23 Chapter 24 - Triassic End

Alright this is the end of dinosaur shit, bros gonna go back to the island, we gonna have a 5-6 month time skip and he gets picked up by the League. And then we going back to arrow plot I believe.

(POV June Moon) 

It had been three months since our discovery of the Island Frozen in Time and while unsure of what I'd expected, it certainly wasn't meeting someone like Stygian. We'd grown considerably closer during the course of my stay, with him no longer leaving the campsite unless I did. Anywhere I went, you'd see him tagging along, and vice versa. Ahem, oftentimes he'd spend the night in my own tent. His company, his very presence brought a sense of comfort I'd not yet felt. 

While polar opposites we seemingly had a certain level of understanding and respect for each other. Which is why when Stygian offered to teach me how to fight, I readily agreed. His approach was gentle as he guided me through movements, corrected my mistakes, and gave me visual examples. According to him anything he showed me was to only be used in emergencies. 'I'm not teaching you how to fight, I'm teaching you to kill.' Those were his exact words. Having only seen Stygian fight oversized beasts, the finesse and fluidity of his techniques surprised me. Clearly, his true expertise was not killing beasts but killing men. 

Inseparable as we were it unsurprisingly drew some attention from the other A.R.G.U.S. agents. The ever-uncaring Stygian seemed to not even notice the whispers, and while I did my best to ignore them, I couldn't escape the inevitable. Both Juniper and Johnny had pulled me aside on multiple occasions asking what new information I'd managed to squeeze out of Stygian, or if I'd managed to find a weakness of his. When I'd informed them that I didn't care about and hadn't attempted to gain any information from him it had taken them aback. 

Scrunching his face up in disgust, Johnny slammed a hand on his desk. 

"I assumed you were wooing the damn beast for information. Don't tell me you actually...He's not human June. Soon enough we're getting off this island and when we do, we'll report to Waller, and she'll have him and this whole place razed to the ground!" 

Crossing her arms off to the side, Juniper gave her two cents. 

"He's right you know? Your actions thus far, while questionable, are still redeemable. I suggest you drop all unnecessary interaction with the Basilisk, or you actually get some useful information. We've allowed this farce to go on long enough." 

"Who do you think you are? What do you even know? The Basilisk and I have reached a mutual understanding and respect for each other. He's helped me see and experience things most people could only dream of. That beast is more human than the majority of the organization. Your job is to ensure the safety of the scientists and crew members, that's all. And Johnny, you're nothing but a glorified sadist. Neither of you has any right to judge or scorn me. I'm the only reason you and the rest of this encampment are alive!" Rather out of character for me, I found myself unable to handle the way they so ignorantly spoke. 

Clenching my fists, I continued. 

"He's not stupid, he's well aware that he should have killed us all the moment we met. Yet, he gave us the benefit of the doubt and has even gone out of the way to assist us. Is your ego really so large?" 

Without caring for their response, I returned to my tent to find Stygian sprawled out on the small cot appearing lost in thought. 

"Should I be flattered that everyone's talking and thinking about me? Didn't know I was so popular." 

"Shut up, this is serious. And stop eavesdropping on my conversations!" Scoffing, I slapped his arm before taking a seat next to him. 

"Wasn't trying to. It's not my fault y'all were being so damn loud." Eyes still closed, he seemed completely unbothered. 

"Stygian, when the ship is fixed, I want you to come back with us." Though my back was turned to him I could feel his gaze settle on me. 

After a moment's pause, I continued, 

"If you allow the others to speak to Waller on your behalf things won't end well. I think you should take the chance to plead your case in person. If she spoke with you herself, I believe you and her could come to an understanding." 

(POV Stygian) 

To willingly waltz into A.R.G.U.S. headquarters could be considered an insane proposition, however, the alternative was to have the two buffoons Juniper and Johnny slander me. If it were just me I had to think about, I'd say no, but the Skartarians are innocent. They've minded their business and lived on this island for who knows how long. If I had a chance to prevent bringing war and destruction to them and didn't take it, I'd regret it. There was no doubt in my mind that Waller would destroy them and this island if I didn't speak with her. She might still do it even if I do, but you won't know till you try. 

(If the skartarians weren't an actually intelligent species that would be a different case as well. Apparently, they're like mutated Atlanteans or some bullshit. Idk Bruh shits confusing. My hope is for this good deed of his to also have an effect when he eventually encounters Atlantis somewhere down the road.) 

