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"My name is Lucas Morningstar, and I know my life is better than 99% of the world. Why is that? I have a decent job. A talking toy. An alien robot which gave me powers. And the best cat in the whole wide universe that deserves all the chin scratches in the world. So what if there were speedsters, a gun who is practically walmart robin-hood and supergirl flying around? With Tom by myside, I am the strongest cat owner in the world." Lucas narrated proudly to the reading audience. He then smelt the air a little and could smell smoke. "Shit, be right back. TOM, PUT BUZZ DOWN AND GET A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!" … I do not own any rights to the characters other than my own OC. original credit goes to the relative creators Authors note: You can read up to 10 chapters ahead if you want to on my p#treon.com/Fat_Cultivator

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Chapter 24: New Modes

Chapter 24: New Modes

Blair clung around me the entire night and didn't even let go as we both went to sleep.

Everytime she was comfortable and I thought I got her off of my body she would use a death grip on me.

Nothing incident happened with us and I honestly didn't even have the will for something like that as this point.

There was a time and place for something and this time it just wasn't the time.

So following that, I sent Blair off after having some breakfast. Tom was able to expertly cook up and looked towards Steel.

"Steel…" I called out to the robot who was hell bent on doing his calculations.

"What is it human ? I am busy." The robot called out not turning away from his board of notes, as he was trying to understand Tom's writing.

Tom did try to explain it before to Steel, but in Toms words, Steel was as dumb as a kindergartener so it was better to pass the notes to him and let him learn on his own.

"What are the 2 new modes we unlocked and the last one that we are about to unlock?"

"Ah…we unlocked [Turbo-Speed mode] and [Turbo-Clone] mode. For now, we cannot use Clone mood simultaneously with other Turbo modes but we are not that far away. And I have almost unlocked [Turbo-Invisibility mode]." Steel explained.

"After that I aim to unlock [Turbo-Rocket mode] which seems to be one of our strongest forms. With that, we will have the minimum number of modes to unlock [Turbo-Mimic Mode] where we can merge modes and use them."

As I heard that I was obviously happy.

One thing I realized after I saw the Blue Speedster yesterday was I never wanted to feel so helpless.

To see Tom so scared.

To see Blair so helpless she almost cried.

"How long will it take to unlock the invisibility?"

"Around 24 hours? Why?"

"Nothing, just let me know." I told Steel, as I got ready for work.

Maybe I should call in sick tomorrow and explore more regarding my powers.

"Steel, what about merging yourself with equipment like swords, guns, cars and Bikes? You did them in the show."

"Lucas, I have my hands full with this." Steel said as he pointed at the white board.

As I was thinking about how to help Steel, I felt someone tugging my clothes from the side.

Tom looked at me with a happy smile on his face as he rested his paw on his own chest.

"You want me to leave it to you?"

Tom began to nod vigorously.

I began to pat his head in the form of a thank you, to which he leaned into my hands and began to purr slightly.

"Could you start with a Bike first and then move onto the Sword please?" I asked the purring Tom who nodded his head.

He didn't even ask me anything in return, probably realizing how I felt about this situation.

"Lucas, I can also help!" Buzz said confidently as he stood up from his side of the sofa.

"Of course you can buddy." I told him in a condescending tone while trying to rub his head with my finger.

"No, I am being serious!"

"And how can you help?"

"I was once an expert astronaut who traveled the Universe! Of course I know things about alien technology!" Buzz stated in pride, but Tom just shook his head from side to side.

Seems like this toy got my hopes up for no reason.

"Sure Buzz, help Steel wherever you can, I am going for work." I told the 3 of them.

Buzz nodded, taking what I told him as a new mission while he parkoured over furniture to jump his way to Steel.

Tom saluted me as he went to draw designs for a Bike.

Steel was still wracking his Alien head  over unlocking a new form with Tom's notes.

And there was also the fact that Buzz had already made his way over to Steel's head.

Work was slow the following day.

I mean, when a Blue maniac runs into the town where the fastest man alive was supposed to keep you safe, with a battered body of said man it would instill fear into anyone.

However there were some people that would be unwilling to give up in the face of adversity, and that was the CCPD.

I couldn't tell if it was stupid or brave in their part to continue to report to duty the following day when the Flash was out of commission but what seems like the worst threat this place has seen.

But regardless I decided to give a slight discount to them since it was a rough day for the whole city, people could use coffee at times like these.

