51 Chapter 49: Hogsmeade... Revenge

Severus and Olivia had been touring Hogsmeade while talking about all sorts of things.

Severus was very interested in the proposal that Olivia's parents had made to him...

So he agreed with Olivia that during the holidays he would visit her family to talk formally about the matter since she had only told him about the proposal.

As they walked through the cobbled streets of Hogsmeade chatting and visiting different shops, the two finally reached the end of the street they were walking down and the last shop was Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop.

Of course, neither Severus nor Olivia were interested in going into that place, so when they reached the end of the street, the two of them turned around and prepared to leave...

But the instant they did that, they saw Alice, Marlene, Lily and another young man that Severus didn't recognise come out.

The four of them ran out of Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop in such a hurry that they didn't even notice that they passed Severus and Olivia as they hurried down an alleyway between the Tea Shop and another house at the end of the street.

The villagers who passed through that alleyway walked quickly, wanting to get away from that place as quickly as possible.

Just out of curiosity Severus used the Force to find out what was going on and he sensed that there were 10 people in that alley.

Severus could recognise Potter, Black along with the three prefects who had been in the incident he had had with Mulciber and Avery, the two seventh-year Slytherins that Abraxas Malfoy had sent to ask him for an answer, and three other people he didn't identify.

Olivia who saw all this had a slight idea of what might be going on.

"Looks like they decided to act today," Olivia commented lightly causing Severus beside her to raise a curious eyebrow.

"What do you mean?" asked Severus.

"A few days ago some of the prefects finally found out who pulled the prank on the train, they were..."

"Potter and Black," added Severus.

"Right..., well, it turns out that all of us prefects had a meeting in Slytherin to talk about it."

"And you decided to take revenge right?"

"Yes, we all agreed to do it, and I didn't exclude myself, I also wanted them to pay for what they did, maybe I wasn't in the prefect wagon when the prank happened but it still pissed me off" clarified Olivia who was currently the 6th year prefect of Slytherin.

" So... what happened that made you give up on it?"

"Why do you think I decided not to do it?"

"Simple, if you hadn't, you wouldn't be here talking to me while saying that they finally decided to act," Severus grinned.

"Right, as usual, you don't miss anything..." said Olivia.

"Anyway, when the seventh-year prefects decided to involve three students from their year who are rumoured to be official death eaters already, I decided not to participate" she added.

'I see..., those three people I don't recognise must be the two fifth-year prefects and some other seventh-year student' Severus thought.

"And you're saying they must be giving Potter and Black a hard time now?"

"Well, seeing the reaction of Evans and those two Gryffindors, I can guess so, after all, it's not often that Evans doesn't notice you, she and her friends always seem to notice you when you're around, they even glance at you occasionally when we're in class or in the great hall" explained Olivia.

"So I guess something pretty bad happened to make you go unnoticed for the first time," she added.

"Well... I guess you're right," Severus smiled, not actually bothering to continue the conversation.

He and Olivia continued walking without bothering with what was going on in the alley.

Though a part of Severus was screaming for him to go see what was going on, to not let Lily go or to make sure nothing happened to her.

For a moment this part of him wanted to take control of the situation, but Severus wouldn't allow it, Vader and Snape were part of him, but neither of them controlled him.

Lately, his part as Snape was causing him a lot of trouble, Severus was glad that his part as Vader was not the same.


Lily had been enjoying a peaceful and rather fun day with her 'date'.

It was a relief that the marauders didn't interrupt this time, she could finally really enjoy chatting and joking around without worrying about anyone else.

Her ''date'' was very nice, and she agreed to give him the chance to get to know each other better and see if they could have a future, Lily was glad she actually did because she enjoyed spending time together with him, he was very charismatic, mature and intelligent, he always knew what to say so the conversation wouldn't be boring or awkward.

So they had a great time together and she was already looking forward to their next time together...

Of course, like all Lily Evans' days, when she feels that things are finally going well, something has to ruin it...

And as it happens, that "something" is the marauders.

While she was enjoying her day at Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop, Alice and Marlene rushed into the place to tell her that they saw several Slytherins picking on Potter and Black.

Apparently, the two of them had left the bookshop and had decided to see how Lily's date was going, but when they arrived they noticed that several Slytherins were heading down an alley, and out of curiosity they took a look...

And that's when they saw that Potter and Black were in trouble.

Instantly they decided to tell Lily.

Lily sighed tiredly, but she wasted no time and rushed out with her two friends and her "date" to see what was really going on.

It may not seem like it, but Alice and Marlene had full confidence in Lily's abilities, she was an excellent wizard and among all the Order of the Phoenix initiates, Lily was the one who had made the most progress and improvement.

Of course, if Potter and Black weren't joking so much, they would likely have made an improvement just as significant as she did.

Besides, over the years for some reason the Slytherins never did anything to Lily despite her being a muggleborn, when she interfered in any trouble, the snakes would just make a few disgusting jokes and walk away without bothering to try to do anything to her.

