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In a world where aliens and gods wield unimaginable powers, Anthony finds himself in a new reality with powers known as Gacha and Dimensional Chat. He discovers friends, enemies, and unforeseen challenges that will test his understanding of power and destiny. [You have been chosen as the administrator of the Dimensional Group Chat] [Searching for participants started... 10%... 34%... 69%... 100%"] The participant has been added to Chat: "MissKnowItAll" The participant has been added to Chat: "Exhibitionist" The participant has been added to Chat: "AmbitionlessShinoa" The participant has been added to Chat: "God's Tongue" An administrator has been added to Chat: "BrotherOfSupervillainGenius" ------------------------------------- Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or the fanfic i was merely translating this. Cover image is AI generated. ---This is a Translation--- Original Author: Larchout

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Chapter 110: Reckless

"Harry, I hope this time you won't forget what we've been studying."

Hermione looked slightly threateningly at him who nodded as if he were a dummy. 

"Good. The Bubble-Head Charm will help you underwater, and the Ventus will speed you up."

"Yeah, yeah... I remembered." 

Harry nodded while gathering his strength as he was about to face the second task soon. 

He learned about this task from Hermione herself and how to prepare for it. 

After completing the first task, he received an egg that needed to be submerged in water. 

After that, he would have to retrieve a "prisoner" from the lake.

This would all take exactly one hour.

"Hermione has changed... As soon as she became Dumbledore's student, she immediately became arrogant." 

Ron whispered to Harry. 

"Apparently, she's still seeing that Anthony... ugh."


Harry snapped at his friend.

Hermione only found it difficult to exhale heavily as she heard their conversation perfectly well even though she stood about seven meters away. 

In recent weeks, she had been studying many books by Dumbeldore himself...

She also had a lot of practice, and they even had duels with him!

She used a lot of spells that could easily knock out any professor during the fight, but Dumbledore was very good at countering them by using Transfiguration to make different dummies or dragons to attack her.

In the end, she lost simply due to a lack of experience, but she even surpassed the Dumbledore magically! 

However, she improved with every defeat.

She also learned about the dark side of her world... about dark magic, rituals, and the other strongest wizards on the planet waiting for Dumbledore to weaken and about yokai. 

There was a lot of information that learning in the past would have made her faint, but now... all of it seemed logical as if she had completely opened her eyes.

She herself perfectly understood why Dumbledore decided to take her as his student. 

Dumbledore is not a bad person, and he is willing to fight for the lives of his students. 

He is still a Great Wizard and would not have gotten so far without having a certain intellect.

He shared his experience with her because he knew Tony was strong and she was close to him. 

He may have been hoping that Tony would help her in some way.

"I think it's time..." 

There were only a few hours left before the start of the second task, and Hermione entrusted her with an important task. 

A task she would gladly fulfill.

Shinoa Hiragi: Hermione has become a bad girl because of the influence of Administrator-kun...

"Not true." 

Hermione quietly objected. 

"Just... he deserved a bit of scolding." 

She tried to keep her face from grinning.

Rias Gremory: You'll make a great devil! Just don't joke around with me like that again... 

Winter Schnee: I can't approve of such behavior... He could do something foolish out of fear. 

Shinoa Hiragi: Look who's found a sense of humor... or was it an attempt to support our friend's actions?

"Hermione, what did you want? Do you want to apologize for your attitude towards me after the ball? I don't even know if I should forgive you or not..." 

Ron started talking as soon as he walked into the empty classroom.

Hermione deliberately called him for a "talk" in the empty office.

"Oh, how long have I wanted to do this..." 

She sharply raised her wand and pointed it at Ron. 

"Avada Kedavra," 

She said it with a smile while enjoying Ron's wide eye with a frightened expression.

The spell erupted from the end of the wand and paralyzed him... It was just "Stupefy," the same wand movements except with completely different words.

However, it was very easy to use wandless magic or even change the words in spells with her current talent and level of magic control.

That's exactly what she did, and she didn't plan to kill him... until he infuriated her to that extent.


With a wave of her left hand, Ron was bound by magical ropes.


Ron was knocked out by another recently used spell with much greater energy.

Erina Nakiri: You know, I read the book you sent me with various spells... I want to have magic! It will greatly simplify cooking and make it even more precise!

Shinoa Hiragi: Hmm... everyone's got their thing...

Erina Nakiri: Hey! Cooking is my passion! So show some respect or I won't send you my food anymore!

Shinoa Hiragi: Spare me!

Shinoa Hiragi: Oh, great Erina Nakiri!

"Well, I think I'll be ready to carry out the task soon, and you'll be able to acquire magical abilities from the chat." 

Hermione said this while sending a signal to the director with her Patronus Charm. 

Then, a Phoenix appeared nearby while taking Ron's body for the trial.

"I'll save screenshots of this redhead, hehe." 

Shinoa smirked while watching Hermione leave the room.

The livestream ended, and she said she would tune in during the tournament.


"At the intersection of Frank-Richardson and Old Town streets, the criminal George Harkness, also known as 'Boomerang,' was spotted." 

Cortana's voice came from the girl's suit. 

"Also the figure of the alleged Barbara Gordon was noticed.."

"That nutcase decided to go out in her crappy suit after all." 

Shinoa shook her head and leaped off the platform, flew thirty meters, and landed on the roof of another building. 

