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In a world where aliens and gods wield unimaginable powers, Anthony finds himself in a new reality with powers known as Gacha and Dimensional Chat. He discovers friends, enemies, and unforeseen challenges that will test his understanding of power and destiny. [You have been chosen as the administrator of the Dimensional Group Chat] [Searching for participants started... 10%... 34%... 69%... 100%"] The participant has been added to Chat: "MissKnowItAll" The participant has been added to Chat: "Exhibitionist" The participant has been added to Chat: "AmbitionlessShinoa" The participant has been added to Chat: "God's Tongue" An administrator has been added to Chat: "BrotherOfSupervillainGenius" ------------------------------------- Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or the fanfic i was merely translating this. Cover image is AI generated. ---This is a Translation--- Original Author: Larchout

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Chapter 105: Emergency

[3rd POV]

"Ms. Luthor, are you sure you want to turn down such a government grant and offer? Another opportunity like this might not come." 

A dark-skinned woman with a black briefcase sits across from one of the wealthiest women in the world. 

It had only been a short time since Lena had become one of the heads of LuthorCorp, and the company was already at the top of the richest lists.

"I'm more than sure. You're asking us to help you develop weapons against someone who protects the city. How do my brother or I know you won't use them in overseas military conflicts instead of against metahuman criminals? Moreover, the part about providing all the blueprints of his suits sounds like complete bullshit." 

Lena said.

The fame of the Luthors also rose due to the doctoral work of the young genius Anthony Luthor. 

He could outshine many scientists worldwide with his ideas and projects at nineteen.

She was no less educated but in a slightly different field and more focused on managing the company.

"Ms. Luthor, sometimes the government doesn't take kindly to refusals." 

She said it with fierce notes in her voice.

"Ms. Waller, are you trying to threaten me?" 

In an instant, the atmosphere seemed to become more intense. 

Amanda Waller faced something for the first time—standing before the President of the United States—and she had never felt as she did now. 

Amanda was an experienced agent and a very determined and ambitious woman, but she suddenly felt uncomfortable before this young woman.

However, Amanda's cold nerves again helped her keep her composure and resist reaching for the gun hidden under her clothes.

"There's no talk of threats." 

The lie quickly slipped from her lips.

Amanda was used to lying, withholding information, and giving deliberately false or altered information.

She had been engaged in government conspiracy and assassination for over a few years, even decades, and she knew her skills well and trusted her instincts. 

There was something telling her that there was definitely something off about the Luthors even though all her connections had failed to dig up any "dirty." 

She always had a few tricks up her sleeve and threats ready in case they didn't work.

She would not have been able to become the head of the secret agency Task Force X by herself if she had been weaker in spirit. 

Their job was to handle very dangerous situations involving superhuman phenomena.

Back in 1951, Truman founded this agency after encountering a superhuman. 

It had taken her immense effort to resurrect the agency's nearly perished "body" and prove that it was necessary for America. 

Fortunately, a few years ago, this... Superman appeared and set off alarm bells throughout the Upper Class of America.

However, Amanda had secret plans, and they did not stop at Task Force X. 

She was already negotiating the need for a new, more modern, and better organization that only she could lead. 

The search for the right people has been ongoing for a long time. 

It was a shame that one of the candidates, Deadshot, had recently died, according to cameras and witnesses. 

It was indeed him, and his body had simply dissolved... yet another reason to act quickly.

Recently, there had been a high-profile attack on Harvey Dent and Anthony Luthor at Gotham Hospital. 

Anthony had managed to protect himself from the attackers with the help of a suit—a suit that had appeared on him in a matter of seconds! 

It was easy to find witnesses and question them because there were so many of them, and there was even a video of the moment.

Scientists unconsciously shook their heads not knowing where to start replicating something like that... given its combat potential! 

She wanted them to know if these were nanobots as the scientists could find no other explanation.

The robots that had stopped terrorists at the LuthorCorp building were already something she was willing to use her connections for, but this...

The discussion made it seem highly unlikely that she would succeed in her goal through friendly means. 

There was nothing that could be used against Luthors, and even sneaky methods were hard.

"It's just a warning and a concern that something more dangerous could happen in this world. This Superman—nobody can stop him if he decides to fly to the White House and rip off the roof. Then there's Supergirl and another unknown person flying with her... That's why I came to you personally, and I am a busy woman. There are similar threats against which we can do very little." 

She paused for a moment to catch her breath. 

"Aren't you afraid to realize that at any moment someone like Superman could appear, but without good intentions? How do we stop him then?"

"That's not a question for me, Miss Waller." 

Lena shook her head. 

"We are engaged in entirely legal business in various fields, and our department dealing with military-industrial equipment in Gotham is designed primarily to protect the city itself. We do not manufacture weapons for the government or anyone else. As for my brother's developments... there's nothing to discuss here. This is purely his personal project on OUR territory, purchased from the state."

"As you wish, Miss Luthor."

Amanda said this while rising from the rather comfortable chair.

"Then goodbye and good luck."

She barely restrained herself from cursing. 

However, she had to respect them as they were one of the most demanded companies in America... being on their bad side would not benefit her. 

But if she wasn't involved...

"She smirked rather maliciously."

Kara commented while flying into the office at super speed so that no one noticed from below her... friend. 

It had been a while since Lena found out about her, and Kara started visiting them more often.

