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Chapter 49: Seraph of the End

Words: 2,180


"... We haven't been doing this work for long, so I don't want to rush into such contracts."

I explained my point of view to the slightly overweight man representing the district's army.

"Lex may have struck a deal with you and provided you with modern drones, helicopters, and other equipment produced by LexAir at the time. Unfortunately, we are currently changing our area of operation."

"I've heard about your amazing reactor that is capable of supplying all of Metropolis and its neighboring territories. This would be a very useful investment for the army in light of recent... events."

He understood that he wouldn't get a new contract and tried not to leave empty-handed.

"Is this about your hunt for Superman?"

I raised an eyebrow and heard Lena chuckle.

"How many millions of dollars has the army wasted trying to catch this... hero as the newspaper called him? Anyway."

I said as the man drew in a breath to speak.

"I admit he messed up a lot of things too. But we're not selling the reactor for now because I haven't finished building it yet, and we're not even selling the blueprints. We need time to figure out which direction to take LuthorCorp."

"I see. Well, I won't keep you any longer then."

The man said that and left the office with dissatisfaction.

"Didn't we already decide on the direction?"

Lena asked with a smile on her beautiful face.

"Yeah, but they don't need to know that. We're still new at all this..."

The door caught my attention, and soon, the somewhat annoyed face of Mercy appeared there.

"There is a dressed-up magician who came to see you..."

Mercy informed us and quickly went back. I could almost feel that she didn't like us and what she thought about a stripper visiting our office.

Yes, she didn't ask too many questions and let her in... probably Zatanna did her magic.

"Did you find a better assistant yet?"

I asked aloud.

"No, Mercy is a nuisance, but she does her job well."

Lena muttered with mixed emotions. Soon Zatanna herself came to us.

"It's cozy here, much better than in that place where Tony's office is."

Zatanna confessed in her usual arousing clothes.

"I like my office."

I muttered.

"Well... it doesn't look very good, indeed."

Lena said.

"Zatanna, right? What brought you to us today?"

"I came to see Tony."

Zatanna corrected.

"But are you a magician too?

"Yes and no. She has superpowers, but it's not magic."

 I explained while sitting down on the couch.

"So what's going on? Demons? Cult? Zombies?"

"Nah, I need to improve my stage acts, maybe add something new and fresh? So I came to ask if you have any ideas. Look what I came up with using cards."

Zatanna winked at me and hid the cards behind her back.

Lena also watched the trick with interest that consisted of Zatanna teleporting the card we chose into her hat... nothing too difficult for a magician.

She may have done it on purpose, but Zatanna often showcased her body from the best angles... perhaps it's already a professional habit for her, but Lena definitely noticed it.

Moreover, I often caught her throwing interested glances at Zatanna's backside... well, Zatanna is beautiful, and I won't argue about that.

Soon enough, I went with Zatanna to her mansion to continue studying magic together and also to continue her training in magical seals.

I recently discovered that Zatanna is a direct descendant of the artists and magicians Leonardo Da Vinci, Nostradamus, Nicholas Flamel, and... Arion from Atlantis.

It's easy to see where her magic talent comes from since she hasn't been studying it for very long.

Before I left, I told her that I would be unavailable for some time.

In the evening, Lena really prepared a pleasant surprise with catgirl ears and a nightgown barely covering her breasts.

"What will people say if they find out that Lena Luthor is shopping in sex shops..."

I said this while admiring Lena's curves.

"I thought about that too, so I decided to order online with Cortana's help, so hardly anyone would figure it out."

Lena shrugged.

"It seems like someone is getting addicted to affection?"

I asked while kissing her belly button as my hands squeezed her lower buns.

"Mmm, how could I not get addicted here?"

Lena asked as my fingers brushed over her clit causing her to shudder and bite her lip.

"What's your relationship with Zatanna?"


I asked and licked her mound, then started descending lower...


Lena didn't give a direct answer.

"You could call us teacher and student, maybe friends... but, no, we haven't become friends yet. We haven't known each other for long enough."

I pondered a bit and gave my answer.

Then, I decided to move on to the main event because foreplay was not necessary for me or Lena.

I penetrated Lena again and felt the tightness of my dick. At the same time, I squeezed her nipple which made her moan nonstop for a minute.

The delightful pastime ended only a few hours later when Lena and I comfortably nestled in each other's arms.

"I'll need to leave for an indefinite period tomorrow."

I decided to tell Lena about it.

"Where to?"

Lena asked with curiosity in her voice and she even half-opened one eye to look at me.

"Hmm, to another dimension, I think..."

I honestly replied.

"I'm serious, I have... matters to attend to there. Don't forget, magic, gods..."

"Yeah, yeah, I understand. Is it dangerous?"

Lena asked with palpable concern.

"I don't think so."

I shook my head negatively.

"I just don't know how long I'll be gone... Sorry for telling you only just now."

I hugged her tighter.

"I only found out about it this morning."

"It's okay, I understand. You're not an ordinary person, so something like this was to be expected... Are you going with Zatanna?"

"No, not with her."

I briefly felt the urge to tell her about the chat and even invite her, but... then she'd know what I was planning, and that would make her worry.

There are plenty of wonders in this universe without the chat, and she already knows plenty for someone who recently learned about the existence of gods.

