20 Chapter 20: Battle (1)

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[Anthony's POV]

From the beginning of the Vystak Festival, the RWBY hunters had it all until one moment.

It was a chance for the four young girls to show themselves and demonstrate their abilities.

They showed it against the ABRN team which they managed to defeat.

Their friends from the "JNPR" team also succeeded against their opponents which couldn't have made them happier.

The first final match between Yang Xiao Long and Mercury Black caused trouble.

After she won, she thought he was attacking her from behind, and she broke his leg.

However, the camera replay clearly shows that she attacked Mercury Black who was just standing behind her and wasn't trying to attack.

Atlas soldiers immediately surrounded Yang Xiao Long to prevent her from raging.

The audience's negative reaction immediately attracted Grimm, but still not enough.

Then, the moment came when Pyrrha Nikos really tore her opponent apart with her semblance.

The negative emotions in the stadium and the kingdom of Vale started to attract a lot of Grimm.

"Pyrrha! It's going to break through inside now! Pyrrha, run!"

Jaune Arc shouted from the stadium while looking at the motionless Pyrrha in the center of the arena.


The Grimm let out a piercing roar, and when its huge paws hit the energy shields, the shields couldn't withstand it and destroyed.

The black Grimm broke through the shields and crashed into the arena throwing Pyrrha away.

At the moment, when it was about to pounce on Pyrrha, another girl fell from above and pierced the Grimm's head with a large scythe.

"Not particularly strong,"

Shinoa said quietly while easily pulling the scythe out of the Grimm's body that had begun to disintegrate.

"That was awesome! You're just like Ruby!"

Nora Valkyrie shouted.

"Nora, not now."

Lie Ren said next to her, and a small gray capsule containing hunter weapons began to fall from the sky.

"Gear up, quickly!"

Ruby yelled who was already prepared to jump on the Nevermore to push it away from Pyrrha.

"Scythe, you have a scythe too. That's really cool!"

Ruby said with stars in her eyes while looking at the scythe in Shinoa's hands.

"It's good that you acknowledge it."

Shinoa said, nodding and standing in front of her.


There were several more roars.

I landed next to Shinoa, and now Ruby gave me her admiring look, but she quickly calmed herself as if remembering something.

She dashed at lightning speed to one of the fallen weapon crates and returned with a big scythe.

"There are so many of them!"

A huntress shouted with big rabbit ears pointing upwards.

"This is yours. Everyone will be needed here."

I approached the lost Pyrrha and handed her a shield and spear that belonged to her, and then glanced at the destroyed robot.

"Uh, I... yes, thank you."

Pyrrha regained her composure and nodded to me with a grateful expression.

"Administrator-kun, what are we going to do?"

Shinoa asked me while she was inspecting Ruby and her scythe, while Ruby was doing the same.

"We'll destroy the Grimm, find all the bad guys and take them down, and save as many people as possible."

I said this while receiving a picture through the holographic screen that appeared in front of me where Rias was already fighting some Grimm.

"That sounds like a plan!"

Nora exclaimed lifting her huge hammer.

I devised a plan as I got closer to the robot's body, and a big seal appeared under her destroyed body that hid all of her parts.

I could already use alchemy to make a living body, and it wasn't hard for me to understand how it worked.

The robot's body parts started to glow a little and were put back together where they had been torn.

Soon, she was fully "assembled" and lying on the ground again.


Pyrrha mumbled something shocking as she looked at me and the robot.

She tried to scream but couldn't as one of the Nevermores dove down.

Meanwhile, I managed to get a complete picture of what was happening from a bird's-eye view, and the drone finally reached the necessary height.

A lot of Grimm were running toward the city, there were a lot of Nevermores in the sky, and one of Atlesian Airships started to turn toward the others.

"There are people running further down the hall who might need help."

I said while pulling myself away from the screen. It was clear that some of the hunters were interested.

One of the Nevermores attempted to dive at us, but the hunters were prepared for it. Before they could do anything, an iron spike flew out of the ground.

The Grimm pierced itself on the iron spike before it could turn aside.


A hunter spoke up.

"Students, I think it would be better for you to leave here,

The middle-aged man said he seemed to be a teacher there.

Next to him stood a tall, green-haired man with a weapon in his hands who looked at me and the Grimm flying above with suspicion.

"But Professor Port..."

"Miss Rose, this day will definitely be recorded in the annals of Remnant, and I would like you to be able to tell about it."

Bartholomew said.


Ruby nodded while gripping her scythe tighter.

"Shinoa follow them; they'll go to the aircraft. I have other matters for now."

I said to Shinoa with the scythe before flying off into the air and making sure to toss her a communicator beforehand.

"I'll know where you are, but I have other things to do for now."


[3rd POV]

"Who is he? I haven't seen him before."

Coco Adel said, with a suitcase in her hand that turns into a minigun when needed.

"And you too, by the way."

Coco glanced at Shinoa.

"I haven't seen you before either."

Shinoa replied easily with the scythe.

"Well, will you show me your skills?"

