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"My name is Lucas Morningstar, and I know my life is better than 99% of the world. Why is that? I have a decent job. A talking toy. An alien robot which gave me powers. And the best cat in the whole wide universe that deserves all the chin scratches in the world. So what if there were speedsters, a gun who is practically walmart robin-hood and supergirl flying around? With Tom by myside, I am the strongest cat owner in the world." Lucas narrated proudly to the reading audience. He then smelt the air a little and could smell smoke. "Shit, be right back. TOM, PUT BUZZ DOWN AND GET A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!" … I do not own any rights to the characters other than my own OC. original credit goes to the relative creators Authors note: You can read up to 10 chapters ahead if you want to on my p#treon.com/Fat_Cultivator

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Chapter 27: Resolve

Chapter 27: Resolve 

Authors note:

Hi guys, just wanted to ask for more interaction if possible 🙏🙏mainly because the more people comment or review, the more I would want to write. Anyways sorry for breaking your immersion, have a good day:))

"So according to this, there are ways to go to different multiverses…" Steel said out loud as our entire group was currently starring at the laptop.

"Zoom is from something called Earth-2…" I couldn't help but mutter. I guess it's time to inform Shikamaru about this.

I already knew about the multi-verse from the system, but I didn't think anything but the system had ways to bring people here.

We also learned some other important information, such as the second Wells, and how Zoom was sending in Meta-humans to attack the city.

And the main part, that he was obsessed with Speed and being the fastest of them all.

Team Flash should know how Turbo Energy gives boosts to speed…does that mean knows? And will Zoom capture me and keep me as some sort of battery?

If that monster begins to hunt for me, am I not screwed?

I turned towards my summons, thinking of ways I could protect them from any harm.

"Does this mean I will have variations of the Wither to challenge?" Buzz asked aloud with an excited look on his face at the prospect of a new challenge, thinking about minecraft from other universes.

"Interesting…the applications of these Multiversal Energies might even allow me to create a new Turbo Mode to harness all of them." Speed said with great interest as he seemed to think about different forms.

Tom just had a dollar sign in one of his eyes, and images of meat revolving in the other, clearly thinking about all the money and different types of food he can get.

I always worry about nothing.

I couldn't help but pull them all into a massive hug.

"Let go of me Lucas!"

"Human, do not apply your affection to us technologically superior lifeforms!"

"*Purrr*" Tom was the only one happy with the hug and began to rub his chin on my shoulders.

"I promise I won't let anything happen to you."

As they heard me say that, all of them turned quiet for a second, seemingly realizing my inner turmoil.

"Of course, my host will be the strongest of them all." Steel spoke, as if it was a matter of fact.

Buzz seemed to think of something, before breaking out of the hug and standing on the table.

"Lucas, one must always be ready to face challenges." He said, before pacing around the table and then continuing.

"Panic and indecisiveness are useless in the moment where you have to make crucial decisions. Remember that the last thing we must do in this world is live in fear. Life is short, so make that short journey challenging!"

As I thought about the little toy words, I couldn't help but agree.

What he was saying is the truth.

I spent most of my life wanting a normal happy life, and I have gotten it.

So maybe…just maybe I should be slightly more greedy. Want more, and challenge myself.

I watched as Tom was bowing down to Buzz in admiration, seemingly star struck by the toys words while steel himself seemed to be in thought.

Maybe, I should start with small goals, something that will make me push myself out of my comfort zone.

"Steel, you and Tom find a location where we can use Turbo energy without being tracked at all. I think it is time we explore the usage of this power."

However, the pair weren't listening to me as Tom stood in front of the table, resting his chin on it and listening to Buzz with 'puppy' eyes.

Steel himself was equally attentive as he floated nearby and was extremely concentrated.

What the hell was this about?

"Back in my day when I went on world ending missions unlike Lucas who does nothing and sits at home all day, I…"

Why was I surprised?

After that and having some dinner, I began to rest on my bed and saw that Blair had actually replied to my messages immediately saying she was alright.

I texted her once again, asking if she was truly fine and once again got a response immediately.

I then thought about it for a moment, but instead of texting just video called her.

It took her a second, but she eventually picked up the call, however I didn't see any image but the ceiling.

"Why did you video call me?" She asked, in panic, as I heard a lot of bottles being thrown around.