Propping myself up with one arm, I skeptically asked, 

"Do you really think Waller might hear me out, that I could form some kind of deal?" 

"Yes, she has a...certain reputation, but Waller really isn't as bad as she seems. She's sensible, and above all else cares about the safety/well-being of her country. I'm sure things will work out." Turning to face me, June attempted to reassure me, though failed to do so. 

"You're too kind for your own good June. Sometimes people are just unrefutably bad. I'm glad you can see the best in people, and I'll trust you this once, but if it falls through, don't blame me for what happens." Pointing a finger at her, my voice took on a grave tone. 

Shaking her head, her ever-soothing voice erased the momentarily tense atmosphere. 

"The majority of the world is so quick to anger, so quick to see and accept the worst. That's why it's as divided and violent as it is. I don't want to add to that. Besides, it's that same kindness that helped me see you for who you truly were, isn't it?" 

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," I grumbled plopping myself back down. 

"You should know by now, that I'm never wrong. Now stop moping, according to the flight crew we'll be ready to ship out within the week. That means I've got only a few days to help you be more personable and improve your communication skills." With a twinkle in her eye, June pinched her chin as her mind raced a hundred miles a minute. 

"Hey, I have communication skills! Not my fault, most of my conversations involve blood flying everywhere." Taking insult to her words, I quickly refuted them. 

"Ones that don't involve sarcasm or threats?" She asked with a raised eyebrow, to which I could only click my tongue in annoyance. 

Laying her head on my shoulder, June patted my chest encouragingly. 

"I didn't think so. You have to be on your best behavior from here on out, we can't give Waller any reason to entertain the two stooges, now, can we?" 

(POV June Moon) 

Time had passed quickly, and it was the day of departure. Stygian had taken me for one last exploration of the island, though our sightseeing was cut short when he sensed trouble back toward the crash site. Picking me up he raced through the forest until we came across Johnny, Juniper, and the agents at the repaired ship staring down a four-legged tank. An Ankylosaurus. It was easily 6 meters in height and 12 in length, not counting its sledgehammer of a tail. Stone-like spikes jutted from its back, giving it an almost porcupine-like resemblance. 

It seemed we arrived at the perfect time as it brought its tail down attempting to crush the newly repaired aircraft and the agents in front of it. Vanishing from beside me Stygian appeared directly underneath the tail, catching it above his head with considerable effort. The ground split beneath his head from the impact as he grunted and flung the creature's tail back to it. Hurriedly he instructed all the agents standing around to enter the aircraft, me included, as he engaged the Ankylosaur. 

I asked around about what had happened, and apparently, the thing had appeared to be running away from something when it encountered them. Stygian had told me a bit about the island and one of those things was that there were multiple Apexes. This Ankylosaur should be one, so I couldn't help but wonder what the hell had it running in fear. 

Turning my attention back to the fight the beast appeared much too slow to even pose a threat to Stygian. He rather easily stayed underneath and close to the creature, nipping at its heels and splitting open its legs. Before long one of the creature's legs gave out and it stumbled to the ground, in a fit of rage it began beating its tail against the ground and flailing it about erratically. One of its swings unintentionally or otherwise caught Stygian in the side and sent him skidding across the forest floor. 

Experienced as he was, it seemed he'd managed to block the attack for the most part, though the arm he used was riddled with cracks, blood spilling from it. It was then that an overwhelming roar shook the air, causing trees to creak and the ground to rumble. Everyone's attention snapped toward the source, and we couldn't help but feel our blood run cold. It was a behemoth, a monstrosity through and through. Something that shouldn't exist, in the past or present. 

An ashy white body, with beady red eyes, spike-like appendages cascading down its body, and hundreds of teeth, each larger than a forearm. It seemed to appear from thin air, its head peaking from out the tree line. Upon its arrival, the Ankylosaur frantically attempted and failed to take to its feet and flee. 

(POV Stygian) 

Seeing the dinosaur that had emerged from the forest, and managed to get closer to me than should be possible for a creature of its size, only a single name appeared in my mind. The Indominus-Rex. Size aside, everything about the abomination caused my danger senses to flare. This thing could kill me. Glancing at the injured Ankylosaur, I inched closer to it while the Indo-Rex eyed us like prey. Appearing to put me beneath the Ankylosaur on the threat list, it roared in its direction before charging forward. 

