Prepare for a devilishly delightful crossover as DC's Lucifer Morningstar is thrust into the heart of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where the supernatural meets the superhuman. Stripped of his celestial powers and charisma, Lucifer finds himself trapped in a world where gods, heroes, and villains play a relentless game of power. No longer the charming ruler of Hell, he must navigate the chaos of New York City and the intricacies of mortal life. But the MCU isn't a realm governed by his Father's hand. It's a universe filled with its own set of rules and ruthless players, where even God seems powerless. As Lucifer grapples with mortality, he forms alliances with iconic Marvel characters and unravels hidden truths about himself. Caught between his innate selfishness and newfound friendships, Lucifer faces the ultimate dilemma: will he revert to his old, devilish ways, or will he rise above his nature to become a hero in this brave new world? Join him on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, mischief, and redemption in a fanfic that combines the wit of Lucifer with the might of the MCU.

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19 Chs


having accepted the perplexing reality that he might be indefinitely trapped in this peculiar dimension,lucifer was now strolling along the unfamiliar sidewalk that had served as his unexpected landing spot, his physical presence contrasted starkly with the chaos reigning in his mind.

 The deep transformation his believes had undergone was nothing short of bewildering.

Throughout his immortal existence, Lucifer had held an unwavering belief that his father, God, had created everything, both known and unknown—no questions asked. He had never ventured to doubt this fundamental truth, even during his rebellious days in Hell. Yet, now he found himself in a dimension where, if the mysterious voice was to be believed, even his omnipotent father was not the ultimate creator he had always perceived Him to be.

This was the root of the matter that had left Lucifer both intrigued and deeply baffled. 

Initially, he had entertained the notion that this was just another one of his father's cosmic tricks, some elaborate game intended to amuse Himself at his expense. However, as he absorbed the wealth of information the system had provided, his initial anger and doubts gradually morphed into an unquenchable curiosity.

A place that was outside the control of his father was already halfway to being his home. Of course, he was not oblivious to the fact that his unexplained absence would inevitably cause distress to those who cared about him back in Los Angeles. Chloe, in particular, would undoubtedly be beside herself with worry. A strange, pleasant tinge coursed through him at the thought of the detective's concern. Chloe Decker was known for her steely resolve when it came to emotions, but the idea that she would be fretting over his whereabouts was oddly comforting.

Lucifer sighed."They can all wait", he mused, momentarily contemplating his absence from their lives. Ideally, he would have preferred to leave them some sort of notice, a means to alleviate their worry, but such an option had not been made available to him. It was as if whoever brought him into this dimension had conspired to isolate him from the world he knew and loved.

His wandering thoughts were abruptly interrupted by the rumbling in his belly, a sensation he had rarely experienced in his celestial form. It served as a stark reminder that he was now a mortal being—an idea that still felt utterly foreign to him.

In his previous celestial form, he had never needed to concern himself with hunger or sleep. Not that he hadn't enjoyed indulging in food—quite the opposite. But with his superhuman endurance, he had rarely felt the pressing urgency of such needs. Now, as a mortal, he found it nearly impossible to fathom a day without food.

A sweet aroma wafted to his nose, and his eyes were drawn to the glowing KFC sign, beckoning from a short distance away. "Well, well," Lucifer mused to himself, his lips curling into an amused smile. "They have KFC here as well.I must say I am rather impressed,"

He never thought he would feel such happiness at the sight of a fast-food joint. After all, back in LA, his orders were always delivered directly to him

With newfound purpose and a grumbling stomach, he immediately changed course, heading toward the welcoming embrace of the restaurant.

Lucifer strolled into the restaurant, his keen eyes immediately noting the striking resemblance to the ones in his own dimension.

"What a delightful surprise," he said while admiring the eerily familiar decor.

"Seems the Colonel's empire stretches across the universe."

Taking a seat in a corner booth, he couldn't help but marvel at the uncanny similarity of this dimension to his own. The humans bustled about, seemingly no different from those he'd encountered in his realm. 

A pretty waitress, her name tag identifying her as Judy, approached him with a tablet in hand and a friendly smile. "Hello there, sir! What can I get for you today?"

Lucifer flashed her one of his most irresistible smiles. "Ah, my dear Judy, I believe I'll have the usual."

the waitress blinked in confusion. "The usual, sir?"

Lucifer's wit, as sharp as ever, swiftly realized his mistake. "Ah, yes, how forgetful of me. You see, I seem to have wandered into unfamiliar territory. In that case, I'll have the 8-piece Hot & Spicy wing combo and a cold Pepsi, please."

Judy, her smile never wavering, jotted down the order and excused herself to place it with the kitchen. "Your order will be ready shortly."

A while later, Lucifer was didving into his meal with fervor, savoring the spicy goodness of the wings. But halfway through his feast, a nagging thought gnawed at him. Did he have any cash on him? He was certain that he did not have his phone, but he'd always been one to stash some cash in his pockets, just in case.

With urgency, his hands disappeared into his pants pockets, desperately searching for his wallet. They resurfaced, empty, and the look of shock on his face was enough to send a warning signal to the waitress, who was approaching with his bill.

"Is there any problem, sir?" she asked, concern evident in her voice.

Lucifer's smiled easily as he tried to figure a way to smooth over the situation.

 "Oh, my...." he began, offering a charming grin. " I seem to have left my wallet. It's rather unlike me."

 The blushing devil cursed beneath his breath as genuine confusion danced across his face. Judy appeared equally puzzled, and Lucifer couldn't help but feel guilty for potentially costing her a portion of her paycheck. His cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

"You can put it on me." A voice chimed in from behind him, a savior appearing in the form of a man with brown hair and matching brown eyes. 

Relief washed over Lucifer as he turned towards his benefactor, gratitude shining in his eyes. The man appeared to be in his late thirties or early forties.

"Thank you, sir," Lucifer sighed with immense relief. "The devil owes you a favor."

The statement earned him quizzical looks from the surrounding customers, but Lucifer paid them no heed. He was in a rush to escape the embarrassment. With a nod of thanks, he made his hasty exit from the restaurant.

stepping out onto the open street, the sight of the setting sun gave him another jolt. He realized that night was rapidly approaching, and with no money to his name, his troubles had only just begun.