"What do you mean?" I asked in confusion, and Tom seemed to be interested as well, as he climbed onto my bed sneakily before blocking the camera with his own face.

However seeing that Blair didn't reply, he got disinterested very quickly and went to work on something.

"I mean I just took off my makeup! You could have at least warned me."

"Oh sorry… I didn't think you would care about that."

"Every girl cares about how they look!"

"Right sorry…what I meant was, you look great with or without makeup."

"Nice try! Give me a minute."

As she said that she muted the phone call and I continued to stare at the ceiling for a while, until I was bored and checked some other messages of mine.

There were a lot of photos from Naruto eating different types of Ramen.

This world created a monster, what the hell was ramen lasagna? That sounds disgusting.

I was also able to respond to some questions Hinata had about getting Naruto presents…wait, this numbskull still didn't get her things for gifts?

That being said, should I get Blair gifts? What even are we right now though…?

"Alright I am back." Blair said, as she hopped onto her bed and I could finally get a view of her face.

And as per usual, she looked stunning, with her hair tied up into a beautiful braid too.

"I don't want to hear anything about how messy I look." She said with a point while playing with her hair a little.

"There is literally nothing messy about you though…"

Even though I was just stating what genuinely seemed like facts to me, she blushed a little.

We talked for a couple of minutes, but I had one question that was going to drill a hole into my head.

Sure, I liked Serena, but I felt more attracted to Blair and her sassy attitude in front of others, and loved how she became slightly more meek around me.

I liked how her hair looked, how she smiled…and I could go on listing things for a while.

And I just had to know.

"Blair, what are we?" I blurted out as she was mid way in explaining things about how she had plans for university classes tomorrow.

"Hmm? What do you mean?"

"I mean we didn't start off in the best situation. You gave me your best friend's number for me to call her…and then there was the mugging. That night, and then last night too. I just wanted to know what you thought we were."

Blair paused for a second, before I could see from the corner of the image her feet being kicked up and down as she played with her hair more.

"I think it is too soon for us to define anything." She said, to which I don't know why but I felt a slight gut punch.

Was I moving too fast or catching feelings for someone who didn't care?

I mean, I never dated, so I don't know how appropriate a relationship is supposed to feel like, what is the difference between a crush, someone you date and the love of your life.

"But." She continued, "I also don't think I just want to be friends with you."

I could see the blush on her face which made her look really cute.

"So…" I baited, hoping she would continue.

"I am not giving you the satisfaction of saying anything out loud!"

"Fine then, instead of friends…let's be not friends." I said, severely hoping I wouldn't miss reading the situation.

"Sure, I would love to be your 'not friend.'"

I don't know at which point of the night I had fallen asleep and due to the lack of sleep the next day was basically on auto-pilot.

I had breakfast, went to work and came back for my summons, ready for a trip.

Tom had a whole adventure kit on which made him seem like Indiana Jones with a camping bag bigger than himself.

Buzz and Steel just stared at him as if he was an idiot.

"Tom, this is just going to be a late night trip you know?" I asked, to which he nodded.

"You still want to bring all this stuff?"

Tom seemed hesitant, before reaching into the massive camping bag and pulled out a rubber toy duck.

He seemed really sad and even began to sulk a lot, as tears began to come out of his eyes.

However, seemingly thinking about the bigger picture, he steeled his resolve and placed the duck on the kitchen counter before petting it.

Steel was confused about what was going on but Buzz just didn't care. He had been with Tom for a year after all.

"Stop being so dramatic it is just a rubber toy."

Tom stopped his feet in anger and pointed his finger accusingly at Buzz.

"Human mind translating?" Steel asked me, as he whispered into my ear.

"Tom just said 'you're the rubber toy. You were made in a factory with thousands of rubber toys.'"

Before Tom and Buzz could fight, I knelt down and wiped his tears before putting the rubber duck into his tiny paws.

"I am sorry Tom, everything here is important."

"WOOOOHOOOOOO!" Tom shouted in happiness as he began running around the house, but his massive bag began knocking everything down.

But I just let him be happy, Buzz can clean everything up later.

As he calmed down, Tom reached into his pant pockets and passed me a small cube.

Well I wonder what this is.

Authors note:

You can read up to 10 chapters ahead if you want to on my p#treon.com/Fat_Cultivator