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In a world where aliens and gods wield unimaginable powers, Anthony finds himself in a new reality with powers known as Gacha and Dimensional Chat. He discovers friends, enemies, and unforeseen challenges that will test his understanding of power and destiny. [You have been chosen as the administrator of the Dimensional Group Chat] [Searching for participants started... 10%... 34%... 69%... 100%"] The participant has been added to Chat: "MissKnowItAll" The participant has been added to Chat: "Exhibitionist" The participant has been added to Chat: "AmbitionlessShinoa" The participant has been added to Chat: "God's Tongue" An administrator has been added to Chat: "BrotherOfSupervillainGenius" ------------------------------------- Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or the fanfic i was merely translating this. Cover image is AI generated. ---This is a Translation--- Original Author: Larchout

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Chapter 99: Love Potions


Cortana uttered as I went myself into her once again.

She looked at me with a loving, almost adoring gaze and caressed her stomach.

"I... am I capable of bearing children?"


For a moment, I was taken aback by such a question.

"Yes, Cortana, you are fully alive and can conceive and bear a child..."

"A child of the master..."

Cortana smiled.

"Let's talk about children later... There are still plenty of threats in this world capable of destroying us and the entire Earth."

I exhaled.

"You always manage to steer the conversation towards dangers in the world..."

Lena sighed tiredly as we had just finished our sex marathon.

She immediately recognized that Cortana and I had sex, and she joined in the next group session along with her.

This time that she wasn't just spying but participating quite actively.

"What huge jugs you have..."

Shinoa whispered while continuing to fondle Cortana's breasts with her chest larger than Shinoa's and even slightly larger than Lena's.

 I understood her because every time I looked at her, I could barely contain myself... but I usually didn't hold back in the office and basically "pounced" on Cortana.

There is something very interesting going on these days.

I somehow ascended to a new level of power quite casually... Platinum Kryptonite seemed to supplement me.

I became even stronger as a result of the photon energy that my cells absorbed.

I even decided to test the extent of this absorption and headed closer to the sun.

I floated near the sun and received a massive inflow of energy while descending lower and lower into the plasma to reach the chromosphere.

The sun's surface burned my skin at first, but it wasn't long before I stopped feeling anything.

It seemed like a normal warm day at six thousand degrees celsius until I went down to thirty thousand degrees celsius and felt the heat of the sun again.

I dedicated a couple of hours to this activity for several days in a row, and now...

Name: Anthony Joseph Luthor

Race: Primordial Human, Homo Magus, Seraphim

Title: Brother of a Villain, Genius, Administrator, Head of LexCorp, God's First Creature]

Overall Power: 6-C+ (A being that has become a god in terms of destructive power, capable of affecting entire islands and small countries or equivalent areas of space)

Assimilated Characters:

Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark (A) (100%)

Albedo (B) (100%)

Bang (A) (100%)

Abilities: Senjutsu (B+), Aura (C)

Gacha Points: 87

I can now destroy Japan or a country of similar size without much effort.

In fact, I could destroy a planet like Earth without any problems simply by creating a suitable ritual or reaching the planet's core.

I would be much more dangerous even to all the Greek Gods if I were to exert all my strength and push myself.

However, my ability to create has also become more powerful...

I managed to obtain the Ninth Metal with my own efforts and keep it to prevent it from 'dissolving' into reality.

This marks a new milestone in my research because the stronger I become, the more possibilities I have in alchemy.

With the help of magic and the powers that sustain me from the Sphere of Gods, I can influence time and space, light and darkness, chaos and order...

It's pretty limited without some other external sustenance or 'divinity,' but it's still possible.

Moreover, the 'Seraphim' allows me to control both neutral light and darkness emanating from... the darkness hidden within people and in the universe itself.

I can now feel this very clearly and I could literally feel the 'darkness' in beings perhaps even their sins...


[3rd POV]

Meanwhile, the second task of the Triwizard Tournament is slowly but surely approaching.

Hermione Granger: The Yule Ball is coming soon, and Professor McGonagall keeps reminding us about it all week...

Shinoa Hiragi: Party, drinks, sex, and music?

Erina Nakiri: Hmm, I remember. Weren't you supposed to go with some Quidditch player?

Hermione Granger: In the movies, it was like that. Viktor Krum really throws glances at me...