She started to speed up from where she was to two hundred kilometers per hour and started jumping over rooftops to reach the target location.

Fortunately, it wasn't too far, and she was already there two minutes later while watching Boomerang throw boomerangs at Barbara.

"Just back off, bat-babe, and we'll go our separate ways like ships at sea." 

He said and threw a boomerang and was blocked by Barbara, and exploded upon contact.

"You belong in p-prison! "

A fleeting fear flickered in Barbara's voice as she saw that half of the trash can was gone.

"My place is somewhere under the Los Angeles sun, not under the Gotham clouds... Sweetheart, just let me go before your bat-daddy shows up."

Boomerang spat and pulled out another boomerang.

"I told you not to do anything stupid."

Shinoa decided to say this while jumping down and landing next to Barbara.

"And not only did you sew a costume that won't even protect you from a simple club, but you also decided to confront a fairly dangerous criminal."

"Shi... um... Night Huntress..."

She awkwardly uttered and seemed to regain her composure.

"Neither you nor Batman have the right to patrol the city alone and beat up criminals!"

"Oh, really?" 

Shinoa glanced mockingly at her friend.

"At least we have plans for different situations, good technology, and common sense... but I admit Batman is a bit... weird."

"Am I interrupting?" 

"Captain Boomerang" asked.


Shinoa was suddenly next to him and punched him directly in the face, breaking his nose and knocking him out with one blow. 

"Barbara... don't do anything stupid, that's why they took your costume away. You're hoping to look like Bat or me?"

"What else do I have left?!"

Barbara stamped her foot. 

"This is my dream..."

"You're a fool, and that's what you are. Are you not gonna stop?"


Barbara answered confidently.

"What if I tell your father about your adventures?"


She replied less confidently.

"You wouldn't dare..."

"...You're not dumb, but sometimes you do some strange things." 

Shinoa shook her head. 

"Come with me. The police will be here soon."


Three weeks have passed since Etrigan was banished.

I spent my time researching Kryptonian technology and magic with Zatanna both together and separately.

I also spend time with the girls to maintain quite friendly relationships. 

Zatanna is the only one who looks at me with obvious jealousy when I say I'm going home. 

However, it's too late to turn back especially since I'm helping her with her father.

Hermione is slowly preparing for the mission with Winter and Erina, who will accompany her. 

I think they'll be going soon especially since she will have time between the second and third tasks of the tournament.

"...Cortana, insert this module into Schedule "B."

I examined the resulting technology.

"Now start assembling the S-bomb according to these blueprints."


Cortana nodded who was standing nearby. 

She wanted to be present to create the "S-bomb" personally.

The S-bomb is a project I started recently.

Kryptonian technology is quite amazing especially the part related to the Sunstone.

This mineral seems to be the progenitor of any Kryptonite.

It doesn't directly affect humans, but it contains enormous energy and can resist magic and other energies.

The S-bomb is built using the same technology with the use of the Sunstone. 

Fortunately, Superman's "Fortress of Solitude" was created thanks to the Sunstone. 

I had no trouble restoring it and then acquiring it in the chat to compare them. 

This weapon is now even more powerful than those "bombs" built using Kryptonite, and if they're used to create barriers surrounding the "Legion"... hehe.

"I've also designed my version of regenerative capsules for LuthorCorp, and quite a few medications have originated from them. Our company is already beginning to build branches in other countries. China, Japan, France, and Germany have already agreed to have LuthorCorp built on their territory."

"Master, you're a genius." 

Cortana suddenly said.

"It's not entirely my doing, but thank you."

I replied while remembering Chat and Gacha... if not for them, I doubt I would have achieved what I have now. 

It's foolish to deny that my strength revolves around them.

Perhaps if I were some old wizard, I could have reached such power over time... but I wasn't.

"Did you deliberately go with me in this outfit?" 

I asked while pulling her body closer to mine and beginning to touch her in exciting places.

"I won't deny such an opportunity." 

She indirectly confirmed my words.

"You're quite a pervert..." 

I buried my face in her chest, and she started stroking my head.

"You know, do you think I'm too fond of love? Or an arrogant jerk, as Zatanna believes?"

"I think it refers to your relationships with multiple members of the opposite sex at once, am I right?"


I nodded, already lifting her up and playing with her "peaks," causing Cortana to close her eyes and sensually bite her lip.

"In modern society, polygamy is not as widespread as in ancient Greece or Egypt. However, a form of marriage still exists in countries like India and Polynesia. Monogamy is now the most acceptable form of modern relationships based on careful partner selection. On the other hand, this kind of relationship comes from matriarchy and psychologically provides a sense of stability and security..."

I kissed her on the lips while interrupting her for a second, but then Cortana's voice came from the speakers.

"...perhaps in childhood, you received too little maternal love and care, now you try to get them in any way possible, including with many women."

"Your care helps me a lot..." 

I said and reached her wet spot of not waiting any longer and entered her immediately.


Even in the speakers, it was clear that Cortana was clearly enjoying herself.

"Well, it's only natural since strong men often had many women. Alexander... the Great had over three hundred women in his harem after adopting customs from Persia. So I support your passion, it will help you... you, Tony, from a psychological point of view."

"I can already feel how it's helping me." 

I bit her nipple while causing Cortana to squeak.

"Anyway, my desire is quite understandable, and that's the main thing."

"Mm, I'm glad to be your desire..."



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