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Dating my fiance


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Usually people first date, fall in love, then get engaged and finally get married, right? But for our protagonists the order is quite jumbled up. 'Dating My Fiance' is the journey of two individuals from a blind date to their happily ever after. The nightmare of every employee of Bronsons corps, Mohini Patidar, is set up for an arranged marriage by her family. To prevent her ear-drums from being damaged by her parent's constant bugging, she attends the date. This one would also be like the last three, either her parent would later say that the man isn't good or he wouldn't give in to her conditions. She just has to spare an hour at-most. At-least that's what she thought. Aryaman, the owner of multi-million dollar companies and every girls dream guy, finds himself in love with his date on the very first encounter. He swears to make her a queen, his queen to be precise. But what if the queen harbours some secrets that could break them apart? Come join us in the journey of an arranged marriage full of love and witnesses the unusual story of these two people that is no less fascinating than usual love stories. *slow updates* Catch me on IG- Littledragon3010