Everyone assumed it had something to do with Severus, but they doubted he was capable of making all Slytherins do that.

When the four arrived in the alley they saw eight Slytherins surrounding Potter and Black.

Lily and Alice as prefects recognised that they were the Slytherin prefects along with some seventh-year students.

They noticed that Potter and Black were having a hard time with these Slytherins who seemed to be playing a rather vicious game with them by hitting them with spells while they defended themselves without much success.

Lily immediately wanted to intervene along with Alice and Marlene, but Lily's 'date' stopped them.

"Evans, I understand that they are your housemates, but it is not convenient to bother the Slytherin prefects, better to find a teacher" clarified the young ravenclaw when he saw the situation.

"I'm not going to leave them alone, who knows what could happen until we find a teacher," said Lily.

"Intervening wouldn't be smart, not only because there are 8 of them and there are 4 of us, but also because we would be putting ourselves against extremely powerful families" warned the ravenclaw who was no stranger to the influence that important noble families had over other average wizarding families like his own.

"I know, but I can't let them take advantage and hurt them," Lily said seriously.

"They brought it on themselves by picking on them," the ravenclaw said finally.

"Yes, but that doesn't give them the right to hurt them like that."

"I agree with Lily, it may be their fault but we can't leave them alone" Alice nodded in agreement.

"That, the Slytherins are being too ruthless" Marlene added.

"Well if you really want to turn the Slytherins against you do not count on me, sorry Evans, I really like you but you have to understand that you can't always be a hero," said the ravenclaw as he left to find a teacher on his own.

"Sorry Lily, looks like we ruined your date," said Marlene as she watched the nice Ravenclaw leave.

Lily sighed tiredly and shook her head not wanting to think about it now.

"Never mind that right now, we better go and help those two alvorotators quickly," replied Lily.

Once the three of them entered the alley they saw that Potter and Black were breathing heavily and sweating a lot due to exhaustion, plus they had several bruises and cuts on their bodies, nothing serious but it was pretty horrible to see.

"Hey, that's enough, what do you think you're doing?, you're going to be expelled for this behaviour," said Lily seriously as she looked at the Slytherins surrounding Black and Potter.

Alice and Marlene were standing next to them with their wands ready in case the worst happened.

"Lily go away, don't..." shouted James quickly with concern when he saw Lily but before he could continue two Slytherins silenced him and black with their wands.

Although he and Black resisted, 4 of the Slytherin prefects were restraining them while the other 4 turned to face Lily and her friends.

"Oh, look who we have here, Lily Evans in person," joked one of the 7th-year Slytherin students as the other three laughed with him.

Lily was not bothered by this, as she used to hear their jokes and laughter all the time.

"Leave them alone, you've already done enough damage," said Lily again with a glare at the Slytherin who spoke to her.

"And why would we do that, this is a lesson for them to know that Slytherin is not something that bloody Gryffindors can offend," hissed the same Slytherin.

"You've certainly made your point, now let them," said Lily.

"No, no, I don't think they've got it yet" joked the Slytherin as he pointed to Potter and Black who despite their current state were still resisting and glaring defiantly and angrily at the rest of the Slytherins.

"Hey Mason, how about we teach them a lesson too," grinned another of the 7th-year Slytherins causing Alice, Marlene, and Lily to tense and tighten their grip on their wands.

"Oh, I like your suggestion Caden, now the Malfoy's won't be bothered if anything happens to her," Mason replied with amusement in his voice.

Lily and her friends frowned in confusion as to what he was referring to.

"Mason, Caden, we're just here to teach these two a lesson, don't get us involved in your stuff," spoke the prefect of the seventh year standing next to them, but they ignored him and continued to stare at Lily.

"I don't know what you mean by that, but we just want you to let our mates go," Lily clarified.

"That, don't make things worse," said Marlene.

" Yes, your so-called lesson has gone too far already" added Alice.

"Right... I forgot, how could you know if Severus never said nothing to you" grinned Mason.

"Did she really think it was just a coincidence that everyone in Slytherin left her in peace?" snickered Caden as he laughed.

" It seems so, how naïve. If it wasn't for the Malfoys and their relationship with Severus you think you could act so freely?, just that you dared to befriend with a Slytherin was a great insult," Mason said with annoyance.

" Yeah, a mudblood being friends with a Slytherin, bloody hilarious!" shouted Caden in disgust.

"Such an insult would never be allowed in our house, but the Malfoy's are extremely influential and no one wants to mess with them, your little friend Severus was lucky to be friends with Lucius and have his father's interest," explained Mason.

"Otherwise a mudblood like you wouldn't have lasted long for daring to be friends with a Slytherin, especially not to interfere in our affairs," added Caden angrily as he pointed his wand at Lily.

Quickly, Alice, Marlene, and Lily reacted and raised their wands in response.

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