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Chapter 100: Yule Ball*

[3rd POV]

Zatanna's outrage knew no bounds...

She simply didn't know what to think of this immoral, deceitful... deceitful bastard!

Zatanna had planned everything with a little love potion to see changes in feelings and ensure her actions... but everything went wrong.

The love potion was supposed to strengthen existing feelings for a short time, and nothing would happen if they didn't love her.

That's what Zatanna had in mind as she watched Anthony devour portion after portion of pie with the potion inside.

They had known each other for months and had been through a lot together.

She never thought that she would meet someone she liked so much in her attempt to find her father.

She was beautiful even charming.

There were several magicians looking at her in the Oblivion Bar, and recently this John Constantine appeared.

Zatnna's goal was for Anthony and his love, a powerful magician with a lot of knowledge and skills who could help her find her father... someone who would have her back in difficult situations.

She couldn't figure out the emotions swirling inside her every second. She was already eighteen and it was time to become a woman... in every sense.

However, this audacious Anthony told her to her face that he slept with his own sister and it excited him!


The object of her thoughts leaned back slightly from her already swollen lips.

"Zatanna, I could just ask for your help with your magic..."

She couldn't hold back a moan while feeling his hand on her groin.

"You... don't you dare..."

She said, but lust was already clouding her mind especially the lust intensified by the love potion fumes.

She would hardly have taken Anthony's words about his relationship with Lena so easily if she were completely herself.

However, Zatanna's feelings were simply not as strongly restrained by her own will.

She wanted this.

"If you kick me out, I will leave you in peace."

Anthony said calmly while looking her straight in the eyes, and she felt even hotter.

He was interested in her opinion, but she understood that it was only the appearance of choice deep down...


[Anthony's POV]

"Just fuck me."

Zatanna burst out from her lips, and I didn't bother to hide my smile.

The burning feelings of possession, jealousy, and love were practically blazing in her eyes.

It was already difficult for me to hold back...

"You asked for it yourself..."

I kissed her neck and squeezed her buttocks firmly, and the kisses became more aggressive...

"raeppasid sehtolc"

Zatanna managed to mutter somehow between kisses, and my clothes disappeared...

I allowed her magic to influence me, and then I put this seductive woman on the bed and looked at her beautiful body.

"You're such a naughty girl... trying to use a potion on me..."

I traced my finger along her slit.

"Don't play games with me!"

Zatanna protested.

"Just put it in."

"This was supposed to be your first time, and you've already ruined it..."

I shook my head, but I listened to her words and positioned my member beneath her dripping slit.

She was stubborn even in this position because as soon as I aimed, she moved to meet my cock and pushed herself on it.


Zatanna's face twisted slightly, and she waved her hand over her crotch and uttered a spell to relieve all pain, and her insides began to adjust slowly to my size.

She was now moaning from my caresses, and all the "defiance" slowly dissipated after each thrust.

She slightly opened her mouth, and she was enjoying herself quite a bit.

Then I decided to tickle her nerves... and moved us straight into the sky above her mansion.


Zatanna tried to look around, but I pinched her nipple and sent a small electric shock through it.


Zatanna immediately gushed from her sacred place.

"So, you're a masochist?"

I grabbed her hair more forcefully and looked her in the eyes.

"Do you like being put on your knees like a cheap whore and fucked in every hole?"

After these words, I ran my finger over her anus.

"Don't... overstep... the line..."

I thrust my hips, driving my soldier deeper into the "magic den." After I finished inside her in the sky, I moved us back to her mansion.

I continued to "punish" her in her bedroom... then in the living room, then in the hallway, and in the bath.

In the end, she passed out despite her magic and slept soundly... all covered in our secretions.

After using magic to clean her, I called Lena and sent her a message. I then hugged her and chose to lie until she woke up.


Zatanna began to slowly wake up and immediately saw me smiling at her.

"Anthony? We... oh, it wasn't a dream?"

"Nope, we've been screwing for hours... and it's all thanks to your potion."

"Don't be silly, it didn't work on you."

Zatanna snorted.

"It could have slightly affected me... and you were so eager to take advantage of it.

"Actually, that was a joke... Okay, not a funny one, and don't try to wriggle out of it because you clearly enjoyed it and can't say you were strongly against it."

I caressed her naked thigh.

"Zatanna, I need to go. I stayed to make sure you didn't wake up alone and think I just used you."

"But isn't that what you did?"

Zatanna raised an eyebrow while trying to hide her true feelings.

"... No."

I shook my head after a moment of contemplation.

"I wouldn't sleep with someone with whom I have no connection. Of course, it was good, but if all I wanted was sex, I'd go to a brothel..."

I reached out to her and kissed her... on the cheek.

"And don't make that dissatisfied face."

"Anthony... just go already."

Zatanna sighed, but my words clearly resonated with her.

"We'll talk... later. I understand that I'm also to blame for the situation."

"Oh, you admit you're guilty?"

I was surprised.

"... you know, I want to curse you with impotence."

Zatanna pursed her lips, but she didn't turn away from another kiss, and after that, I left... to go to Lena who also needed some affection.

Shinoa is currently studying in Gotham, and I warned her that I was going to Hermione's world.

Diana is still learning the language and "surfing" the internet while Kara and Shinoa often help people in various parts of the world.

Cortana provides them with information about where they are needed. It's not very well organized yet, but I think I'll fix that soon.


There was chaos in the castle, and all the students starting in the fourth year were busy preparing for the upcoming celebration.