Unable to get to its feet, the Anky spun its body around, slamming and swinging its tail at the incoming mutant. Its erratic movement managed to catch a lucky hit on the ashen creature causing it to stumble backward. Deciding I needed all the help I could get; I leaped upward delivering a punch with all the force I could muster directly into the same spot the Ankylosaur did. Against my expectations, the seemingly disoriented Indominus opened its jaws, catching me mid-air. It was only then that I saw the slightest glow of cruel intelligence within its eyes. Not only had this been fucker faking, but it was also capable of thought. 

Time slowed as I came to this realization, and I extended my arms catching and stopping the Indo-rex's jaws from closing around me. It held me in its mouth, beady eyes shining amusedly as it gradually and slowly increased the force with which it closed its mouth. Not letting its chance go to waste, the Ankylosaur violently swung its tail into the Indominus repeatedly. Luckily this caused it to release its hold on me long enough for me to spring out of its grasp before its jaws snapped shut. 

Positioning myself directly next to the Ankylosaur I planned to use it as a shield and only spring out to attack when given an opening. To my dissatisfaction, the Indo-Rex had other plans as those glass orbs flickered toward the aircraft. Realizing what it had planned, I watched it spin around before charging straight forward. Before it could get more than a few steps, however, the creature froze in place turning back around slowly and tilting its head in confusion. 

Before its eyes my form changed, a black-scaled body soon came into view, my head towering over the Indo-Rex. A screeching hiss escaped my serpentine maw to which it roared in return. Those beady eyes seemed to lack the same amused and unconcerned glow they once held. With a quick strike, I lunged forward attempting to bite into its neck only to find my teeth failed to pierce its scales. Unlike me, it did not experience the same trouble. The moment my mouth had closed around its neck, the Indominus had bit my side in return. Blood sprayed as it tore a large chunk of scale and flesh from my body. 

Reeling back in pain, I released a black mist from my jaws that encompassed the creature's entire being. Using that as cover, I rapidly slithered forward wrapping myself around the Indo-Rexes throat and head. Not planning on letting me bring it down without a fight, it easily carried my entire weight slamming my coiled form against the ground in an attempt to shake me off. Nonetheless, I played the long game, slowly but surely tightening my hold of the mutant's skull and throat. I wasn't sure when, but the Ankylosaur soon made its way over and began hammering its tail into the Indo-rexes side. 

My initial gratitude for its assistance soon took a sharp turn as it began to not only beat the Indominus but my coiled form as well. It seemed it thought it could get a two-for-one here and take us both out. The force of its tail incessantly hammering at my scales eventually caused me to give out, whether of pain or anger I didn't know. Releasing my hold of the mutant creature, I locked onto those beady eyes of it, and we seemingly came to an agreement. 

Both now critically injured we turned our anger toward the Ankylosaur that had so rudely interrupted our bout. Each releasing a bellow, the forest quaked and the creatures within trembled in response to our fury. Bearing the forefront of it was the Ankylosaur whose head hung low as if seeking forgiveness. Instead, it received a brutalization of unforeseen levels, as the Indominus violently bit and tore into its head and backside. Meanwhile, I focused on lacerating its less armored underbelly with my tail and squeezing it like a balloon. Soon enough it popped. 

Panting and hissing respectively, the Indo-Rex and I eyed each other in silence, before it slowly backed into the forest, seeming to dematerialize and blend in with its surroundings. Eyes locked onto the spot it had vanished, I canceled my transformation and was soon half kneeled over. Blood pooled from my body, though I could feel myself healing gradually. Nevertheless, I cut a sorry figure to those spectating. Rushing to my side, was an ever-concerned June. Placing an arm over her shoulder she helped me into the aircraft as we began take-off much to a certain duo's displeasure. 

(POV Amanda Waller) 

One of my exploration teams had gone missing. Apparently, they had been on the search for a place known as the Island Frozen in Time. While exploration teams weren't normally anything special, this one happened to contain three individuals of utmost importance to me and my plans. Johnny Peril, a renowned mystic and handler of the supernatural. He was cruel, but he was cruel for the U.S. government. Juniper, our resident freak, she was essentially an extension of nature itself. Able to commune and control it at will. Finally, we had Dr. June Moon an Archeologist at the top of her field. She'd discovered and relinquished many an artifact unto our organization. Her ability to decipher and uncover the mysteries lost to time was indisputable. 

