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In a world where aliens and gods wield unimaginable powers, Anthony finds himself in a new reality with powers known as Gacha and Dimensional Chat. He discovers friends, enemies, and unforeseen challenges that will test his understanding of power and destiny. [You have been chosen as the administrator of the Dimensional Group Chat] [Searching for participants started... 10%... 34%... 69%... 100%"] The participant has been added to Chat: "MissKnowItAll" The participant has been added to Chat: "Exhibitionist" The participant has been added to Chat: "AmbitionlessShinoa" The participant has been added to Chat: "God's Tongue" An administrator has been added to Chat: "BrotherOfSupervillainGenius" ------------------------------------- Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or the fanfic i was merely translating this. Cover image is AI generated. ---This is a Translation--- Original Author: Larchout

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Chapter 8: Dimensional Store

Words: 2,087


[3rd POV]

Shinoa was sitting in one of the rooms of the Japanese Imperial Demonic Army. She appeared expressionless, but she was still unconscious.

She tried even harder to keep the inner demon from hurting her, but the "Group Chat" didn't disappear.

Shinoa wasn't entirely sure that it was the demon's influence yesterday because of something that happened.

After all, a demon couldn't create something so delicious at least without seizing her body.

She couldn't resist the alluring smell of a plate of the most delicious food she had ever tasted.

She tried it and calling this food divine wouldn't be an exaggeration.

After calming down, she started reading the messages between the members.

That's how she learned about some magic school and that Rias is a demon.

The latter immediately made Shinoa wary, but when she looked at the photo of the attractive red-haired girl, she didn't see a demon at all.

Shinoa often considered the idea that there might be many worlds with different histories in which there wasn't a virus that killed many people.

She was especially interested when she saw a copy of the manga and opened it out of curiosity.

She knows about movies from adult stories and has read books about them herself.

Still, it was interesting to see—almost like a movie.

The slightly erotic plot was fun for her, but what really made her happy was seeing people living a peaceful life.

The students go to school and study without fear of vampires, demons, or horsemen, so what could her life be like?

A hurtful memory of how she was shunned by her family and treated like useless furniture made her heart hurt.

She remembered the face of her sister, the one that her family praised and that she was supposed to hate because she was always the center of attention.

But she couldn't hate her because it would benefit the demon inside her and because she was the only person who loved and supported her.

She saw the powers these "Demons" had, and while there wasn't much she couldn't do herself at first, she saw more and more powerful "beings."

In the end, she had to admit that whatever this Group Chat was, it was primarily needed for communication.

Shinoa had already scanned through the Dimensional Store and saw various items... but one attracted her the most.

Demon Immunity Potion (C) - 1000 CP

Based on the description, this potion totally limits the demon's influence on the human body.

It also does not affect the "owner's" emotions, whether they are happy or angry.

She only has 50 CP left.

She might benefit from and even make friends if she allows herself to be a little more open.


[Anthony's POV]

I opened the door to the apartment and was met with Lena's accusing gaze.

She was sitting in front of the door, clearly waiting for me, with a phone in her hands.

"Anthony, why do I find out that my brother is finishing university early from the newspaper and not from my brother himself?"

Lena said.

"Um... surprise?"

I replied a bit uncertainly.

"I'm such a fool,"

Lela said quietly while rolling her eyes.

"Don't be mad. I just didn't want you to worry. In case nothing worked out..."

I trailed off.

"You took all the necessary exams for seven hours almost continuously. Did you study all night?"

Lena stopped frowning and let me hug her.

"Well, I'm smart enough."

I said with a smirk still hugging Lena.

"You could've passed them too, I'm more than sure."


I sensed a hint of embarrassment in her voice, but I still wouldn't let her go.

"Will you let me go already?"

"You're so soft and nice-smelling... I hope I won't have to chase away a herd of guys from you anymore?"

I teased her.

"Thanks for the compliment... and when did you ever see a line of guys chasing after me?"

Lena turned her head away with a somewhat melancholic smile.

"It seems like you hit a sore spot."

I heard Cortana's voice, but I ignored her.

"Lena, you're beautiful... and a smart beauty, which is even better. Of course, you have a lot of admirers even Jake Lawrence. What a player he was."

"That was a year ago when you got punched in your pretty face?"

Lena's smile looked lovely.

"Don't bring up those here, and I fought like a lion..."

"And got hit in the face like a peacock."

Lena chuckled.

"I also need to go to the university tomorrow to take an exam."

Lena said this while thinking about something of her own.

"Then let's go together."

I said it casually.

After discussing my future plans with Lena and explaining that I decided not to waste time studying since I could finish it early, we went our separate ways around the apartment.

Lena needed to prepare for the exam tomorrow, and I busied myself with the Dimensional Store.

There are many different bloodlines that could somehow help me become stronger.

I could also buy medicine for Lena, as there are many items that can help her both magically and not:

Lazarus Pit Water - 1 liter (C) - 300 CP

Evil Chess Pieces Pawn/Knight/Bishop/Rook/Queen/King (D-C) - 50/65/65/80/100/200

A drop of God's Blood (S) - 3200 CP

Blood of God (S) - 80000 CP

Medical-Bot (C) - 900 CP

Phoenix Tear (B): 1100 CP

The price is based on the rarity and value of the item.

For example, Evil Chess Pieces are very useful, but they're easy to get in Rias's world because there are so many of them.

That's why the price isn't too high for me, especially since I have a discount.

A drop of God's blood is also rare, but it's just a drop, and the price is not too high.

Theoretically, any of these items can heal and help Lena.

This is not even one-tenth of everything that is capable of healing.