Rias Gremory: Hermione-tan has grown up and will soon start hanging out with boys... How time flies

Shinoa Hiragi: They're ignoring poor me again... Winter, are you ignoring me too?

Winter Schnee: No. I just have... some problems here. There's been some strange Grimm activity in the Mistral Kingdom area and I'm a bit busy.

Anthony (Administrator): I actually wanted to visit your world, Hermione. I may discover something interesting, but most likely not.

Hermione Granger: My world?

Hermione Granger: Are you sure about that?

Hermione Granger: Hogwarts doesn't allow strangers, and there are many different charms here..."

Shinoa Hiragi: It's time for the little witch to stop being so innocent... hehehe.

Rias Gremory: Hermione, I think you need to visit my world for greater knowledge... perhaps you'll want to become a devil? However, you can choose another race if you accumulate CP with the chat's help.

Hermione Granger: I think becoming a devil could easily fit into the concept of "falling into darkness"...

Rias Gremory: Well... then you can achieve much more magically than being a human even with an aura. After all, performing magic purely with imagination is worth a lot...

Shinoa Hiragi: The devil is already trying to seduce the innocent soul... There she showed her true face.

Rias Gremory: Don't talk nonsense! I'm just trying to help. That's one of the options if she wants to become more powerful.

Erina Nakiri: How did the conversation about the ball turn into a discussion about changing races?

Anthony (Administrator): Very easily... the cunning succubus Rias orchestrated it all...

Rias Gremory: Tony!


[Anthony's POV]

In the end, I promised Hermione that I would come to her ball and be her escort.

It happened quite spontaneously, but I was not against such a turn of events at all.

I chose to spin the Gacha as I was in a good mood after having fun with three beautiful women and having a nice conversation in the chat.

At the moment, I had eighty-seven Gacha Points which would be enough for ten consecutive spins with an increased chance of getting something more valuable.

In the end, the only useful thing was the Ability Enhancement Card (A)

[Ability Enhancement Card (A): This card allows one to enhance an ability by one rank to A.]

It won't enhance just any ability because the Gacha doesn't count all the abilities I acquire from assimilated characters but only those I bought through the Dimensional Store.

There are only two of them: Senjutsu (B+) and Aura (C).

I could purchase some useful abilities from the chat, and I have enough CP, but... many abilities like magic are already familiar to me and quite well developed.

Therefore, I want to enhance Aura because this ability is only at rank C.

Moreover... the strength of Aura comes directly from the user's soul, and my aura is stronger than anyone on Remnant.

I'm curious if my soul will improve... and I decided to enhance this ability.


A wave of energy surged through me.

I even got lost in that feeling... but in the very next minute, I began to perceive the world much brighter.

Magic, Ki, and even people's dark desires started to feel much clearer, as if my soul had become fuller in an instant.

It's as if the quality of my "self" has increased.

Abilities: Senjutsu (B+), Aura (B)


The next day passed quite mundanely but I engaged more often in magic research and reading various books with Zatanna.

Zatanna came to us at LuthorCorp in search of me and... caught me talking to Cortana and Shinoa.

At that moment, I distinctly felt the developing viscous dark jealousy in her that surprised me quite a bit.

"I'm thinking of finding an assistant for my stage tricks,"

Zatanna said it as if she were expecting something from me.

"And there was one magician hanging around the Oblivion Bar... What was his name?"

She pondered for a moment.

"I believe it was John Constantine also he also wanted me to help him get used to magic..."


I was somewhat surprised. Honestly, this person didn't appeal to me personally, but he saved the world.

"Is his name the only thing that interests you?"

Zatanna raised her eyebrows slightly dissatisfied.

We were currently in her mansion.

"Um, well, just curious."

I shrugged.


I could practically sense the dark emotions inside her.

"Are you fooling around with that blonde secretary?"

"With Cortana? Well, we're connected by many things... Zatanna, what's going on? You're acting strange."

"Nothing... Tomorrow's my birthday. Can you come? I'll bake something..."

Zatanna suddenly asked.

"Oh, you'll be a full eighteen already, right? Of course, I'll find time for my friend."

"Friend... yes... you'll find..."

Zatanna nodded, and there was some anticipation in her eyes.


