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Chapter 97: Strange Happenings

The task of eliminating the remaining members of the Court of Owls and taking all their belongings from their "sanctuary" was relatively easy.

There was a source of naturally occurring Dionesium, something akin to an element seeping from the earth's ley lines and turning into crystals.

These crystals were then compressed into a powder, mixed with water, and given to the talons. 

This dionysium was useless for me because I could do much more with magic and aura. 

Nevertheless, I sealed the place with magic and took all the crystals to prevent some cunning individuals from obtaining them for themselves and using them for evil purposes.

The public was outraged the next day by the deaths of so many people from Gotham's "upper" class, and the proof left for reporters and police about their involvement in different attacks also caused a lot of noise.

"And isn't this the reason for Gotham's problems? I don't know whether to believe the tales of the Court of Owls from ancient times, but our heroic cops managed to arrest those involved in last night's attack. They called themselves the 'Court of Owls,' but in reality, they turned out to be wealthy people with lots of money. They were harming our Gotham, ordering murders, and bribing influential people, but I'm determined to fix this. Together with the police commissioner, we will change the situation, and I'll tell you about my plan."

The TV showed a conference from Gotham where Harvey Dent himself was talking about what had happened recently and the mayor's death.

He even talked about the mayor's bad behavior and said that his death was more of a salvation than a punishment.

He also put forth his candidacy for the position with the commissioner's support and the public's love for him.

I think he'll definitely succeed.

"Mmm, was it difficult?" 

Lena asked while cuddling in my arms as we lay before the television. 

We were in our apartment in the main building of LuthorCorp, where her office was nearby.

"Nah, just tiresome. I had to eliminate many." 

I chose my words carefully. 

After I finished my words, Lena gently ran her hand over my cheek.

"Brother, you won't become some kind of villainous murderer, will you?" 

Lena asked reluctantly, but she was genuinely concerned.

"I don't exactly enjoy taking lives. It's just necessary. It's either that or complete submission of consciousness, which I find extreme. Still, I know what happens after death, and I understand that it's not the end of the road."

"Since you brought up the topic, does that mean our souls go to heaven after death? Does it exist?"

"Heaven does exist... It depends on which god you pray to, but after death, the soul goes to the River of Souls, where it's cleansed of our memories of the past. "Our parents have probably already reincarnated somewhere else and are living new lives."

"Good to know. Is it because of the conversation about our parents or because of my hand that you got hard?" 

While stroking my friend with her playful fingers, Lena smirked mischievously.

"It's definitely the second one." 

I kissed her and pressed her onto the couch.

I showed this naughty girl that she shouldn't tease me, and during the "punishment," Shinoa joined in.


[3rd POV]

A week later, an interesting topic came up in the chat.

Erina Nakiri: He stopped being a pervert like his two friends, and he disappears somewhere in the evenings? Additionally, you've been observing his movements, and he seems to vanish into thin air. Then he comes out, sometimes wounded and sometimes satisfied. This all sounds very suspicious...

Rias Gremory: I know! Koneko is watching Issei's house, and I think it's worth going to him myself. There is clearly something going on with him, but it's not clear what exactly. These changes don't just happen out of nowhere.

Winter Schnee: I could say it's just the teenage stage, but considering what happened in the anime, I'd take measures.

Rias Gremory: That's what I think, too. Maybe someone captured his body? I read about it in a novel.

Shinoa Hiragi: The main thing is that it's not a tentacle monster; otherwise, even Satan Leviathan will be powerless.

Hermione Granger: I didn't understand what you meant, but I think it's for the best.

Rias Gremory: He appears at the academy, and I think we can send Kiba to him. Well, no, it's better if I go to him myself. I'll activate the livestream so you all can see!

Anthony (Administrator): Just be careful. Don't let your guard down when meeting him. His behavior is clearly very different; most likely it's someone else. Maybe some kind of mimic or something else? Well, or he regained memories of his past life. It happens sometimes.

Rias Gremory: Understood!

Rias said a lot about what Koneko told her, like how she recently didn't like watching Issei because he smelled like "death."

Rias's "scout" familiar, a bat, also kept an eye on him. 

At first, he didn't seem to notice her, but it was soon clear that he knew she was watching him.

It was a turning point overall, and Rias intended to find out directly from him what was going on.

Just an hour later, Rias started the livestream, and her blushing skin made it clear that she had just come out of the shower. 

Rias was dressed in a Kuoh Academy uniform and went to him after she had discussed the conversation about Issei with her peers.

"Don't forget about protection, Rias."

Akeno seductively smiled.

Rias had already told them she had started the livestream, and it was understood that she was running it for those in the chat.


Koneko showed her lack of interest in those words with her whole behavior, but she "especially" flicked her tail that appeared behind her for a moment.


Rias looked at her with flushed cheeks.

"You're a dirty-minded girl. That's not what I'm going for, and you know it."