Color me surprised when after months of zero contact, we suddenly received a transmission from their aircraft. The news was immediately reported to me, apparently, they'd successfully found the island, but there were some complications. According to them, they were bringing a representative of those who dwelled within it. Though a bit confused as to why they said representative and not prisoner, I informed them that I was not within headquarters at the moment and was instead on a secluded military base. After providing them with the coordinates they soon arrived, in a clearly worse-for-wear aircraft. 

Its descent was certainly not pretty as it appeared to lack any landing gear. Skidding to a halt, the aircraft was soon surrounded by soldiers and agents alike as we watched the hatch open. Hushed whispers soon filled the air as we came face to face with something truly unique. A solid black figure resembling a literal shadow, save for its golden slit eyes, snakes emerging from its head, and golden armor. My first impression upon looking into the beast's eyes was that he was more than a 'representative'. From his gait, the air about him, to the way he carried himself, he wasn't here to speak on anyone else's behalf. He was here to make a statement. There was something wrong though, I could see his gaze flitting about anxiously as he eyed everything and everyone in the surroundings dangerously. 

From behind him the agents that flooded out of the aircraft gave him some words of thanks before entering the base, whilst Juniper and Johnny didn't even spare him a glance. Instead, it was June who walked at his side spotting me instantly and leading him toward me. 

"Ms.Moon, I take it this is the 'representative' you mentioned?" 

Nodding her head fervently, Ms.Moon extended a hand toward the figure. 

"Yes, Director Waller. This is the king of Skartarsis...of the island we were looking for. He's been kind enough to assist us during our stay, after an unfortunate crash landing. I had hoped that he'd be able to discuss some matter with you personally. If I'm being honest there was a bit of dissent among the group due to his involvement. I'm sure you noticed Juniper and Johnny weren't too taken with him." 

"Yes, I had wondered what that was about. So, a king huh? Do you speak?" Staring blankly at the duo, I turned my attention to this 'Skartarian King'. 

"I'd prefer if we talked in private, away from prying eyes and ears." The serpentine figure stated still appearing on edge, before glancing at June. 

Clearing her throat June appeared ready to apologize on his behalf but I waved it off. Instead directing a few of my agents to follow me and lead them into the base. I was interested in what this 'king' had to say. I was even more interested as to how he'd seemed to get everyone other than Juniper and Mr.Peril on his side. Moments later we were in my personal office, a handful of trusted personnel were stationed within eyeing the serpentine figure warily. 

"Details, Moon." After a moment of silence, I glared at the Archeologist in search of answers. 

And answers I received. She recounted every event that took place from the moment they'd been struck from the sky, how they'd entered a field and encountered a massive winged creature, to how this 'king' had saved them. Funnily enough, the fact the island was home to literal dinosaurs seemed to be the least mindboggling aspect of her story. 

"So, you had hoped that by bringing him here I could decide for myself how to deal with him and the island because you don't trust Mr. Peril and Juniper's judgment." Raising an eyebrow, I ignored most of the story and addressed the matter at hand. 

I eyed the two of them carefully, clearly, Ms.Moon had been bewitched by this mythical creature somehow, I just didn't understand how or why. Surely being a bloodthirsty beast wasn't enough to garner her attention. 

"You say they would have delivered a biased report, and yet I could say the same for you." 

"Alright, June. We tried it your way but it's over now." From beside her, the obsidian figure spoke up. 

"Look, the bottom line is the island of Skartarsis is home to not only dinosaurs but intelligent life. I understand that upon discovery you planned to take over and turn it into a material farm, however, I can't just let that happen." Locking eyes with me, he showed no fear or concern for his current situation despite what his constant fidgeting seemed to say. 

Crossing my arms, I laughed wryly at his words. 

"As a king speaking on behalf of his people shouldn't you mind your words? Surely you understand that we can't have had this expedition be for nothing, we either gain something, or no one does." 

Leaning forward in his seat, he cocked his head to the side causing the men stationed within the room to stiffen. 

"I'm not a king, I just happen to be the strongest creature on the island. I'm not doing this for the sake of the people within but for my sake. The island is mine, plain and simple. You will accept that, and in return, you can consider the island of Skartarsis your ally. I'm sure you're aware that the world is changing, wouldn't you like to have a powerful race standing at your organization's side." 

