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In a world where aliens and gods wield unimaginable powers, Anthony finds himself in a new reality with powers known as Gacha and Dimensional Chat. He discovers friends, enemies, and unforeseen challenges that will test his understanding of power and destiny. [You have been chosen as the administrator of the Dimensional Group Chat] [Searching for participants started... 10%... 34%... 69%... 100%"] The participant has been added to Chat: "MissKnowItAll" The participant has been added to Chat: "Exhibitionist" The participant has been added to Chat: "AmbitionlessShinoa" The participant has been added to Chat: "God's Tongue" An administrator has been added to Chat: "BrotherOfSupervillainGenius" ------------------------------------- Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or the fanfic i was merely translating this. Cover image is AI generated. ---This is a Translation--- Original Author: Larchout

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Chapter 9: Albedo

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The next day, I started with breakfast for me.

It was slightly disappointing since Lena and I had already eaten Erina's prepared dish, and now everything seemed a bit bland.

Lena tried to find out who had cooked it, but I said nothing.

She complained to me on her way to university, but she wished me luck before we parted ways.

At the moment, all the good bloodlines that could make me stronger either cost a lot of money or have negative consequences like changing my appearance.

For example, the Atlanteans are stronger than humans in the sea, but they weaken on the land, and there's no point in getting them for me.

There was a bloodline of demons, but I didn't want to become a demon.

What if some sorcerer comes and sends me straight to hell? It's better not to risk it.

Nevertheless, I should finish university for now, talk to professors, write a thesis, and do other similar things.

It won't be until I've fixed things with Lex that I can think about something bigger.

The new month has begun, so I can buy one hundred Gacha points again. I've already checked, and the price is now two dollars instead of one.

It's still not a lot of money, but the price may go up over time. I looked at the Group Chat when I had a break from talking to teachers.

Hermione Granger: I don't know what to do!

Hermione Granger: I talked to Professor McGonagall, but she said that my imagination is too vivid and I need to get some sleep! They tried to pretend like they did, but Ron and Harry still didn't believe me!

Shinoa Hiragi: Your problems are easily solved especially if you look like that at fifteen. Even though you didn't send your photo, I still know you're cute. You've probably already... you know, in reality...

Hermione Granger: It's not funny right now! You-know-who is coming back, disguised as Professor Moody, but nobody believes me! And you haven't sent your photos either!

Anthony (Administrator): Don't worry so much, Hermione. This is a version of a parallel world to yours, and not everything has to be exactly like that. How closely did the copy of Harry Potter resemble reality?

Hermione Granger: Well, considering what I saw, almost everything was just as I remember. There were many things that were missing, but the most important things were still the same.

Shinoa Hiragi: The Administrator-kun is so casual with Hermione-chan... hmmh, is there something hiding behind this?

Anthony (Administrator): What are your thoughts on a fifteen-year-old girl? Well, in your world, it's different. They should have given you a loud guy to your squad already.

Shinoa Hiragi: Squad? A loud guy?

Anthony (Administrator): Exactly. Since you're trying to contain your demon right now, why did you decide to become more active in the Group Chat?

Shinoa Hiragi: The Administrator-kun knows a lot, maybe even the color of my panties...

Anthony (Administrator): I haven't thought about the underwear of a fifteen-year-old girl, and you still haven't answered the question.

Shinoa Hiragi: My curiosity got the better of me.

Anthony (Administrator): So you want to avoid knowing about your future?

Shinoa Hiragi: Even if I die, I don't think anyone will care. So, I don't really care.

Anthony (Administrator): I would care.

Anthony (Administrator): Okay, I have to go now. Hermione, don't do anything rash. I'll be free in a few hours, and we can talk more later. You're an intelligent girl, and you should understand that sometimes the best solution is to sit and be quiet.

I took my eyes off the screen and returned to the hall to talk to the professor.

After finishing around three in the afternoon, I went to find Lena who was waiting by the university exit.

"How was your exam?"

I asked while ignoring the brunette who was literally staring at me—a very familiar brunette.

"Hello. You're Anthony Luthor and Lena Luthor, the brother and sister of the infamous Lex Luthor, aren't you?"

The brunette said this while asking us a question. She was holding a voice recorder in her hand.

"Um, sorry miss..."

A slightly excited Lena tried to say something, but not in a good way.

"We're tired of studying, miss journalist. Can you please not bother us?"

I asked with a tired smile.

"I'm Lois Lane, Daily Planet. I understand, but could you at least answer one question? When was the last time you saw your older brother? Is it true that he abandoned you?"

"That was two questions."

I spoke while looking sideways at Lena whose eyes had dropped.

"We haven't seen Lex in a long time. He has his own life, and we have ours."

I said it honestly.

"And you don't want to..."

Lois paused as she noticed the tall guy, slightly taller than me, with clearly good musculature awkwardly clutching his glasses.

"Well, you're quite a drag, Smallville; I've already asked all the questions.

"Oh, sorry."

He apologized.


"Yes, they're relatives of Luthor."

Lois nodded while rolling her eyes slightly at her companion's awkwardness.

"We've answered your questions, so we'll be going."

I said, and standing behind Lena, I pushed her wheelchair towards the subway.

"Hey, wait... darn it. Clark, as usual."

I heard it as a parting remark. As for myself... I felt strange.

It made me tense up to think that this awkward guy could take tank shells right in the face and not move, but I knew he was meant to be a good person... an alien.

