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Chapter 36: Family*

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The wet sound of lips meeting echoed at the top of the LuthorCorp building where the two of them were now passionately kissing.

"Hmm, this is somewhat unexpected."

I finally said it after the lingering kiss that left Lena's lips slightly swollen and even more tempting.

Lena herself was blushing and very, very happy.

"I want to scream and jump on the spot, but... but our 'activity' distracted me. It's... satisfying,"

Lena said this while touching and licking her lips.

"Last time, you didn't want this."

I reminded her.

"I... emotions again?"

Lena realized what we were doing, and she uttered these words with a lost expression on her face.


I pressed Lena closer to me.

"This time, I won't back down easily. I told you before, and I'll repeat it. Lena, I love you as a sister and as a woman. We might change that soon."

I leaned in again to get another kiss, and she slowly opened her lips with embarrassment to let me in.

She couldn't understand my hint, and that only made her heart beat faster.


Lena moaned softly as my strong hand squeezed her chest.

"Listen, I think your sudden reaction is because of your Aura opening."

I found the strength to say this.

"Are you punishing me for the last time?"

Lena interpreted my words in her own way and laid her head on my chest.

"I... I just didn't want to get closer to you and ruin your future."

"How could you ruin it?"

I asked as I stroked Lena's waist.

"By being... a weak person who wouldn't last long. It's not good to admit, but I really wanted to try a relationship... to have some fun before dying."

Lena sighed sadly.

"Your confession and kiss threw me off, and... what can I say? I really enjoyed it as a girl, but as a sister, I was worried. I have noticed that you have changed lately, and now I understand why."

"Who did you want to try a relationship with? The one you met at the University? We need to find him and make him infertile..."


Lena playfully hit me, and then her face changed to a frightened one as she remembered her increased strength.

"A-are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm a meta-human too remember."

I shrugged.

"Do you want to try walking?"


Lena nodded while reassured that I was fine, and holding onto me, she looked down at her feet.

Then she awkwardly started to move them clearly not used to this.

After about an hour, she was still learning how to walk again, but she finally returned to her wheelchair because it would take her longer to get used to walking.

"Shall we go to a restaurant?"

I asked while looking directly into her eyes.


Lena lowered her gaze, but a slight smile betrayed her true feelings.

"I don't mind going to a restaurant with my brother. What's wrong with that?"

Lena rhetorically asked.

"Alright... then let me teleport us back so that no one has any suspicious questions."

After she nodded, I teleported us back.

"Wow, it's still hard to accept magic and everything else. Can you teleport anywhere like this?"

Lena asked with a tone of interest.

"If the place isn't magically protected, then yes."

I nodded.

"There are plenty of places I can teleport, but I also need to at least roughly know where the place is, and it's better to see it with my own eyes. But I doubt I could teleport to Olympus... for now."

"Ha, Olympus? Is it because of the gods?"

Lena asked sarcastically.

"Yeah, those gods are quite fond of messing around."

I nodded while recalling some information from the books.

"But they would definitely support our relationship."


Lena asked again in astonishment.

"Do gods exist?"

"Well, if you think of them as the creators of humanity... then no. You can think of them as very powerful meta-humans capable of taking down Superman along with this whole city."


Lena didn't reply and continued to stand with her mouth open while I took advantage of her in a villainous way.

She snapped out of shock when she felt something warm, moist, and lively on her lips.

"Yeah, they would definitely support our relationship as if I cared about their opinion."

I nodded and pushed the wheelchair with Lena towards the exit, and went to a car.

We heard gunshots as we got close to the building.

The driver slammed on the brakes because the cars ahead suddenly braked.

"The Metropolis bank is in that direction."

Lena said with a slightly uncertain expression, and we heard a helicopter flying above while hovering over the place where the gunshots were heard.

"Alright, where restaurant do you want for our date?"

I asked and sensed the driver's confusion.


I pointed at the driver with my hand, and a spell hit him causing him to fall into a daze.

"Isn't that dangerous?"

Lena immediately asked.