 "Well, aren't you sure of yourself? Did you not just say you don't speak for the people within, but yourself? Why should I or A.R.G.U.S. care about being allied with an island of undeveloped creatures anyways." Shaking my head, I couldn't help but question his words. 

Leaning back, in his seat the beast rather confidently spoke, 

"Fair enough, instead of the island of Skartarsis, you can consider yourselves aligning with me Lord of Serpents, Stygian the Basilisk. What I want and what I do, those on the island will follow one way or another. Should the world's changes prove detrimental to your organization, I guarantee you'll have our assistance. In return, you leave the island as it is. It's been around longer than your entire race, why raze it to the ground due to some craving for access to its materials? Greed isn't a good look on you humans." 

Truly naïve, a beast is just a beast in the end. I agreed to his terms, for the time being, I would observe and then decide my true course of action at a later date. 

"Very well, I'll allow you to stay on base for a while, but I want you gone within the week. You and your island will stay out of my country and its affairs. As long as you don't step out of bounds, I won't have a reason to." 

Turning to Dr. Moon I continued, 

"Ms. Moon take your friend here around the base. He's clearly on edge so why not help him grow accustomed to his new surroundings." 

(POV Stygian) 

From the moment we'd landed I'd found myself increasingly cautious. Every sound, every movement seemed especially loud, booming in my ears. Perhaps after living in a prehistoric wilderness for so long, I'd grown accustomed to its quiet. The humming, revving, and booms of engines, turbines, and gunfire throughout the base did little to calm my nerves. It seemed that not only had June taken notice of my volatile state, but so had Waller. After hearing the stories of what I could do, it seemed she wanted to get me the hell out of her office before I lost control. 

Honestly, I began to fear what I'd do as well. My head was pounding as it transformed the most basic of noises into that of a threat. A pair of headlights lit up and, in its place, I saw a creature's eyes. Snapping out of it, I pinched the bridge of my nose and followed after June. She rather excitedly led me around the base pointing out various vehicles and machines as well as describing their use. I took note of some of the families that roamed the base. According to her, it was normal for the soldiers and agents to have their families moved here. It was a fortress, and their safety was almost guaranteed. Upon my request to take me to the quietest area in the base, June brought me to a hangar where they stored outdated aircraft and equipment. 

A surprising number of people were within the hangar, mainly families giving tours to their children much like June was for me. Feeling myself chill out a bit amongst the whispers of the surrounding people, I suddenly felt the ground beneath my feet tremble and my ears began to boom. They were footsteps. How had it gotten so close to me? Snapping my attention away from June and her description of whatever plane we were staring at, my eyes began to change color. 

Time seemed to slow, as my head whipped around locking onto the figure rapidly approaching my back. By the time I'd realized...it was too late. No sooner had my crimson eyes laid bare her form, did the figure freeze in place. I instantly calmed myself down and changed my eyes back but...her eyes cried tears of blood and she fell over. For the first time since my training, I lost control of my heartbeat. It quickened to a sickening degree, its pounding was deafening, louder than anything I'd ever heard. 

My breath became ragged, and June tightly grabbed my arm before pulling me away. As I stared at the little girl with dull eyes sprawled on the floor, I could hear shouts and screams of concern from the rest of the people within the hangar as they rushed to her side. None of them seemed to even take notice of June and I slowly backed away. 

(POV Little Girl) 

Mom had finally agreed to take me to one of the base's old hangars. I had heard it was full of a bunch of super cool stuff. While making a mental list of all the things I wanted to see and mess with first, something strange caught my eye. It seemed mom hadn't noticed yet but there was a super weird-looking man walking around. Could I even call that a man? Were my eyes playing tricks on me? It seemed like I was the only one that noticed him. Half-naked with golden armor, and snakes for hair, the black figure was just walking around like it was normal. 

Letting curiosity get the best of me I ran up behind the man hoping to ask him what he was. As I trotted over, it seemed the man had heard me, and I smiled waving at him. The next thing I knew, my entire body seemed to shake. What was? I felt myself pulled into an empty black space; it didn't stay empty for long as multiple...dozens....hundreds of eyes appeared within. Their gazes contained indescribable levels of terror, I couldn't even cry, I couldn't move, I couldn't breathe. 

Eyes of all shapes and sizes, the majority of which didn't appear human, merely opened due to my sudden presence, before closing once more. 

It happened in the blink of an eye to the outside world, and yet to me, I felt as if I'd been trapped within that abyss for years. The man...no, the monster that was responsible I saw his eyes go wide in shock. Had he realized what he did? I didn't know. It didn't matter. I was dead. 