I can see now Batman's worries that one person with so much power could be dangerous.

Batman changed a little about his perspective over time, but weapons against Kryptonians, especially Clark were still there.

After all, Clark could vaporize me with a single glance or even a sneeze.

I fully understand that I can't do anything about it, and we are just on completely different levels.

The Mark XLIV suit could give me a small chance... but I doubt that without vibranium, I could stand up to Superman even a little bit seriously.

Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark (A) (20%)

I already know how to make a suit and also have a rough idea of Clark's abilities, so I understand that the suit won't help me... unless I have Kryptonite.

However, Superman isn't the only one here.

Wonder Woman will probably be able to handle the armor as well, especially with her Eighth Metal sword.

Then there are magical creatures like Black Adam, or even the Red Lanterns... or gods...

"How are you?"

I soon asked Lena.


Lena said clearly lying.

"Sister, I know when you're lying... like now. I'm sorry we had to meet with journalists because of me."

"No, don't apologize... It's just not nice when they ask about him. It's hard to call us relatives with such an attitude."

I heard her sigh heavily.

"Keep your head up. Do you want me to try ordering something from that miracle chef? Like sweets..."

"Can you?"

Lena abruptly turned her head and met my smirk.


"I can! I can! Most likely... if that chef responds. But I promise I'll try."

"Hm, okay."

Lena put on a proud look, but she couldn't completely hide her smile.

After entering the apartment and kissing my sister on the forehead, I quickly went to my room while Lena cried angrily.

"I see you're having fun."

I heard Cortana's voice, and her avatar appeared on the desk above the holographic projector above the second one.

Tony's knowledge and detailed instructions on how to build a similar holocron aroused my interest in the invention.

It wasn't too difficult to make a copy, but it might be slightly inferior to the original holographic projector.

"I can't do without it. How's your progress with studying today's economy?"

"I've already figured out that issue and analyzed LexCorp's assets to determine how much work awaits us. It's not too much for me."

I distinctly heard pride in Cortana's words.

"I didn't doubt it, you're an AI from the future after all. Besides, we discovered that your personality "imprint" was copied from a human."

I said this while opening up Gacha.

Cortana had no restrictions on possible information output, so she dug deeper into her databases and discovered that she was a copy of a woman's personality.

Well, it's a long story, but considering that Cortana is here now, there's no point in talking about it much.

"And that was a blow to me. It's kind of like your brother finding out that his brother is graduating from college."

The avatar's voice sounded.

"Don't exaggerate. Your personality matrix is based on a human, so your morals and views are more or less human. I've already checked the written program... well, part of it, and it's a masterpiece."

I admitted it, and I still didn't understand much even though I had twenty percent of Stark's talents and knowledge, but it's a matter of time.

I took two hundred dollars from my wallet and paid for a hundred Gacha Points.

The money disappeared, and the points appeared in the "status".

Name: Anthony Joseph Luthor

Race: Human

Title: Brother of a Villain, Genius

Overall Power: 10-B

Assimilated Characters:

Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark (A) (20%)

Abilities: None

Gachi Points: 103

I'll only be able to get a hundred points again in a month, so this is my last chance to get something good.

"Well, if you say so..."

I heard Cortana's voice, and her avatar projection disappeared.

Apparently, she has something to think about. However, I was in the window that appeared with the gacha, and I started ten scrolls at once.

Rotten Tooth of a Giant (D)

Teleport of Destiny (A) 

Albedo (B) (Genshin Impact)

Shampoo (E)

Batarang (D)

Weakness Removal Card (B)

Bus Wheel (E)

A4 Sheet (E)

Fairy Dust (S)

Scissors (E)

Once again, I was lucky and got an A-rank item, but after reading the description, I was somewhat... not disappointed.

The "Teleport of Destiny" literally does what it says in the name.

I will be teleported somewhere in the world when I use this card, where I will encounter my destiny in whatever that may mean.

I wouldn't use it right now because I believed it was too dangerous.

However, the B-rank item Albedo did not let me down. This card showed a blonde guy with bright blue eyes who looked young.

This is a character card from a game that is familiar to me: Genshin Impact.

This character is quite powerful, and he is a genius in alchemy.

He is capable of a lot of things.

One of them is control Geo which is the element of earth with the "Vision," a special artifact bestowed upon him by the Archon.

He can manipulate magic including elemental energy and various spells.

The most important thing is alchemy.

It's an ancient art that allows manipulation of the physical properties and fundamental principles of matter... including the ability to create life.

Albedo also has a lot of combat experience and will be very useful to me.

I chose to assimilate the character without hesitation and immediately felt some changes.

Albedo (B) (1%)

"What a... strange feeling."

I said that and immediately felt that even this one percent made my body much stronger than before.

However, Albedo is an artificially created human, a perfect creation compared to even the dragons of that world.

This one percent immediately gave me knowledge of alchemy.

I picked up a pencil from the table and started to follow the information I had remembered. The pencil broke into a pile of what looked like dust.

"Tony, what did you just do?"

I heard Cortana.

"I transformed the pencil into... into something. Apparently, I still lack knowledge."

I sighed. This kind of trick won't work on living beings because they have souls and auras.

I also felt something flexible waiting for my command to move and change on the edge.

The Earth.

"I really want to have full sensors for analysis and other sensors. Was that... magic?"

"Something like that. I'll tell you more once I understand it better."

I replied to Cortana, still enjoying this feeling. I should not forget to call Hermione.


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