Shinoa looked at Ruby.


It was clear Ruby really wanted to.

"We don't have time! Everyone, forward! The city is under attack!"

Coco shouted and ran after the other hunters towards a huge corridor.

Meanwhile, Pyrrha picked up Penny's intact body and ran along with it.

They didn't encounter any Grimm on the way, but when they got to the landing pad, they saw a long line of scared people waiting for a spot on the flying ship.

Then, some of them came in from the other side of the runway, and Grimm jumped out of one of them.

"Why are those flying things transporting Grimm?"

Shinoa couldn't help but ask.

"I don't know!"

Ruby shouted while preparing to fight, but it wasn't necessary as the Atlesian Knight took care of them, and some were finished off by General Ironwood himself.

"What's happening?"

"Nothing good. Grimms are spreading throughout the city. White Fang invaded Beacon, and some rogues seized one of my ships. Until we regain control, the sky is not under our control."


[Anthony's POV]

One of the airships had already damaged two others, and now they were falling down.

"I can't recall all the details of what I saw."

I said it with some regret knowing I could have prevented it if I had remembered.

Rias was close to Beacon and quickly killed Grimm who was running toward her on purpose.

They might have sensed her demon energy.

Hermione and Nakiri were there too, both helping people with Cortana controlling the suit.

The girls were clearly shocked at first when they encountered Grimm breaking through walls with their paws.

Shinoa was flying down to the city with a group of hunters and would also start helping.

"Time to step up."

The two Atlesian ships were large enough to destroy several city blocks upon impact, but I wouldn't want to allow that.

Cortana helped me calculate where they could crash, and I flew straight there where I focused with a seal and used magic to the full extent.

A hundred-meter seal appeared below me, and massive stone pillars began to rise.

The airship stopped flying as I approached one of the ships and began to descend to avoid piercing the ship through.

They started to slowly support the airship without doing too much damage because their rate of decrease met the speed of the ship's fall.

Once finished with one, I flew to the second and repeated the process.

This time, the airship stopped a few dozen meters away from the roofs of the buildings, but massive earth pillars could be seen around the buildings that could be seen from a very long way away.

This showed me the limits of my earth-based magical abilities. It still wasn't my limit, but it was close enough.

"Alright, let's head to the traitor ship."

I said it with a smirk while ignoring the dead people killed by the Grimm's claws.

I used magic to make an earth shield in a circle. This saved some people, but some were already dead before my arrival.

"Administrator-kun, that girl with the scythe jumped off the aircraft."

Shinoa's voice came.

"The girl with the scythe?"

I asked.

"Oh. When you land, start clearing out Grimm."


I heard the short reply. Ruby should already be on the ship I'm going to.

Well, if I remember correctly, there was a lot of panic in the city, which attracted even more Grimm.

I saw Ruby fighting on the roof of the last ship with a little girl and an orange-haired guy in a hat as I approached the last remaining airship.

Ruby was definitely losing since she was the only one getting hit. She did her best to fight back.

She almost fell off the ship's roof when she took another blow, but she was able to pierce her scythe into the metal.

"Whether you like it or not, the people who hired me are going to change the world. You and I can't stop them. You know what they say... who are you anyway? Neo?"

The redhead noticed me as I approached them.

"It seems you're the one who hijacked the ship."

I said this while ignoring him and disabling the repulsors so that I landed on the ship.

"Another hero."

Roman sneered clearly relying on his partner's Semblance, or whoever she was to him.

I roughly knew who I was dealing with and prepared for different scenarios.

Neo's semblance could create illusions, and they worked on me.

I had magical resistance, but it was clear that such semblance wasn't one of them.

Still, I knew exactly where Neo was because as soon as I landed, Cortana began sending out signals and scanning the area in front of me.

This is how I knew that the Neo standing next to Ruby wasn't real.

The real one was almost on me.

Ruby saw that no one was in front of her and jumped onto the ship while looking straight at the small girl sneaking up on me. Her eyes seemed to work just as I knew they did.

Roman didn't expect I would be so fast that I would quickly be next to Neo, grab her hand, and then flip her over me before slamming her into the airship with all my strength.

I hit her so hard that her illusion instantly faded, and she went unconscious.

"Neo! I didn't expect this."

Roman said as he started to feel nervous.

Suddenly, Ruby struck him from behind and hit him hard on the side with her scythe sending Roman flying into me.

"Maybe we can neg—"

I forcefully made him quiet by hitting him in the face, and with the first blow, I turned his face into a bloody mess...

I overdid it.

Did he even have an aura? I forgot about that...

"Thank you!"

Ruby shouted while shielding herself from the wind with her hand. After all, we were on the roof of a huge airship.

"Please take his accomplice and go inside. We need to regain control of the ship."

I said and raising my voice so she could hear me.

Ruby nodded and then vanished leaving behind rose petals.

She then reappeared next to Neo who was already unconscious, and grabbed her like she was a bag of potatoes.

Meanwhile, I lifted Roman ... of course, I could have left them, but Grimm would most likely devour them.



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