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Why you should give this book a try? ➤ The world building is unique and vastly different from other novels on WN. It can be dark, humorous at times, gritty, and even romantic. ➤ I have yet to see a book with pirates. In some ways it reminds me of pirates of the Caribbean, but I have to say hands down so much better in the fantasy aspect. ➤ So far I think the main character is Raven. She’s the kings daughter. sometimes she comes off as weak, which I didn’t like at first but now that I look at it and read more. She’s been sheltered even if she was trained. She’s a very complexed character and I’ve come to like her like all the other characters. ➤ Although the world is built around it being dark fantasy, there’s truly good hearted characters too. We see James, Razmyr’s brother by what they’ve been through. He’s a pirate with a soft heart, even when he kills for Justice. His romance with Strelitzia is beautiful. I haven’t finished the story yet, but their love is amazing. It’s complex like real life. She hates him for killing her father at first, but slowly starts to forgive him when she realizes the line between good and evil is thin. When she sees there’s more to him than a murderer. (Though when you read the scene you’ll realize it was by accident.) Strelitzia goes through so much and grows as a person and doesn’t let the world darken her. ➤ Razmyr. Oh Razmyr. At first I didn’t know whether to call this infamous pirate a villain or someone who’s been done wrong in their system that wants true justice. He does everything with reason for the sake of overthrowing the king. Chaotic good if I’ve ever seen one. He’ll do bad for the sake of good. He’s ruthless. He’s hot at times. You hate him at times, but you still understand and cross your fingers and hope he’ll become better during the journey. Overall I’m loving it so far. Haven’t finished but I plan to. THIS BOOK IS TOO GOOD NOT TO PICK UP. Push through the first few chapters and it'll be worth it. Multiple character POV’s and they aren’t all the same. They hold their own personalities. It doesn’t pull you away from the plot. Much like one of the other reviews, it feels like you’re reading a movie. Watching one.

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It is more engaging than I thought. Didn't even realize I was reading and seemed like a movie to me instead [img=faceslap][img=update][img=exp][img=recommend][img=update][img=exp][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


This novel took me by surprise. The moment I started reading, I knew this was going to be an amazing story. You get lost in the story as the author drags you into this intriguing world they have created. Add it to your library and read IT! I promise you won't be sorry if you do.


Hey , why you don't publish your story on wattapad, the platform is also awesome. ! and a question how many chapter you had written, and how much time you takes to write a chapter


The Amazing Pattern ,with a unique storyline. . Don't stop writing. 👍🏿 I rated you 5 stars, mind it, I am waiting for new episodes


Hahaha. I love this, it's a unique piece. Please keep it up and feed us with more updates.


Ok... Wow, just wow... I'm not normally one for romance but this is gold, GOLD! Every sentence is intriguing, the story is well placed and the grammar is almost perfect. What can I say but, click on that read button people!


Aside from the structure, which makes the novel a little bit hard to read IT WAS COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!! I loved each paragraph and I'm looking forward to see more of this story!!! Cheers, my dear author! Keep up the good work!!!


Five stars because I didn't realize I have read this book the whole night till morning, it's just a beautiful story, and I like it most when it's dark...no really dark.


Drama picks up a little fast, it doesn’t seem like we are thrusted into the middle of a story, more like coming in at the hood part. Writing seems to emphasize a mixture between a 3 act structure and a fichtean writing style. Beautifully blended. Recommend you read IMMEDIATELY. Find out what happens to Streliza and her cousin.


The story is amazing and the characters are even more amazing. The writing is just superb! . . .. If you are not reading this, then you are sleeping! Go now! Read! I assure you you would be engaged by the drama going on.


Just the title alone is interesting and I'm expecting lots of incredible moments in this one. The book may lack chaps as of the moment, making the world background and story progression somewhat unclear, but I'm confident enough to say that this book will end up great, considering the author's skill with his craft. I'll leave this here to tell future readers not to miss this one.


A nicely written book. Such nice character designs too Please keep writing ✏️ . I'm anticipating the new chapters.


Read the first few chapters. So far I’ll rate the story a 5/5. It’s able to smoothly transition between intense moments and wholesome ones creating a balance which I believe most novels lack. Character design, world building and the descriptions are up there. Writing is simple and easy to understand didn’t notice any errors whatsoever. Overall great plot with a lot of potential. Only issue would be lack of consistent updates. Try to dish out 2 chapters a day. 😁


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. From the premise to the character building, everything is perfect. I love Raven's character. Author's writing quality and style is sooo good it feels like I am transported into the novel. Kudos to the Author. You are one of the best writers on this platform. Would I recommend this book? Absolutely. Just add it to your library and give it a read. You'll get hooked on it.


My honest review: The first chapter just got from presenting boring chapters with a regular flow to give the Second chapter a never before seen, perfect continuation. It was incredibly smooth and full of suspenseful moments with a bit of action/drama and an actual plot. The third chapter was phenomenal, to say the least, as it gave the reader a chance to breathe before taking it back again and making them feel the emotions and feelings of the characters. Chapter Four was a bit sad, especially Ray'ven's reminiscing the past with her father (that seems to be a piece of SHI, in my opinion). No matter how much you want to protect your daughter for the future that is to come, you can't do something like that to her. But that's exactly what gave me the drive to read further, to see the next scene, chapter, encounter, and to discover more about the story. Dear DarkSun, you're a genius, 5 Stars, no kidding. It was perfect.


I love this book, the world building is so unique, the plot is amazing, the writing skill is dope hundred percent and the characters, you will fall in love with. Can't stop reading this book and don't want to.


Fantastic start to a novel, decided to read about 7 chaps in to give this review, may do another down the road after I have read more. I am a very picky reader, it takes a lot to make me actually want to read a series, and so far, from what I have read in this one, I am willing to read more. I like the unique theme, although I cannot quite tell what style the world setting is in yet, it seems kind of steampunk or something in my head from the reading so far. Loved the plot twist, fantastic way of doing that! keeps things interesting and was a very good time to introduce the story hook, good job!


Two things: 1. I am a picky reader. 2. I /hate/ apps. I don't even have my favorite game on my phone because I hate them. I hate them so much. HOWEVER...I am downloading the app to WN just to get free gifts in hopes I can promote this wonderful story before payday....because waiting until Friday is too long! You will not be upset. This is not something that is boring, dragged out, or dwindled on. Much like the MC's swift change in her life, you will feel the same way as you read. I am in love with this world, with the descriptions, and especially with her lovely painting of each character. I highly recommend this story, and it deserves all the praise! Stop reading this and go read the story. Now. Right now.