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Chapter 56: First Vampire

There are three tragedy happened.

The first was that everyone stepped away from the Seraph so as not to get caught in the crossfire. 

The second was that Yuichiro clearly wasn't in control right now, as he raised his sword and a ring of salt formed around him.

The third when he finally struck Mika, but a barrier appeared around him to protect him from coming death.

"So the Seraph decided to take control."

I said while examining this transformation... and there was plenty to see. 

There was a very strange thing happening in his aura as if energy were being drawn from nowhere.

 Then passing through Yuichiro's soul and body, it turned into... salt. 

Well, not exactly salt but more like a solid form of Seraphim End's energy that Yuichiro become.

"What's wrong with him?" 

Mikaela didn't even immediately pay attention to the fact that I had recently chased away all his vampire friends and that I was human.

"He's Seraphim End. It's an experiment of the Hyakuya sect... well, and the Imperial Army was indirectly involved too."

After some salt fell, Yuichiro could be seen walking slowly toward us. 


Yuichiro hissed angrily.

"I wouldn't be so sure if I were you. The Hyakuya sect was founded by a vampire, so not everything is so straightforward."

I said while analyzing Seraphim's aura. 

"Besides, you were taken from the shelter by vampires and brought to them to be fed on." 

I glanced at him.

"You... you're human too?"

Mikaela wasn't sure. 

"Why are you telling me all this?"

"Because I can. "

I shrugged and looked towards Shinoa who was a hundred meters away from us. 

Guren and Kureto Hiragi were now approaching her to ask her something. 

Judging by her smirk, she was answering... in her style.

"I'm going to meet Krul Tepes soon, and anyone who stands in my way will be dead. Whether vampires or humans." 

I said, and my golem took a step towards Yuichiro. 

Seraphim clearly noticed the huge giant heading towards him and roared, taking off at supersonic speed and hitting him. 

There was an explosion as if a bomb had exploded, and the golem staggered with its arm falling off. 

This blow from Seraphim struck not only the golem but also the ground, creating energy waves that destroyed nearby buildings.

"What are you trying to achieve?"

Mikaela asked while simultaneously glancing anxiously at Yuichiro.

"Peace and prosperity."

I smirked. 

"To achieve that, we need to break the arrogance of vampires and deal with the master behind the scenes. Okay, let's put him back in place."

"suoicsnocbus sih ot retne."

I said and felt my consciousness reaching out to Seraphim. In less than a second, my projection found itself in a rather interesting place. 

The ground I was standing on was golden, like a golden beach in the sun.

The sky was cloudy, and the rays of light came from the ground right in the middle of this room as if God's blessing were pouring down from the sky. 

There hang seven huge golden pipes, bursting out of the light, and around them fluttered winged angelic figures. 

Moreover, Yuichiro himself and his demon were with whom he made a contract.

"Oh, we have a guest." 

Asuramaru noticed me, who looked like... a young girl with red eyes and long ears, like a regular vampire. 

Asuramaru stood on his sword, and he sat down after that question.


Yuichiro recognized me.

"You're there now raging in Seraphim's form."

I let him know that his consciousness was not weak but not in order due to the awakening of his non-human part. 

The golden pipes began to hum even louder.

"I... don't understand... you told me I'm Seraphim, but until this moment, I didn't know what... who that is." 

Yuichiro muttered uncertainly.

"Hmm, are you Asuramaru?" 

I examined the demon more closely, and he did the same.

"Your soul is very strong. I can't even understand how you got here."

Asuramaru said after a while. 

"I watched you bring the nobles to their knees... you're very strong. What do you want exactly?"

"Hmm, to kill as many vampires as possible and deal with the First Vampire, Sika Madu... or Shikama Doji."

 I said while turning away from him. 

"They bound you pretty well with the ritual, apparently a lot of limitations..."

I nodded, seeing how the essence of Asuramaru was tied to the sword. 

Asuramaru continued to remain silent. He couldn't help but enter my mind and feel my emotions... that's why he didn't even know what to do. 

He could even easily change his form and appearance, so maybe this isn't the demon's true appearance.

"I would attack you if I had the slightest idea who you are."

Asuramaru confessed. 

"But you're not trying to take control of the body..."