After all, she didn't have any real friends on Earth before meeting Shinoa and Anthony's sister. 

She was also acquainted with Zatanna, but Zatanna always seemed a bit irritated with her...

"Let that bitch do whatever she wants; my head is hurting because of her... She's stubborn on her demands." 

Lena massaged her temples. 

"And they all consider me a young entrepreneur."

Then Shinoa came in with a book... of very adult content.

"Why aren't you in class in Gotham?" 

Lena decided to finally ask.

"It's boring there especially since Barbara took the day off for some reason... probably sewing her suit to go out and beat up the bad guys. Furthermore, I don't have any other friends there."

"Umm, there are more than a hundred people in your course..."

Lena said doubtfully.

"The girls are all about boys or cosmetics and clothes... so that's not for me, and the boys just try to get into my panties... hehe, it's nice to crush their hopes when I mention Tony's name."

There were definitely sadistic notes in her laughter.

"She has that same smile when she beats up criminals..." 

Kara said while rolling her eyes. 

"However, it upsets me that people are trying to create weapons against people like me." 

She couldn't hold back her thoughts.

"That's the way of the world. You could say it's human nature. There's anger at our helplessness when we're afraid... so it's a likely outcome."

Lena simply said. 

"I saw how you saved a bus with sixty kids on a field trip a couple of days ago... Whatever people like Amanda Waller say, you're a friend to me."

"Thank you."

Kara hugged her, and Shinoa noticed this by quickly taking a picture through Chat for her "collection."

"Moreover, she's some kind of government agent, not just a lawyer. My brother already mentioned that such people might show up." 

She stated.

"Cortana found a lot of information on her... unpleasant lady."

"Ooh, maybe the Sexy Huntress needs to pay her a visit?" 

Shinoa sounded in with an innocent expression as if she hadn't just said something very inappropriate.

"And what are you going to do? Bombard her with swears?"

Lena raised an eyebrow while pulling a soda bottle from the mini-fridge under the table.

"You're all so... soft. That's why Tony-kun loves me and my little holes."

Shinoa snorted, not paying attention to the fact that Lena had just taken a sip of soda... which now ended up all over the table.

"I... probably should go..." 

Kara blushed and was about to fly away, but then she heard strange noises in the sky.

She looked up using her X-ray vision and saw ships high in the sky. 

"Umm, Anthony did say that Earth hasn't officially encountered extraterrestrial life yet, right?"

"...no. Cortana, please contact Diana and let her know that her help might soon be needed." 

Lena stood up from her chair and approached the panoramic window only to see nothing in the sky. 

"How high?"

"They've just entered the atmosphere and should become visible soon... is this bad? Judging by how tense you all are, it's not very good. Wait a minute..." 

Kara squinted.

"Those are Kryptonian ships?!"

She exclaimed in shock with a hint of joy in her voice.

"From your planet? But isn't it destroyed?"

Shinoa asked.

"Yes... but maybe someone survived! I need to meet them and show myself maybe my parents are there? Oh... no, no, it's not my parents."

She declared as she floated above the floor. 

"General Zod..." 

She whispered.

"General Zod? That doesn't sound very good." 

Lena frowned.

"From what I've heard, he was sent to the Phantom Zone for betraying the Council and trying to discredit them in the eyes of society... He and his men were sentenced to eternal exile."


"Understood, Master Luthor anticipated this could happen, and I have all the necessary instructions." 

Cortana said. 

"The arrival of General Zod was one of the potential extraterrestrial threats."

"Tony predicted this? Ah... magic." 

Kara remembered that Tony was a mage and could possibly see the future or something like that.

"And who's this?"

She tilted her head to the side just as a truly stunning Diana entered the room... carrying a shield and a sword.

"Where are the enemies wishing to taste the wrath of an Amazon?!"

Diana quickly surveyed the room to see if there were any threats.

"Diana, the threat hasn't arrived yet."

Lena pointed upwards... where the ships were now visible to the naked eye especially one huge one.

"Attempted breach detected. Breach blocked." 

Cortana's voice came through the room's speakers.

"Displaying a satellite image." 

A clearer image of the spaceship appeared on Lena's computer screen.

"Who exactly are our enemies? Oh, Supergirl, right? I've seen what you're capable of online."

Diana smiled warmly, already eager to fight alongside her.

"Oh, I... thank you?"

Kara awkwardly waved.

"The whole harem's here..." 

Shinoa whispered quietly.

"Well, almost... heh-heh, administrator-kun..."

Meanwhile, sirens sounded, and people were instructed to take the metro or to designated shelters on the streets of Metropolis.

The streets were already very tense when a huge iron ship that looked like a cuttlefish arrived in the middle of the city.

One smaller ship hovered next to it for a few minutes while a familiar blue-and-red figure with a "S" on his chest flew toward it.

The ship soon started firing at the figure, and he crashed into the closest building while breaking windows and walls.

"Innocents might get hurt, let's go!" 

Diana shouted and sprinted towards the window Lena had previously opened, and jumped.


Kara clenched her fists and flew after the Amazon.

"As soon as he leaves, trouble starts... Shinoa, you can somehow contact my brother, right?" 

Lena looked worriedly at Shinoa. 

There are flying ships, aliens, and people who emerge from the ship to attack Superman.



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