38 Chapter 37: Defence Against the Dark Arts

When Severus approached Amelia Bones, she looked at him curiously.

"Bones, do you know where Pandora has gone?" asked Severus lightly.

She looked at him for a few seconds before answering.

"No, she usually walks around Hogwarts on her own," she said still staring at him.

Severus snorted, it wouldn't be easy to find her among so many students.

And the fact that Hogwarts had over 140 staircases in constant rotation didn't make things any easier either.

"What class is she in next?" asked Severus.

"Why do you want to know?"

"I need to talk to her about something."

Bones looked Severus directly in to his eyes...

"It's really you...!" she said suddenly with wide eyes.

Severus just sighed.

"So, do you know what class Pandora has next?"

"No..., but we share Charms, the last class of the day," Amelia replied.

Severus frowned but nodded, that was better than nothing, he would just have to get out of Defence Against the Dark Arts early and head to Charms class.

"Thank you," Severus said and turned to leave.

Even though he was already away from Amelia Bones, he still heard her mutter, "This... is this really the Snape I know?"

"I don't remember him being grateful to anyone other than Evans," Amelia murmured, unaware that he could still hear her.

'Well..., I hadn't thought about it, but that's true..., as Snape really was an idiot who had fancy Lily much better than she actually is' thought Severus as he walked away.


Defence Against the Dark Arts, the last class of the day.

There was a rumour that the position of teacher of this class was cursed as every year something happened to the teacher who gave the class.

It wasn't as if Severus really cared...

The previous teacher, Rodric Gras, was nothing to be impressed by.

He just hoped that this year would be more interesting...

Severus went to his seat as usual and minutes later Rosier arrived along with a few other Slytherins.

Rosier took a seat next to him while Avery slouched into a seat in the back row next to Mulciber.

And moments later the Gryffindors entered.

Severus turned his gaze away when he saw Draco and Hermione talking to Lily and her group.

'Looks like they managed to explain themselves,' Severus scoffed.

As the group of Evans' walked in, along with his cousins included, they gave him a look that he just ignored.

He wasn't going to deny that it was unnecessary to do what he did at breakfast today, but he wasn't going to deny that he found it rather amusing either.

When most of the students were already present and in their seats, a middle-aged wizard walked through the classroom door.

Everyone recognised him as this year's new teacher.

Many let out a slow, stifled sigh.

They all hoped that this year's teacher would actually teach them something useful.

"Good morning dear students, I am Professor Harvey Scotter but you can call me Professor Harvey. And I will be teaching this class from now on," said the teacher who looks like a wizard in his early 40s, with brown hair and a calm and friendly attitude at first glance.

"Today, being the first class, we should see some theory along with a general explanation of this year's programme... but as we don't know each other yet, I think it is best to know the general level of my students and proceed from there..."

Before the new teacher could continue, another group of students entered.

Potter and his group...

Even Remus Lupin was late this time.

No one was surprised to see that they were late.

As they entered, Black and Potter met Severus' gaze and he could feel a surge of hatred coming from them.

'It looks like today's class is going to be... Interesting...' thought Severus amused at what they had planned to do.

"Students. Find your seat quickly if you don't want me to deduct points, the class has already started," said Professor Harvey, but he showed no annoyance on his face although his voice became quite serious.

He didn't like being disrespected in his class, it seemed.

Potter and Black looked away from Severus and nodded quickly to the professor before taking their seats where there was space left.

"Now, as I was saying, I'm sure that by sixth year everyone will know how important defence is but I don't know how much you know, so I'm going to ask some students to do some practice duels..." when the professor said this it surprised everyone.

'No introduction?'

'Straight to a duel practice?"

'Dueling practice between Gryffindor and Slytherin?'

Everyone thought the same thing, but with different emotions, some surprised but excited, some nervous, some scared of having to participate...

Many Slytherins looked at the Gryffindors with looks that made it clear they would take this opportunity to make them suffer.

They were not the only ones, though, as Potter and Black also looked at Severus with enthusiasm.

"Professor," Hermione suddenly said as she raised her hand.

"Yes, tell me um..."

"Hermione, Hermione Prince."

"Oh, right I see, a Prince..., so, tell me Miss Prince then..."

"Well, don't you think a duel in the first class might be a bit rushed?" asked Hermione.

This made the professor frown.

"Not at all Miss Prince, it's an excellent way to judge the level of this class and the students".

"But there could be accidents," clarified Hermione.

"Oh, if that's what you're worried about, you can rest assured that I am here for that purpose, as soon as I see a dangerous action I will stop it, you don't have to worry" replied the professor.

Hermione just sighed, she wanted to keep arguing but she knew he wouldn't listen.

She couldn't believe he would let Gryffindor and Slytherin duel, it would be hell and she doubted he could stop it in time for there to be no accidents.

"Right, let's begin, students. All stand up and follow me!"

They all slowly obeyed and followed behind Professor Harvey.

