1 The ritious men-chp-1

It is very difficult to make man righteous but it could be a very great one for me for having a man in righteous one people's talk a lot about a person his daily work one man live in Columbia name Dawood having a two sons and one daughter and his wife from Netherland she was very beautiful and young still see having a son son daughter was there been a very bad guy name Robin we used to treat a very bad sign itself it is too hard to be a wonderful man in a society because the mindset of a society is not so easy of thotting in man easily to 2 of his own mind set in a day of rainy David was going to a market and there's some people staring at him and saying see the writers were not going from the street and telling us about something what we are one ever hear about the author and his wife always being careful to him and his children's are always being a happy one for him but Vai h not and there is a lady standing behind called them and told their why you're wearing the other one while he having the right sir's he marry you want to the right is to be but you couldn't so so at the point dog listen to them and speak to them it would be very bad for me to be righteous it to be very good for me to be a right just does not a answer of that question where the street people Sourcing to him after the incident UN talk to his home and told about this to his wife and then she regretted that is is very small thing why you are in a cabbage mind and then seaside why you follow the other mind because God gifted you a righteous one follow the girl and once while she was in a market he listen to others speaking to her about her husband there is only one the right shares of sowing of but he never did a good one then his wife from the leather land spoke to them you are so irritating God never give you a Blesson why shall you talk about others it's not a funny for other it would be a very good and cheerful with happiness feelings for you to talk about others but it never be and lesson things you talk to them then he told about the things his husband explained about was truly started telling at them and slowly series make his mouth shut and get up from there the market was full of people and they were very insulted while to the home in the way I'm at a person whose speaker Gospel of God hi answer there why you are so irritating by listening other people don't be so hesitate to speak to them that the righteous cannot be a things that you can only buy in the market or any place it is things of God which is a heavenly gifted things which never before gifted in a market or in a stool room you should follow the the things one of his arises because they have a nice day and you enter the have one you cannot be here police so writers can also be a bad one 2