"But in the future, Issei could be our fiancé... Oh my, I can already imagine sharing one man with the president. I'm blushing, but isn't that right, Tony-kun?"

Akeno provocatively nibbled her lip. She was both a devil and a fallen angel in one bottle and looked slightly above Rias' head. 

I definitely need to enter her world soon.

"Buchou, we're ready to come at your call."

Kiba nodded seriously.

"Thank you." 

Rias smiled happily and left the club while heading straight for Issei.

Shinoa Hiragi: Akeno-tan understands me; I think we would become friends.

After Shinoa's message in the chat, Rias stopped, and how many thoughts flashed through her mind was visible, and horror was reflected in her eyes.

"I think... it would be too much." 

Rioas said to herself as if to reassure herself. 

"Two super-perverts, one of whom is still partially a sadist... it's dangerous."

Rias pushed these thoughts out of her mind and kept going while attracting attention in Kuoh with just her presence.

Rias was like an idol. Well, she was a celebrity worshipped by many, and there aren't many of those anyway. 

Rias went up to the "Perverted Trio."


Rias smiled in a friendly way, and Issei's face seemed to freeze. 

"Can I talk to Issei-kun?"

Rias noted to herself how all three first glanced at her chest, which, frankly, brought some relief.


Matsuda and Motohama exchanged glances and then looked at Issei.

"Yes, Rias-senpai, how can I help you?"

Issei said, slightly standing up to tower over Rias and looking at her with a piercing gaze. 

He had grown taller over time.

"You've changed a lot, and so have your friends."

After these words, all three noticeably tensed, but they noticed it. 

"People change."

Issei shrugged. 

"We got tired of being the "Perverted Trio" and decided to change our roles. Is that a problem?"

"No, not at all. Don't you want to join?"


Issei answered more sharply than intended. 

"I'm sorry, Rias-senpai, but we don't want to join any clubs... for now. But you know, we can help you with your problem."

"What are you talking about?" 

Rias asked while still looking at the one who could have become her fiancé and savior in a parallel world. 

Issei smirked cunningly and leaned forward slightly.

"You know what I mean. Oh, we need to go."

Issei glanced at the time. 

Meanwhile, everyone who witnessed this conversation whispered among themselves, as many had seen the "goddess" of the academy approaching the perverts.

Winter Schnee: He probably knows about the club and about the supernatural world. In addition, he tried to figure out how to put it more precisely.

Shinoa Hiragi: He tried to look cool, but it didn't work out. The attempt was quite pathetic, but it might have worked on some overly impressionable girl with a negative IQ.

"I felt a surge of magic from them..."

Rias whispered quietly and started back, but as soon as she turned around, she noticed Koneko's head poking out from the corner of the corridor.

They locked eyes, and she quickly disappeared.

They discussed the situation more in the club.

"This is your territory, Rias-buchou, so if they've become a magician or joined another faction, we need to ask them directly."

Kiba said after hearing from Rias.


[Anthony's POV]

While Rias was dealing with the changes in Issei and his group of former perverts, I was finishing armor made of Eighth Metal.

Chat Points: 46633

I still have plenty of chat points, but I've been buying some small things that are hard to find. 

Now, I was thinking about one thing about Kryptonians on Earth. 

They can take and store huge amounts of photon energy, which gives them all these powers that may seem godlike to ordinary people.

Like Seraphim End, I also absorb light, but my cells are different compared to Kryptonians. 

It's not to say worse or better, but just different. 

They operate on a different principle but are more inclined towards magic because wings contain a huge amount of magical "light" energy.

These thoughts led me to Kryptonite, the very substance often used in comics to weaken or even kill Superman. 

Besides green kryptonite, there are other versions, such as red kryptonite, gold, and... platinum.

All of this is available in the chat shop.

Green Kryptonite (A): 10 CP/g

Red Kryptonite (A): 20 CP/g

Golden Kryptonite (S): 60 CP/g

Platinum Kryptonite (S): 80 CP/g

Platinum Kryptonite is rated even higher than Eight Metal, but it's unlikely to be because it's "better" but rather because of its uniqueness and its rarity or difficulty in synthesis. 

I immediately took ten grams of platinum kryptonite and placed it in my laboratory for thorough testing.

Perhaps I can recreate it through alchemy, which would be extremely useful.

I'm also planning to meet with the gods from RWBY and capture them. 

After all, my armor is already ready, and it allows me to make a big leap across the power gap, which greatly enhances me. 

In addition, I have already recreated hundreds of nuclear bombs equivalent to one hundred ten megatons in a dimensional ring for them. 

I plan to use them against the God of Darkness because the God of Light may absorb this energy, but the God of Darkness... 

It will be very bright for him and will weaken him. 

Especially since there are particles of seventh metal there...

The Ninth Metal comes from the Dark Multiverse and the Ninth Dimension and can be used against the God of Light. 

It can also negate magical energy as well.



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