"No, it just disoriented him for a while, and we're still stuck in traffic. He won't remember our conversation. He'll think he heard things or just won't understand for now."

I shrugged.

At that moment, there was an explosive flying at the chopper that looked like... when did criminals get grenade launchers?

But before the rocket hit, a blue and red figure in a cape quickly appeared, and the explosion threw him into the nearest building while smashing windows and walls.

He hadn't been flying for very long, so maybe he wasn't good at staying in one place yet.

"Oh God..."

Lena covered her mouth with her hand.

"This boy scout is causing a lot of material damage..."

I shook my head.

Superman himself emerged from the hole with an apologetic expression on his face and dove down.

There were more gunshots, but it all stopped soon after.

"Why would someone try to rob a bank knowing that someone like him flies around here?"

Lena asked with confusion.

"They're either crazy, or someone paid them, and they're just pawns... but I don't care."

I said, and I didn't want to meet Superman face to face yet.

Soon, the driver snapped out of the spell, and Lena and I got out of the car near LuthorCorp.

I went to the main office and gave Mercy a stern nod. Then I started to explain immediately.

"If you need any help with paperwork or anything else, call Cortana."


Lena tilted her head slightly.

"That's me."

Cortana's voice sounded from the computer speakers.


Lena frowned while approaching the desk and looked at the monitor where Cortana's 2D avatar was visible.

"Is this... an electronic assistant?"

"I'm an Artificial Intelligence, but your brother said I have a soul, so you could say I'm somewhat human."

Cortana's voice sounded slightly cheerful.

"I see..."

Lena said, but then her eyes lit up.

"And what are you capable of?"

"I can hack the Pentagon, any other country, a secret organization, or a huge company. It's easy."

Cortana said proudly.

"So, Cortana will help with company matters."

I concluded.

"Wait... how long has... Cortana has been on my computer?"

Lena's frightened gaze fell on me.

"It's been more than three weeks. Don't worry, Master Luthor said not to inform him unless it's something important."

Cortana replied.


Lena bit her lip, and her ears turned rather red.

"These things are usually reported immediately... hmm, alright."

Lena sighed.

"How were you able to create a full-fledged AI?"

"Master Luthor has very deep knowledge in engineering and information fields. I was even impressed by some of his ideas."

Cortana commented.

"Well... I can believe that."

Lena shook her head while running her hand through her hair.

"You used to hide your knowledge and didn't like talking about it before. I'm glad you're more open now."

Lena said it with a sweet smile.

"Let's have a nice evening together. I've been wanting to do this for a long time."

I said this while approaching Lena.

"Cortana, can you show us the best places for a date? Anywhere since I can teleport."


Cortana began listing good places, and Lena chose a couple in Metropolis where we headed first.

Lena might have felt a bit uncomfortable due to the looks and the realization that she was going on a date with her brother, but everyone else clearly saw us as family members having a good time.

I asked Erina to make a few dishes for the date, and she agreed to do it in exchange for a little help from me in the future, but I agreed immediately.

After enjoying the divine meal, we immediately went on our date first to Metropolis, then teleported to some beautiful places on the planet.

I wanted to spend quality time with Lena to make sure she remembered this day.

"Our lives have changed so much in the last month."

Lena remarked when we were on one of the remote islands in the Pacific Ocean that I had prepared for a good time.

There were palm trees, a beautiful beach, and an azure shore.

Lena was standing on the shore holding onto me with the tide washing her feet with warm water.

"I hope for the better."

I hugged her tighter and gently kissed her neck.

"Mmm... I hope so too. So far, I'm enjoying it."

Lena said with a groan.

"While waiting for death due to illness was excruciating... every day counting down and slowly feeling even weaker, and now I'm healed."

Lena reached her hand out towards the ocean and closed her eyes slightly from the bright sun.

"All thanks to you. We've always been close. Who knew we'd become so...hmmm."

Lena's became heavier as my hands roamed her body.

"I still remember when you turned me down."

I said it with a chuckle.