"Okay, I don't really understand this anyway. Just be careful... You're the last family and loved one I have in this world."

For a moment, it seemed to me that there was some unhealthy attachment in Lena's eyes, but perhaps I just imagined it...

It would cost one hundred Chat Points to go to another world without any mission and another one hundred Chat points to return.

I basically get one hundred points a day, and the entire trip will essentially cost me two days' worth of points.

Shinoa Hiragi: Administrator-kun, I'm already awake and eager to meet you!

In the morning, I received a message from Shinoa.

Lena hugged me like a koala with a serene expression, and I kissed her to wake her up.

Shinoa and I already checked how time flows in our worlds, and it's been a year or two, and the time is roughly the same.

It's morning for me, and it's morning for her too... even though she lives in Japan where the time difference should be at least thirteen hours.

"Mmm, are you leaving soon?"

Lena asked sleepily.

"Not right now, but soon."

I managed to get up and use alchemy to conjure suitable clothes for myself.

"Cortana will stay with you and ask her if you need anything."

I told Lena.

There are still computers and other modern technologies in Shinoa's world.

Still, they clearly haven't advanced as much, so I asked Cortana to simply make me a portable hacking device.

If that doesn't work, there's always the old-fashioned ultra-violence.

Shinoa Hiragi: I'm already on the train heading to the gates! I think I'll turn on the broadcast.

Rias Gremory: You used to be shy about this and didn't even send a photo of yourself along with everyone else during our conversation.

Shinoa Hiragi: I thought it was all a prank.

Hermione Granger: Shinoa... is it really that bad in your world?

Shinoa Hiragi: It's worse than you can imagine. This world is a complete disaster. I'll show you.

Rias Gremory: You really seem to be in a very good mood...

Shinoa Hiragi: Well, I may not live in a world of busty dragons, but why shouldn't I be in a good mood when the Administrator-kun is visiting me? Oh, what will he do... I hope he'll hit me harder this time.

Rias Gremory: My world is perfectly fine! Right now I was playing chess with a friend and lost... again. So I won't fall for provocation, hmph.

Shinoa Hiragi: Did your cheeks puff up at the end?

Rias Gremory: No!

Shinoa Hiragi: Winter, are you here? Observing again?

Winter Schnee: It's already evening for me, so I found time for this.

After checking if I had placed all the necessary items in the space inside the ring, I also paid attention to the chat.

I don't know how much time I'll need to do everything I want in that world...

I think a couple of days should be enough, but I can return the next day with my points.

I don't want to leave Lena and Zatanna for too long and don't mind spending an extra hundred points.

Shinoa indeed started the broadcast, and she could be seen wearing the uniform of the imperial army which suited her very well.

She was really traveling on some armored train, and soon, a young guy entered the same car none other than Yuichiro Hyakuya.

Shinoa lives in a highly hostile world that was devastated by human experimentation.

There were many different test subjects, and many of them did not survive. Those who did became perfect wielders of Demonic Weapons and ideal owners.

These experiments are still being conducted at the school where Shinoa went.

These Seraphs of the End try to kill people directly just like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Moreover, the latter is the offspring of one of the Seraphs — the Sixth Trumpet imprisoned in a magical barrier under one of Guren's mansions... the very same lieutenant Shinoa often talks to.

The actual objective of all of these experiments wasn't to create weapons but to bring the dead back to life.

This triggered the full manifestation of the curses of the Seraphs of the End who didn't like that humans were violating Taboos and resurrecting the dead.

This is the reason why they are so negatively disposed towards humans rather than vampires.

It was Guren who became the cause of resurrecting his dead friends and unleashing the virus that killed most of the people.

It's just unclear where and how the "curse" of the Seraphs was discovered... perhaps I can find out.

Guren is not the sole culprit as he wanted to bring his dead friends back to life and didn't know the consequences.

Moreover, he couldn't kill the one who also partly caused the apocalypse at that time. They slowly became obsessed, then a vampire, and eventually a demon.

At first glance, all of his evil actions can be explained by his desire to help the world and restore everything to its original state.

The Hīragi Sect did all the horrible experiments.

They wanted to make the Seraphs of the End instantly enhance their people to create the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and a lot more.

Shika Madou is the one manipulating the entire sect a very ancient vampire who is considered a legend even among vampires and is the founder.

He goes by the name Shikama Dōji, too, and he is currently the demon in Shinoa's scythe.

He started experimenting around with the Seraphs even in ancient Greece, but this needs to be confirmed.

In general, Shinoa's world is not a simple place, and it's difficult to understand who is to blame.

Vampires decided to kill humans because of all these experiments with the Seraphs after the apocalypse, but they also started to treat all people like cattle.

They didn't cause the apocalypse directly, but they used it to control humans, feed them, play with them like animals, and become gods of the new world.

"I think it's time to go."

I said this while looking at the chat and Shinoa's broadcast.

It had been going on for about ten minutes already, and Shinoa had already left the massive iron walls of the city with her squad and set out on a mission.

Moreover, a new member joined their squad for completion.

Shinoa herself is not a pure person either, and I realized that during our first meeting.

Rias could have understood that too if she had examined Shinoa's body more closely... but she likely would have started joking again from such attention.

She was experimented on by her own family, the Hīragi. This brings me to the point that I will definitely have souls to seal.



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