These events don't happen every year, not even every five years... not even every ten.

The Yule Ball is a mandatory attribute of the Triwizard Tournament. Therefore, many girls and boys were as nervous as before an exam.

There are some people who want to show off to their partners, just want to have a good time, and some hope to find that partner at the event.

It's been a month since the students were informed about the event, and the castle has been slowly decorated since then.

The Head of the House held explanatory talks with their students about the rules at the Yule Ball.

Of course, there were differences from house to house, but the basic rules were common and steady even for the arrogant rich of Slytherin.

After all, the main goal of the Yule Ball is to establish friendly and cultural ties between wizards from different countries.

Dumbledore was not as cheerful in his office anymore as new information had come from his acquaintances in the Japanese Association of Wizard.

There is an increased activity of dark magical creatures, or as they call them there, evil yokai, which does not mean anything good.

Moreover, there had recently been a random incident of such dark creatures in one of London's cemeteries that forced the Aurors to deal with them urgently.

The random appearances of such dark creatures meant only one thing and dark magic was rising.

Dumbledore was old, over a hundred years old... to be precise, a hundred and eleven.

However, he was still very powerful and intelligent even though he was so old.

After all, he wasn't considered the greatest wizard for nothing, and he could easily live for another fifty years... but he longed for retirement.

Hogwarts had become his home and the place where he felt most useful especially when teaching young students the art of magic.

He longed to completely withdraw from the political life of his side, but... even someone like him wasn't exempt from everything.

He had a lot of power but could only use a quarter of it.

They looked to him as the most powerful wizard, and he may become no better than his lifelong friend or worse if he vigorously promoted his ideas.

Dumbledore admitted this while recognizing his own character as too soft and forgiving.


A beautiful chirp sounded, and a magnificent crimson bird with a long, fiery-gold tail landed on Dumbledore's shoulder.

"Don't worry about me, Fawkes."

Dumbledore's face immediately softened, and he smiled. 


Fawkes' response.

"No, my friend, your tears won't help my nerves, but lemon sherbet might smooth things over."

Dumbledore's hand reached under the table and pulled out a small stack of lemon sweets.

"The world is not at peace..."

"Tr, t-ra-a-at."

"There were peaceful times, but you're right, and now is not the time to be melancholic. The students are thirsty for entertainment."

Dumbledore smirked and scratched the chest of his longtime friend and partner.

The Triwizard Tournament threw the magical world of England into turmoil, but it also attracted attention from other countries.

He had often taken on the responsibility of being England's shield. After all, the title of the strongest wizard was not just words.

"Fawkes, do you think... I should find a personal student?"

Albus Dumbledore's glasses gleamed as he stroked his long beard.

"Potter has decent magical potential, but... he really dislikes studying. He's all about his father."

Dumbledore smiled kindly while remembering James. 

At that moment, he felt the weight again... Poor Harry, poor boy, because of his foolishness he lost his parents.

Who knew that Voldemort would take the words of the prophecy so seriously as to personally go after innocent children...

On the other hand, Hermione Granger shows enormous potential. She seems to be developing in a new way since the start of the class.

"A late bloomer?"

Dumbledore exclaimed.

After all, she had already surpassed any seventh-year student, even several of them combined.

She was also very diligent in her studies and practiced various spells...

She even managed to infiltrate the Forbidden Section alone something Dumbledore clearly didn't expect from her.

She continued to try to persuade her friends to start studying... she had great potential.

This time Dumbledore vowed not to interfere with the education of such talents and not to forbid them from everything... as he did with Tom.

"I've decided, Fawkes. I think... it's time for me to pass on my magical knowledge."

Perhaps... just perhaps—this time he wouldn't make a mistake.

He believed in it with all his heart.

There had been too many mistakes and his own decisions that ruined lives... He did it all for the greater good, but it weighed heavily on him.

The very last and most painful one is Harry Potter.

The Boy-Who-Lived, the one who had the potential to defeat the Dark Lord... the one who had lost so much because of his mistakes and failures.


Hermione turned down Krum... many gossiped about it.

After all, what could be more interesting for teenagers in puberty than gossip about their classmates' relationships?

"Oh, just to gossip."

Hermione frowned upon hearing passing groups of girls from Ravenclaw whispering about her.

Then she immediately entered the room where her friends were.


Ron whispered as if lost in space and dressed in a very strange outfit with many laces and a peculiar collar. 

"We still haven't found girls..."

"Well... if you hadn't yelled at Fleur, maybe she would've agreed... and if you hadn't run off right after that."

Ron tried to console him.

"There are also the Patil sisters..."

"Yeah, sure."

Hermione snorted.

"Are you guys ready?"

"Oh, here comes the celebrity who turned down Krum. Hermione, tell me, why did you refuse Viktor Krum for your imaginary date? This is an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime! Especially for someone like you."

Ron asked while instantly switching to such a "loud" topic.

"It's because I don't know Krum well enough to go to the ball with him... but my current date fits the role just fine."

Hermione confessed while feeling embarrassed.

Nevertheless, she wanted to curse him for those words, she knew from the movies that he was just clueless and wasn't trying to offend her intentionally.

"I'm going to get ready. There's not much time left."

She waved her hand to the two boys.

"... Well, my imaginary date stood me up."

Ron said grimly.

"I would've asked her... but she looks like she's really waiting for someone... but turn down Krum?"

Ron still just didn't understand, and he asked aloud.



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