Another thing I found interesting was metals:

Eighth Metal (S) - 70 CP/g

Ninth Metal (SS) - 100 CP/g

Tenth Metal or Element X (SSS) - 1000 CP/g

The eighth metal is also called the metal of the gods, and the gods of Olympus made their weapons from this metal.

This metal is a strong energy booster, and it enhances the energy abilities of those who wear it.

The Ninth Metal is an even rarer substance with gravity-defying effects from the ninth dimension.

This metal allows them to fly because it negates gravity.

Moreover, the flying speed depends entirely on the owner's strength, will, and desire.

It can also regenerate parts of the owner's body that accumulate within the person and can even retain memory through reincarnation.

Additionally, this metal negates magical energy which is very useful.

The Tenth Metal is an even more astonishing thing because everything around us consists of it—sentient objects and energies, but in small amounts.

It can be called the pure form of Creation.

A stronger form of this metal is used to make even the Mother Boxes.

In fact, I can already buy a few grams of any of this metal, but the problem lies in my strength of will and body.

There could be a significant power explosion if the concentration of the Ninth Metal is too high and the willpower is weak.

I think the Eighth Metal is safest for now because everyone can use it, but not as effectively.

Lasso of Truth (A) - 18000 CP

The Sephiroth Graal (S) - 300000 CP

The Eighth Metal is used to make the Lasso of Truth but has an A rank.

Based on the description, I can conclude that this is due to its rarity and the complexity of "harvesting."

The Eighth Metal is mined from the eighth dimension, and only powerful beings are capable of doing so.

The Sephiroth Graal is from Rias's world was created by a god and allows one to touch the principles of life itself, manipulate souls, and even resurrect.

But I also discovered many different bloodlines, both this world and alien:

Homo Magus Bloodline (B) - 1200

Atlantean Bloodline (B) - 1000

Royal Atlantean Bloodline (B) - 2500

Green Martian Bloodline (A) - 10000

Kryptonian Bloodline (A) - 30000 CP

Zeus Bloodline (A) - 60000 CP

"Wow, there's just about everything here."

I muttered but continued to explore the store.

Afterward, I logged into the chat and was surprised to see the most silent participant already chatting with Rias.

Shinoa Hiragi: You're a pervert too... Rias-senpai?

Rias Gremory: No!

Shinoa Hiragi: As far as I can see, that comment isn't true.

Rias Gremory: You remind me of my friend Akeno.

Hermione Granger: I think you're all too obsessed with your age. Okay, Rias, she's already eighteen, but you're only fifteen Shinoa.

Shinoa Hiragi: What? Reproduction at fifteen is not only possible but also necessary in my world. Virginity is a "bad" thing these days, at least in my world. Our human population has declined, so "copulation" is highly encouraged here.

Rias Gremory: Pervert!

Hermione Granger: I agree! And how can you talk about virginity so casually? It's... It's outrageous!

Shinoa Hiragi: Well, you should know better. After all, I'm just a poor, inexperienced virgin.

Erina Nakiri: Why is it that as soon as I enter the chat, I read about some pervert?

Erina Nakiri: I read that vampires rule your world... is that true?

Shinoa Hiragi: No.

Shinoa Hiragi: Well, not entirely. There are still places like our JIDA where people live and resist vampires. But overall... you're right.

Hermione Granger: Horrible! We have garlic to fend off vampires. Do you have that too?

Shinoa Hiragi: How can garlic help against beings capable of moving at tremendous speeds and cutting cars in half at will? Those are among the weakest, not to mention the weapons that drink their blood and make them stronger.

Rias Gremory: I think that's roughly the level of a Low-Class Demon. How do you fight them? Do you have magic?

Shinoa Hiragi: We're taught from childhood to fight vampires and other threats. We require cursed weapons inhabited by demons to fight and kill them. This weapon has replaced traditional magic; at least, that's what I know.

Anthony (Administrator): Hello everyone.

Anthony (Administrator): I see you've started to communicate well.

Hermione Granger: That doesn't mean I'm a hundred percent convinced about other worlds, but I'm thinking about it. By the way... do you have a copy of my world? Since you say you know about it.

Anthony (Administrator): Let's go informal. I'm not an old man; I'm only nineteen. I have a copy divided into several books. I can send them to you, but do you understand that knowing the past and especially the future will inevitably affect you? especially since everything can change the moment you find out about it.

Hermione Granger: I understand, but I'm still curious about what you have.

Hermione Granger: What do you have in our world? Clearly, I shouldn't trust Professor Trelawney's predictions.

Anthony (Administrator): What year of study are you in now?

Hermione Granger: The fourth year has begun.

Anthony (Administrator): So, The Goblet of Fire.

It cost me three Chat Points to buy copies of the three books, but I also bought a fourth one, The Goblet of Fire, which is the nearest future for her.

Anthony (Administrator): Sends a copy of Harry Potter 1-4."

Erina Nakiri: You know, I didn't spend any time on movies before I started talking to you, but now I think I need to support Hermione-chan.

Anthony (Administrator): After watching the memory, you may have questions for the school and the headmaster... and that's normal. Because I have many questions about what's going on there too, Rias how are your training sessions going?

Rias Gremory: They're actually proceeding right now. Thanks Tony-kun for your advice. When I have some free time, I'll also take a look at this Harry Potter.

"Cortana, how's Lex doing?"

I asked and took my eyes off the floating signs in front of me.

"Judging by his expression and movements, he didn't like that his brother was too smart. He's most likely driving himself crazy and deciding what to do right now. He's such a paranoid guy."

"Got it."

I sighed and looked back at the Dimensional Store.

I really wanted to buy something to help Lena right now, but it would make things more complicated than they needed to be.

It's generally dangerous to stand out too much in the DC world without any support.

I also need more Chat Points or a bloodline to become stronger.