil introduces us, and I take a look at everyone one by one, acting like I do not know about them from before, and lift an eyebrow. Seeing the Martian and War Woman, they are indeed different, but seeing them up close, the theme is just too much. And the immortal looks at me angrily. I am confused. Is she trying to intimidate me or something?


"Well, nice to meet you. I am Zane, and I suppose I am from a different world, and now I can understand a bit why I landed here, particularly." They lifted an eyebrow at my introduction.


"I am called Darkwing, and these are my colleagues: War Woman, Immortal, Green Ghost, Martian Man, Red Rush, and Aquarus."


I sigh audibly enough, and they hear me, but before anyone says anything, I say, "Hey government man, what's your name?"


"Cecil," he says with a frown, and I talk again. "Yeah, Cecil, now that your Guardians are here, can I take this off or what?" His frown deepened, but he gestured for someone to come and take it off of me, but before he approached, I just phased my hand through it and gave it to them. Everyone looked shocked.


"Anyway, sorry for my reaction; it's just kind of well funny a little, Martian man as in from Mars, right?" He nodded, and I continued, "You don't happen to be able to phase too, shapeshift, and stuff, right?


He nodded absent-mindedly, surprised, which I noticed on several of them, but Green Ghost says, "Ehm, actually, the phasing is my thing."


"Oh, you have a unique thing about you or in you; I'm not sure, but you are a human that I am positive about." Again, more shock.


"And you are also a human, a totally normal human, but with a lot of advanced gadgets, I suppose, Darkwing." His face is still stoic, but his heart beats a little bit faster, but he has good control. I haven't seen his martial arts yet, but his technology may be more advanced than Batman.


"And you, my lady, please don't tell me you are an Amazonian princess from an island full of women." Now everyone is flabbergasted. Hahaha, that is so much fun.


I smile a bit and say,Well, to answer the questions you want to ask, we have an Amazonian too. She's called Wonder Woman, a Martian, but he's a mix of you  two."pointed at the martian and ghost, "He's also green, but in the middle between you, we have also the flash, which can run fast like you, i suppose, Red Rush." He just nodded at me absent-mindedly too.


"And let me guess you are from a kingdom underwater; please don't tell me it's called Atlantis." He opens his eyes widely while everyone is still in process. "Don't tell me you are the king too." And he can't hold it anymore and wants to ask how, but I said before him, "Yeah, I have that too, but he's half human and the Atlentians have more of a human body with some gills and stuff, which leaves you," I say while addressing Immortal, who had his frown deepen.


"You're a human too, well, dna wise, but your cells are reacting differently, and by your name, I guess you are literally immortal as undying and probably lived very long, which explains the attitude; probably lived too much, you become bored or moody, is that right?" Now he can't contain his schock too.


"Yeah, I guess our worlds are kind of similar. I hope we get along till I go back home." And I present my hand for a shake. But everyone is still in their own world until Red Rush snaps out of it first and shakes me too, and then the rest.


We kept talking for a while. They asked some questions about my world, but I made it look like they were equal in everything and told them about the Justice League also being protectors of the earth. You know, painting a good image and stuff. I don't want them one day coming to my universe and annoying me there.


Then we explained our power to each other; they knew I was strong but didn't know how much, and when I explained about my laser eyes and vision, they did get surprised by my telekinesis. Yeah, I told them about it; I really want to use it more; it's getting me sick just leaving it like that. I naturally didn't say anything else, just the strength package and telekinesis.


I also explained that I don't do much active heroing only if it's on my way or something, and I am more of a mentor to young heroes and take care that nothing happens to them, and I interfere if it ever gets too much or out of control.


They seemed to have a favorable impression on me, even Immortal; maybe he thinks I can understand him or something? He still looks stern, but I guess that's his normal face. Meh, good enough.


Cecil is just asking more trick questions to gather more information, and I give him half-answers that don't do him much. But he's better with me around here now, I believe.


We continued talking more, asking me how I intend to go back, and I told them that I would need to learn about their laws of physics and gather information to see if there were any differences, and maybe I would be able to build something to help me get back home. They did look surprised when I told them that I am actually a scientist too and have a couple PhDs. I mean, I don't, but I could have beside the many PhD people that I copied my knowledge from.


Cecil said he will offer me a place to stay and an iPad with the knowledge needed, and if I can help them in times of need when he calls, I will be happy with that. I said my goodbyes to the team after copying Immortal. Damn, it took a lot of time, and I didn't have any left for the others. But it's fine aside from the Martian; none of the rest are really that important, and Martian only because his shapeshifting ability is more like Plastic Man.


And then Cecil took me to stay somewhere temporarily until he found me a permanent place. What a weird but welcomed journey!



Well everybody here you have it, our first new multiversal journey even though 'accidental' if you know what i mean.

I have been seeing a lot of comments and reviews now and while some negativity started to appear, i want to thank you all nonetheless and ask you to be patient with me. I am still learning and trying but keep the comments or feedbacks comming and i will gladly read them and maybe answer if i can.

Now i have to ask you for your opinion, as you may know i decided to make this fanfic a Harem because i thought you know he will be powerful in the future and will visit multiple universes. It doesn't make sense for him not to get close to couple of women here and there.

Some of you may not like it some might but i am going with my feelings, some of the relationships might feel easy or forced so to say and some may need a lot of romance and stuff in the future. As for the r-18 scenes i am trying to take it easy for now and trying to write in different ways so some may not be full scenes but slightly, like the Serly Pov.

Enough talking now the main event. I am thinking of having Warwoman and not let her die. So i want to know what you think:




After this i am thinking of another one to add one will be particularly easy and the second not so much:



Atom Eve

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