The day after tomorrow, I'll head to Hermione's world to escort her to the ball... and perhaps to check out her world myself.

There shouldn't be anything dangerous for a being of my power there, but who knows how things really are.

The world is big, but London and Hogwarts aren't that big.

Zatanna wanted to celebrate her eighteenth birthday in her own mansion, and that's where I went.

Strangely, Zatanna invited Lena a bit later than me.

Also, I wasn't quite sure what gift Zatanna wanted. After all, she could easily get some mundane stuff herself without any problems...

"I thought you'd change your outfit for today."

I said as the mansion doors opened on their own as I approached her.

Zatanna greeted me at the doorstep in her usual attire.

"I'm charming in any clothes, don't you think?"

Zatanna asked with some anticipation.

"Well, you're right about that."

I admitted her words and followed her... without taking my eyes off her buns which were very nicely highlighted by her clothes.

"Happy Birthday."

I said as we entered the living room, and while stepping towards her, I hugged her.

"And don't worry about anything, we'll definitely find your father... We've already realized that he's most likely alive and hiding in another dimension."

We didn't sit on our hands and noticed a trace leading to some other dimension at the "battlefield" of the two powerful sorcerers.

"Thank you..."

Zatanna said it contentedly.

"I baked a pie and some cookies... Try the cookies first."

Zatanna pointed to them and started to look at me expectantly.

"Hmm, alright."

I didn't mind her strange behavior and I took a cookie without any problems.

"Mmm, delicious... Only the filling has a somewhat strange taste."

"That's my secret ingredient, nothing to worry about."

Zatanna's eyes darted around as she said this.

"Do you feel anything?"

"Well... tasty? Listen, if it's some magical ingredient, I probably won't even be able to feel its effect. After all, I have huge resistance to magic."

"... wait, I'll just cut you a piece of pie myself now..."

Zatanna said after a while and went to the kitchen... and I already understood what that "secret ingredient" was.

This jealous Zatanna didn't find the strength to speak about her feelings, but she had enough strength to create a love potion.

There was even more of this potion in the pie... and she became even more dissatisfied when seeing that it wasn't having the desired effect.

She just pursed her lips disapprovingly when Lena came to congratulate Zatanna.

The day went well, and Zatanna got along well with Lena.

She stopped trying to charm me ... because Lena herself noticed that she was acting strangely towards me.

Zatanna became more interested in me through Lena as she didn't know that Lena and I had a very close relationship...

It looked somewhat amusing.

"It was a wonderful day spent with you."

I said to Zatanna as we were about to leave.

I gave her a small staff that could turn into a wand and a chain made of Eighth Metal which would be much better for focusing her magical power.


I leaned in to kiss her when she realized what was happening, and anger flashed in her eyes.

"...no, love potions didn't work on me. You're beautiful even without them."

I whispered in her ear.


Zatanna swallowed.

"I understood right away. It was just amusing to watch your tricks.

You're such a jerk..."

Zatanna sighed and closed the door in front of me.

After a few seconds, the door opened again, and Zatanna stuck her head out... only to be frozen again by my kiss.

However, I went even further and slightly opened the door to pick up Zatanna by the waist and kiss her again.

I had already teleported Lena to her office, and now we were alone here.

"Maybe... it did work after all?"

Zatanna asked aloud.

"I don't think so... You know you've been breathing in love fumes yourself, right? "

I tilted my head when I felt that she was under the love potion's slight magical influence.

Apparently, she had made it for the first time, and she couldn't get everything perfectly right... she became much more "active." with her feelings for me

"I don't want to think about it right now..."

Zatanna licked her red lips and leaned in for another kiss.

"Especially since even if it did, the effect would fade away..."

"Then why did you try to feed it to me in the first place?"

"Because you're a jerk and a traitor."

Zatanna pressed, wrapping her legs around my waist. I still held her by the waist.

"Actually... I'm also a pervert."

I added.

"Since I sleep with my own sister."


Zatanna blinked, looking at me in disbelief.

"I sleep with Lena, she loves me, and I... I don't see a problem with that."

I shrugged, and I was almost in the bedroom with her.

"Stop... WHAT?"

Zatanna exclaimed indignantly, but I just covered her mouth with mine... and could admire her beautiful face... which had a disapproving expression.



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