It was such a precious entity, yet no one could predict it's flow, and no one could keep a firm grasp on it, for the sooner you caught hold of it, the sooner you lost it. Looking back now Zor could hardly believe how much time had slipped from his grasp, the once luscious mix of green and brown that covered the earth was now replaced with strips of metal and glass that almost reached the sky, the air smelled tangy and metallic, the mixture that emanated from the ends of the strange looking means of transport was slowly polluting the air, and the strange noises that emanated from the ground made Zor jump in fright, it was very obvious to see that the earth was slowly dying, but where were the other gods, surely he had not been imprisoned that long so much so that the gods had faded away, and these puny oddly dressed strange creatures had taken over and built an empire, where was the golden tower of the gods once stood at the center of the earth and could been seen for miles around, he was aware that the Upperworld had changed but he was not aware that it had changed so much that the creatures did not recognize him as a god, but he knew that he could not proclaim himself as a god to these oddlings that called themselves humans, he had to blend in and wait, surely someone must know what happened to the gods, he just had to bide his time and wait, the answers were sure to come to him.

Authors Note

Hi, I'm Drimar44 and this is my first book on webnovels I hope you enjoy it, there are going to be a lot of change in POV's (point of views) in the chapters but I will make sure to make it known where ever there is a change in POV's, this is because I originally pictured this book as a movie so please bear with me also don't forget to vote and comment



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