'Lucas!' I felt Steel contact me through the necklace Tom gave me a while back.

'What is it Steel?'

'I unlocked the invisibility mode! And Buzz was actually helpful, I am half way through unlocking Rocket mode too.'


Since when was Tom wrong?

No wait, since when was Buzz right?

What the hell was going on!

'Anyways, I am coming over! Buzz is gloating too much and Tom is crying right now.'

'Remember Steel, when in doubt, fry all Camera's within a mile radius.'

'Roger.' Steel said as I felt the connection cut off from his side.

I then picked up my phone and tried to call Tom but he didn't even pick up the phone call at all.

He was probably embarrassed about being wrong, since he rarely is wrong.

I decided to let my cat have some space and not be a clingy owner.

The last thing a cat wanted was for its owner to constantly bother it when he was trying to process his emotions.

I made up my mind to teach Buzz a lesson when I went back home later.

And since I had my messages opened anyways I decided to ask if Blair was okay through texts.

I didn't really like texting people, much rather prefer calls, but I guess I have to grow into the age of technology.

I did have a futuristic alien robot after all.

It didn't take long for Steel to merge with me and my shift to be over after that without any other abrupt occurrences.

"Kendra, I trust you will take care of these?" I asked as I tossed the keys to looking her for her to take care off

"I will." She replied after catching the keys and nodding at me politely.

"Where to then Steel?" I questioned inside of my head.

"I really want to investigate more about this Blue Speedster." Steel said as a slight shiver ran down my spine while I remembered that speedster's face.

But my body quickly calmed down, almost as if it was remembering years of training that was hammered into me by those bastards.

If you're scared of something, it is probably the best option of things.

"Alright, how do you propose to do that?"

"Well, this Barry Allen, or the Flash should know right? Why not go and find him? The Flash should have the most clues regarding him."

"That makes sense…and I might have an idea as to where Barry stays." I told him, as we turned into our [Turbo-Invisibility Mode]

Just as expected, I could feel my hand but couldn't see it.

The Turbo Energy inside of me flowed in a weird way, to block any and all sorts of scanning, and reflective substances.

According to Steel this hid me from all technology as well, so I decided to run towards an abandoned alley before switching into a better form.


This way no one will be able to connect me with…well…me.

As I turned into my flight mode, I propelled myself using my Turbo Energy and the thrusters I have in my back to fly high into the sky.

According to Steel, we could be tracked once we entered Turbo Modes that were not invisibility mode, so Steel and I were essentially being tracked right now by anyone who wanted to.

I mean, according to him, it was impossible for even him to hack all technology in the world, just to fry some that were nearby, since Alien Technology operated in a fundamentally different way.

(Author's note: Even inside of the show, enemies were able to easily track Steel. I am not nerfing him)

But did I care at all that I had a target on my back now? No not really, since with invisibility mode I could just escape from all gazing eyes.

I was essentially an assassin now.

So I flew towards S.T.A.R Labs.

"Lucas, I sense some sort of forcefield that can stop us from entering in this mode, we should change modes and enter." Steel told me.

"How come they have already developed technology against us?" I asked in surprise.

"It seems like they developed it to counteract something else (Author's note: Speedforce), the same one we can use to detect speedsters, and since it has synergistic properties to us, this seems to also be able to stop us." Steel said as we analyzed the barrier.

"Now that I am analyzing this properly." Steel continued, "We could probably force our way through, but we will drain insane amounts of energy. It is much simpler to simply shift into invisibility mode where things like these will not bother us." 

Hearing his analysis, I nodded at his judgment and flew back and dropped into a building slightly far away where S.T.A.R Labs cameras could not see us.

I then turned back into [Turbo-Invisibility] mode before jumping the fences with my superhuman strength and ran through the barrier which didn't even do anything to us this time.

Until the day they make perfect technology to counter Steel like in the show, which would probably take tens of years maybe even longer, Invisibility mode was broken.

With that, Steel and I made our way into S.T.A.R Labs for a stroll.

"How do you know he would be here?" Steel asked.

"Iris told me a while back S.T.A.R Labs had helped nurse him back to help during his time in his coma for 9 months after lightning had hit him."

"Interesting…" Steel commented.

"Yeah, well I assumed since Cisco also works here, and I heard him through the intercoms, he should be being nursed back to health. It is smart, which normal person without all the facts would suspect this area?"

Authors note:

You can read up to 10 chapters ahead if you want to on my p#treon.com/Fat_Cultivator