(POV June Moon) 

"It's not your fault, it's not your fault." I cried. 

In my hands, I held a trembling Stygian, as he sobbed silently into my lap. The horrific reality of what he'd done...accidentally or otherwise weighed on us both. I was confident no one would be able to attribute or blame it on him considering the...way the girl had died, but it wouldn't stop them from trying. Chasing those thoughts from my mind I focused on comforting his broken form. His trembling soon turned to a quake causing the bed to creak, and a black mist exuded from his body. 

"Stygian, please. You need to calm down. Please, I know you're hurting, but you can't draw any attention to yourself. With your arrival, a death on base will instantly raise eyebrows. You need to be prepared to be questioned, you can't break down right now." Tears falling from my eyes, my tone became strict. 

Firmly turning his head to look him in the eyes I continued, 

"Say you understand. There will be time for this later, but right now you need to be the Lord of Serpents...not Stygian." 

His jaw clenched so tightly I swear I could hear the teeth within cracking, but gradually his trembling resided and the tears that threatened to spill from his eyes vanished. 

(POV Amanda Waller) 

Excuse me? Was my single first thought when an agent barged into my office telling me someone had just died on base, a little girl no less. I instructed for the matter to be contained immediately. We couldn't afford the shitshow that would follow if this information started fucking spreading. Thinking to myself I also sent someone to bring June and the Basilisk up so I could question them personally. For someone to end up dead the second I bring a fucking monster onto the base couldn't be a coincidence. 

As soon as they walked through the doors, I had agents train their weapons on them as I questioned them vigorously. According to him and June, they'd been exploring the base and did happen to be in that hangar when the girl died. She said seeing a little girl just randomly fall to the floor dead had left her distraught. Ms. Moon asked the Basilisk to help lead her back to her room and that's when I called for them. I detected no lies from her words, and when I questioned the Basilisk personally, his eyes, heartbeat, and breath remained the same. While clearly taken aback by the girl's death he didn't appear guilty of having killed her. 

After hearing their account, I waved them off. 

"You may not have done it, but it doesn't change how things look. This is going to be a shitshow to clean up. You need to be gone by tomorrow Snake-man! Now get the fuck out of here." 

As they cleared out of the room, a disgruntled Juniper and Mr. Peril entered. 

"You just let him go? He's a fucking monster! There's no way the same day he comes to base someone just mysteriously dies! What are yo-" 

"Mind your tongue before I have it cut out, Mr. Peril. I don't know what your problems are with Ms. Moon or the Basilisk but for the time being, we've come to an agreement. Besides, I don't recall one of his abilities, being to cause people to bleed from their eyes and die instantaneously. You can see yourselves out." Glaring daggers at the duo, I waited for them to shut the door behind them before walking behind my desk. 

Placing a hand on the wall behind it a large compartment opened up. Pulling out one of the files within, I flipped through the pages before settling on the newest addition. It read, 

Name: Stygian 

Titles: Lord of Serpents, the Skartarian King 

Codename: The Basilisk 

Race: Unknown 

Age: Unknown 

Gender: Male 

Height: 6'5 

Eyes: Golden/Crimson 

Hair: ??? 

Known Abilities: Full-body transformation, poisonous mist, enhanced strength, enhanced agility, enhanced dexterity, enhanced eyesight, enhanced hearing, armored skin, intimidation 

If things don't work out, I think he'd still make an excellent addition to the force. 

NOTE: I know a lot of people will probably be upset, I can already see the comments. But I'm very much of the mindset that if you don't have to make an enemy, then why try to? That's why he hasn't and will not just murk the A.R.G.U.S. agents. You can dislike someone without making them an enemy. He doesn't care for A.R.G.U.S. or Waller, but they're a necessary evil atm. No point in making enemies out of them first if he doesn't have to. The key point here being, not striking first. 


Also, bruh I've never written about a kid dying and I won't be doing it again. It's not very fun. I felt it was needed for the MC to stop relying on the eyes and also to show the level of growth with his eyes. He's been using them on prehistoric beasts who run purely on instinct and not on real intelligent people. A child's mind wasn't strong enough to bear the forefront and she directly died with a glance. 


If you have any questions or concerns though, let me know! Lotta times yall bring stuff up that didn't even occur to me, so it's helpful. 

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