"How do you do it?"

I smiled slightly at the corner of my mouth. 

"Well, what else can I expect from you... You feed on strong human desires and hope to become stronger and have the opportunity to interact with the physical world again?"

"Hey, what... what's happening?"

Yuichiro grabbed his head, even in his subconscious.

"You're trying to resist the transformation. So soon you'll somehow regain control of your body... only to lose consciousness for a long time."

"How's Mika? Is he okay?"

Yuichiro asked with worry about his friend.

"Yes, I saved him from you, don't worry. We're in your subconscious right now, and I just decided to make sure you're here. I must admit, these Seraphims of the End are tough guys."

I said. In this place, I could feel a connection to... some ritual, or I don't even know.

It's as if the power of Seraphim comes from somewhere, and Yuichiro has some connection to it... maybe there's some kind of god here, but I hope not.

"Alright, demon, don't bother, or else I'll erase your soul."

I said to Asumaru and my Will, I squeezed him tighter, causing his face to contort in pain and anger. 

I showed that I was perfectly capable of dealing with him, even not in physical form.

In reality, Seraphim continued to fight with my golem, and they had already destroyed several districts completely. 

Seraphim began to turn the golem's stones into salt with powerful blows, but the golem quickly regenerated and never slowed down. 

It's time to knock him out completely before he goes completely berserk.


[3rd POV]

Shinoa was pleased because Tony managed to deal with the nobles, intimidate them, label them as cattle, and even scare off her irresponsible relative. 

She didn't have any hopes and knew that in the Hiragi family, she was somewhere on the level of an interesting experiment. 

She had long been estranged from the family. 

She simply didn't know what family relationships were like... but she thought it should be similar to the relationships in their group chat.

"... you must tell everything you know about this person. He is potentially dangerous to the Imperial Demon Army... no, to all humanity, and therefore to the Hiragi family personally, and perhaps he is even in league with the cultists."

Kureto Hiragi said. 

A little further away from the battle between the giant and the transformed Yuichiro was happening. 

With each blow, a scary shockwave spread that they could feel from where they were standing. 

The earth shook, and buildings collapsed... and she knew that Tony wasn't even exerting himself yet.

"I'm not obliged to question anything."

Shinoa said with a smile, tightening the grip on the handle of her cursed weapon a little more. 

"You know, they asked me about the purpose of life, which I didn't have... now it has appeared."


Kureto took a deep breath. 

"Shinoa, you're talking about treason to the family."

Kureto said calmly while looking at Shinoa with a heavy gaze. 

"Those who challenge the Hiragi family must be given a very careful, painful lesson."

After these words, the atmosphere became much more tense.

"Those who experiment on their own people and children should also receive a very good lesson on what not to do. Isn't that right?"

Shinoa continued to smile while spinning around on her scythe. 

"Guren, I'm very disappointed in you too."

Shinoa shook her head.

"You can't be a warrior alone in the field..."

Guren said quietly.

"Tell him that."

Shinoa pointed behind her, and a particularly powerful "explosion" resounded while again shaking everyone in the area due to the earthquake.

Then soon three figures appeared out of thin air.


"Here's your precious one."

When I teleported the three of us to Shinoa, I immediately handed Yuichiro's body to Mika who took him as if he could be stolen at any moment.

"Shinoa, why are you spreading tension here?"

I raised an eyebrow. 

I arrived, and many people tightened their grip on their weapons and swallowed in fear. 

The only squad that didn't show their emotions so openly was Guren's squad that was standing right behind Guren.

"The people at the top of the government rarely answer these uncomfortable questions. But you'll protect me from them, right?"

Shinoa boldly grabbed my hand and pressed against my shoulder... or rather my hand as she was a little shorter than shoulder height.

"In the name of the Imperial Demon Army, you are under arrest pending an investigation into all the circumstances here""

Kureto confidently declared while drawing his cursed sword crackled with lightning. 

After this action, some of the soldiers also took hold of their weapons, but Yoichi, Shiho, and Mitsuba stood behind them while they aimed their weapons at the necks of the nearest soldiers.

"Don't move."

Kamizuki said while frowning slightly. It was obviously difficult for him to go against the soldiers of humanity's army.

