Prepare for a devilishly delightful crossover as DC's Lucifer Morningstar is thrust into the heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where the supernatural meets the superhuman. Stripped of his celestial powers and charisma, Lucifer finds himself trapped in a world where gods, heroes, and villains play a relentless game of power. No longer the charming ruler of Hell, he must navigate the chaos of New York City and the intricacies of mortal life. But the MCU isn't a realm governed by his Father's hand. It's a universe filled with its own set of rules and ruthless players, where even God seems powerless. As Lucifer grapples with mortality, he forms alliances with iconic Marvel characters and unravels hidden truths about himself. Caught between his innate selfishness and newfound friendships, Lucifer faces the ultimate dilemma: will he revert to his old, devilish ways, or will he rise above his nature to become a hero in this brave new world? Join him on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, mischief, and redemption in a fanfic that combines the wit of Lucifer with the might of the MCU.

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19 Chs


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The night draped itself over Lux, Lucifer Morningstar's haven of pleasure. Lucifer, impeccably dressed in an Italian designer suit, stood behind the bar.

His devilish charm was on full display as he served patrons, their eyes locked on his every move.

Maze had abandoned her post for a girls' night with the detective and the psychiatrist, Linda, leaving Lucifer in the bartender role. not that he minded.

He leaned in close to a group of women, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Ladies, tonight I am at your service. What can I get you?" His words to the mesmerized women were like honey, laced with the promise of forbidden delights.

After a while, the door swung open to reveal his brother and celestial counterpart.

"Ah, brother, perfect timing. How about a change of place? Would you mind tending to these fine folks? I've had my fill of mixing drinks tonight."

Amanadiel nodded and took his place behind the bar. He had, after all, been around long enough to understand the art of making cocktails.

Lucifer didn't waste a moment and slipped away.

The time of the night he always looked forward to had finally come. his passion—the piano.

With elegant grace, Lucifer approached the grand piano in the corner of the room. He knew the patrons' eyes would soon be entranced by his melodic voice and nimble fingers.

He was about to take a seat when a sudden sensation gripped him, like a whirlwind pulling him into an abyss. Colors swirled, and electronic noises filled his ears.

Abruptly, the vertiginous fall ended, and Lucifer found himself standing on unfamiliar ground. He blinked, disoriented, taking in the surroundings. Panic clawed at him as he realized he was no longer in Lux.

 "Bloody hell! What in the devil's name is this?" His curses echoed through the unfamiliar streets.

His eyes scanned the architecture, the buildings, and the towering advertisement boards, recognition slowly dawning. "New York," he muttered. "I've been to New York before, but this...this is not the New York I know."

Lucifer's confusion quickly gave way to anger as he turned his gaze upward.

 "Father! Is this another of your insufferable games?" His voice was a venomous snarl.

Slowly,the devil began to feel uncertainity clawing at him. He tried to tap into his celestial powers to contact Amanadiel back at Lux, but his attempts were met with nothing but frustration. Nothing appeared to work.

It was as if all his abilities had been stripped away, leaving him vulnerable and powerless.

With a primal scream, he vented his anger and confusion at an unseen foe, hurling threats that echoed through the quiet streets.

His outburst startled a group of passing teenagers, who stared at him as if he were a madman.

Lucifer, Nomarly, would have noticed the attention paid to him; he cherished that,but this was not a normal situation, nor was he in his normal self.

The teenagers, their faces painted with a blend of astonishment and fear, exchanged nervous glances as Lucifer continued to yell, seemingly oblivious to the commotion he was causing.

caught in a maelstrom of rage, his voice reverberated through the night.

"I demand answers, Father!" He shouted at the heavens, his words a furious challenge.

He stared at his empty hands, clenching and unclenching his fists as if trying to grasp the reality of his powerlessness.

Panic suddenly filled him.

The teenagers, who had initially been frightened by Lucifer's outburst, began to murmur amongst themselves. 

"Do you think he's, like, a street performer or something?" one of the girls asked.

Her friend shrugged, her gaze locked on Lucifer. "I don't know, but he's kinda hot, even if he's a bit crazy."

Lucifer, oblivious to their hushed conversation, paced back and forth, his mind racing. "This can't be real," he muttered to himself, his voice a mixture of anger and disbelief. He felt exposed and vulnerable, a sensation he hadn't experienced in millennia.

As he muttered and ranted, the teenagers finally gathered the courage to move on, their gazes lingering on the eccentric man for a while longer. They might never fully understand tha man, but they had their own life to return to.

Lucifer, left alone in the unfamiliar New York City, stared at the towering skyscrapers and bustling streets.

Doubt crept in, his thoughts spinning in a disorienting whirlwind.

Could it be that the devil himself had lost his mind?

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