"You know perfectly well that I didn't want to ruin your life. And even now... I still don't fully understand how to react to the fact that my own brother loves me as a woman, and it drives me crazy."

Lena confessed.


I teased.

"That's because you want to shove your cock into me."

Lena retorted with a smile.

"And you want it. I'm telling you, you're a pervert."

I nodded as if it were obvious.

"Coming from the pervert himself... anyway, let's go back to my room. This place is lovely, but I'd rather come here when I have a day off, or else I'll get used to it and won't want to leave."

Lena suggested.

"As you wish, oh magnificent Lena Luthor."

I teleported us back to her bedroom.

"I... I need to take a shower before the final step."

Lena said nervously while trying to take a step towards the shower that she managed with some difficulty.

"Are you sure you want this now?"

I decided to ask anyway and received a pointed look in response.

"What do you think, you dumbass? I've wanted this for a long time... well, you know what."

Lena disappeared into the room, and I heard the shower turn on.

Soon after, she emerged out of the room in sexy black underwear embarrassed by her wet and blushing appearance.

"Well... how do I look?"

Lena averted her gaze while biting her lip and moving her hands away from her reddened nipples.

"You are quite bold, little sister."

I was surprised by her reaction and immediately approached her, gently kissing her.

I assumed Lena would want to be treated before the main course as I knew her.

My fingers ran along her wet back and sent chills down her spine as my tongue played with hers.

I slowly moved my hand toward her hard breast with the erect nipple.

I rubbed Lena's nipple while gently pinching it between two fingers. I could feel her getting more and more aroused.

"And where did you learn all this?"

A hint of jealousy tinged Lena's voice.

"It's the digital age of technology, and there's a lot of porn out there..."

I said this while licking my lips and leaning down to gently catch the erect nipple on her other breast.

Lena started to rub against me as if she were ready to move on to the main course, but I had to spice up the situation first.

The pretty blushing Lena let out erotic moans. She was both happy to finally enjoy pleasure and somewhat stunned by what was happening.

That didn't bother me, and I kept teasing Lena's nipple and massaging her firm buttocks with my hands.

We slowly reached the edge of the bed where I sat Lena down on my lap and caressed her breasts and buttocks.

I didn't notice immediately that Lena's hands were almost taking off all of my clothes and my top.

It could have been done faster with magic, but I would have been a fool to refuse such special treatment.

Lena's hands roamed over my chest and stomach, and judging by how she began to wriggle her hips on my lap she was clearly enjoying it.

Lena quickly pulled away from my lips and jumped off my lap onto the bed where she swayed her seductive behind while wearing black lace underwear.

I could see the liquid coming from her cunt, and willpower was the only thing that kept me from jumping on her like a beast even though I really wanted to.

I slowly slid off a piece of her underwear with my fingers revealing Lena's lower lips with small black hair.


Lena moaned as soon as my tongue passed along her slit, and she immediately buried her face in the pillow arching her buttocks even more.

"W-why... wh-what... a-ahh."

Lena couldn't finish her sentence as my tongue began a more thorough exploration.

It didn't take a minute for a fountain of fluids to hit me, and Lena struggled with heavy breaths and exhaled between moans.

"It's time to move on to the main event."

I turned Lena onto her back, and she immediately spread her legs giving me the best access to her cunt.

"Are you ready?"

I asked a silly question judging by Lena's impatient look, so I didn't ask anything else and began to penetrate her.

As I continued to penetrate, I could feel something soft and tight around my cock at the same time.

The process was not painful for Lena with the help of magic and aura.

"Mmm, I feel full."

Lena said this and spread a somewhat lewd smile.

So I sped up a bit and entered her fully, and then pulling out, I sharply re-entered releasing a moan from her.

I ravished her pussy and continued to explore her beautiful breasts and lips with my hands.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

She repeated it as if she were in a trance.

When I withdrew, she opened her eyes in frustration, but I quickly flipped her over, grabbed her hips, and went back in.

We've been doing this for a while, so let's see how much stronger she is now that her aura is open and she is a metahuman.



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