"I don't fully understand what's going on, but from Tony's words, I conclude that you're experimenting on all of us especially on Yūichirō."


Kureto hissed as if accusing his entire agitated squad.

"So you're one of those who will do anything for the 'future of humanity,' but in fact to justify it with your desire for power."

I said when realizing who was in front of me. 

Kureto was just about to grab his sword when he felt a blow to his stomach, causing his eyes to almost pop out, and he fell to his knees while coughing.

"People like you are the most dangerous... they'll do anything for their goal. They'll kill their own for the 'greater good.' Shinoa... you surely won't mind if I deal with your family?"

I glanced at Shinoa. 

At this moment, many of the soldiers wanted to attack me, but they couldn't because of the magical seal that appeared around them. 

Now that I've fought Seraphim, I can say that they are the biggest threat to me yet.

"I don't mind, I don't care about him or my family... they disowned me in childhood, so I feel nothing for them,"

Shinoa said cheerfully. 

"But I want to defeat him myself, can I, can I?"

Shinoa asked eagerly while bouncing on the spot.

"If you want to that badly..."

I stamped on the ground and created a small arena nearby where I moved Shinoa and Kureto.

"The Imperial Army won't forgive you if anything happens to him." 

Guren stated.

"I don't care about them. I'll have to visit your laboratories anyway."

I glanced at him. 

"Your plan to return everything as it was is futile. You can't return everything, but you can try to fix it. You know who you should fear the most. After all, your girlfriend in the sword told you about it, right?"

I looked at Guren.

"You're very well-informed."

Guren said, not very cheerfully.

Meanwhile, Kureto had already tried to escape, but there was a barrier around him that simply didn't let him through.

Shinoa immediately used the power of her demon. 

A tattoo appeared on her face, and she attacked her brother. However, something strange happened during their first clash of weapons...

"What's happening to them?"

Mitsuba asked while already distancing herself from the other fighters she recently threatened and approached me. 

There... during the collision between Shinoa's scythe and Kureto'sword, two dark auras appeared as if communicating with each other. 

That's exactly what was happening.

"I hoped he wouldn't show up..."

I sighed and immediately teleported to the arena, reaching out my hand to Shinoa's scythe to try to seal it again.

"So it's you, the intruder..."

I heard a gentle voice... the First Vampire. 

"Oh, now I've felt that the heart of little Shinoa is completely open... it's very strange that I can't take control of her body..."

"Get out."

I simply said while starting to seal the demon back into the scythe that surprisingly wasn't an easy task.

"Shinoa, are you okay?"


Shinoa nodded and glanced at the unconscious Kureto. 

"And I thought it would be an interesting battle. So what are we going to do?"

"First, let's go..."

I didn't finish my sentence when Shinoa's scythe... cracked, and I felt the demon inside her disappear. 

"Oh, damn it..."

"Yeah, this scythe was dear to me as a memory..."

Shinoa said somewhat mournfully, so I restored the scythe with alchemy.

"Oh, that's better... but now I don't feel the demon inside anymore."

"Because it's gone... somehow."

I said when realizing that this would definitely lead to problems. 

We needed to act quickly and head to the vampires because among them were those who didn't want the First Vampire to follow his plan, which ended with the massacre of all vampires for another ritual. 

The First himself has immense life experience, tens of times greater than Albedo's. 

Especially if he senses that his plans are going awry, he might start taking risks... and doing things that I definitely won't like.

Looking around at the still-lost people, I sighed.

"Well, Guren, don't be a jerk this time and sort out the situation. Kureto won't wake up anytime soon."

I said and quickly cast a spell on him: 

"Avada Kedavra."

"...or maybe won't wake up at all,"

I continued as if nothing had happened.

"The demon inside Shinoa's scythe was the First Ancestor, the one responsible for the apocalypse due to his manipulations, and the one your precious one wanted to defeat. Do everything properly, help her regain her body, and help your friends not to die in two years. Got it?" 

I looked at Guren.

"Wow, that's a quick promotion. But I think his father..."

Guren pointed to the unconscious Kureto. 

"...Will be against... what a problem. Mahiru, were you even able to predict something like this?"

Guren muttered to himself when realizing the problems that had just fallen on him.



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