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David is a Girl!


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[Entry for WSA- 2021] [Theme: First Love] David [da- (the)-vid] Wallace, the heiress of Wallace Group of Industries, yes you heard right she’s the heiRESS not HEIR, of course, the reason is simple, David is a by borne female. Because of her name, she has to face many problems appearing in her life. This time, the problem was more problematic. After she enrolled in the University Of Landford, the place for socialites only, she came to know that they swapped her into the boy’s dormitory. And not only that, her roommate is none other than her childhood ex-best friend, Zane Sinclair. Because of some love related misunderstandings in the past, it cut the connection between Zane and David off for 7 years. Now that she’s Zane’s roommate, can Zane recognize his childhood crush now appears to be a person who sleeps beside him? If you love light comedy tagging along with lovey-dovey romance and gender bended-twisted scenarios because of a name, this story is absolutely for you. Just caress your stunning eyes on the screen and scroll, and Myura guarantees you, it won't fail to entertain you. P.S the cover is not mine, the credit goes to the rightful owner. Join my Discord Server to be in touch with me, get spoilers about DIG and have fun: https://discord.gg/yrmYtSqHvH My IG: @myura_ri Twitter: @myura_ri_ Lastly, thanks for taking a read, you're amazing and stay like that.


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