They walked for only a few minutes until they reached another classroom where everything was already set up for them to duel.

It seemed that the teacher was very clear about what he intended to do in his first class as he had prepared everything in advance.

"All right, the rules are simple, the one who drops their wand first or gives up loses!" explained the teacher.

"You may use any type of spell that is non-lethal, area effect, or expert level, alright?"

All the students nodded, but not everyone was relaxed to hear that.

"Alright let's start with a Slytherin and a Gryffindor, whoever wins gets 5 points for their house," said the professor.

This made the excitement and intensity even greater than before.

"Aiden Avery and Noah Redmod!" called the professor.

"Lucky you, looks like you're the first one to have fun man, you better crush it," Mulciber said to Avery who was standing next to him.

Avery just laughed as Slytherin shouted several cheers as they were confident that he was going to win.

Noah Redmod was just an average half-blood wizard, the Gryffindors cheered as well, but everyone was already expecting the outcome of the duel.

Avery might be an idiot, but he was a good duelist.

"Stand at one end of the dueling platform each," said the professor.

They both obeyed, Avery excited and Noah very nervous.

"Now slowly approach the centre and bow to each other."

Then they both nodded to the professor and walked to the centre of the platform.

"A short bow and a word and back to your places," said the professor again.

"Alright Redmod, I just hope you don't drop your wand too fast!" commented Avery with a smirk.

Noah just nodded, but frowned, as nervous as he had been he didn't like being belittled.

Then, before the duel, they both bowed with "respect" showing that this was an "honorable" duel between the two.

Although Avery just enjoyed teasing Noah by whispering all sorts of horrible things to him.

"Alright, on the count of three you begin," informed the teacher.

After the greeting, they both half turned on their ends as the professor began to count out loud.




Instantly they both turned around with their wands in hand.

"Incendio" Avery went on the offensive creating flames at Noah's position.

"Aguamanti" Noah was quick and conjured a large stream of water on the flames, easily extinguishable.

"Flipendo..." Avery immediately changed his strategy when he saw that his fire was not enough.

Noah was hit by the spell and thrown backwards.

Avery took advantage of Redmod's embarrassing situation to mock him as all the Slytherins laughed and the Gryffindors gritted their teeth.

Noah didn't give up and stood up quickly in embarrassment and anger, he started to counterattack Avery but his efforts were in vain as he ended up losing in the end.

To make matters worse, Avery hadn't restrained himself and took advantage of the duel to induce pain in Noah.

As he couldn't use any lethal or expert-level spells, he decided to prolong the duel to hit Redmod with different spells, leaving him with a lot of bruises and cuts all over his body.

And what made the Gryffindors even angrier was that before the duel was over, when Noah could no longer get up, Avery decided to use one last spell to win by twisting Redmod's ankle and pulling him off the dueling platform.

He only managed to do all this because he knew the proud Gryffindor wasn't going to give up, so he just played with him.

Before the Gryffindors could complain or make a fuss, Professor Harvey made it clear that in a duel this was the way things were and no rule prevented Avery from doing what he did.

Therefore, he did not listen to the repeated complaints of the Gryffindors.

The professor took it upon himself to fix Noah Redmod's ankle and then told him to go to the infirmary and get it checked out.

But nothing more.

Finding that the atmosphere had become very tense, with Slytherin laughing and Gryffindor glaring at them, the professor decided to continue with some dueling between students of the same house.

When the atmosphere relaxed a little, the professor called back a Slytherin student and a Gryffindor student with the same rules as the previous duels.

But the duel didn't last long as Peter Pettigrew, Gryffindor's chosen wizard for the duel only used a "protejo" to defend himself from a spell and then gave up, excusing himself to the infirmary by saying he was feeling unwell.

While Potter along with Black and several others said that the Slytherin must have done something dirty to make Peter feel sick.

'Just a coward' thought Severus.

Then it was a duel between a Slytherin witch and a Gryffindor witch, which to Slytherin's misfortune and Gryffindor's relief, the lioness ended up winning.

"Remus Lupin and Grayson Sppudort!"

The duel between Lupin and Sppudort was more interesting than the previous ones as they were both on an equal level.

Both went from offensive to defensive on small details, each was winning and losing at the same time, and neither had a clear advantage.

But Lupin ended up outsmarting his Slytherin rival and secured the second win for Gryffindor.

Potter and Black congratulated him heatedly along with many cheers from the other Gryffindors, even Lily and Hermione hugged him and congratulated him for his duel.

To which Lupin turned red with embarrassment at all the attention on him.

But the Slytherins were not happy with the latest results, they were winning by two duels, and now they lost two in a row, it was a complete disgrace to them.

Everyone wanted to get on the platform and start a duel to make the Gryffindors pay.

"Hermione Prince and Ava Bird!" called the professor.

"Oh, Ava against your cousin, this is going to be interesting..." commented Rosier.

"Of course not, Ava will win easily," said Avery looking at her partner Ava Bird with greedy eyes.

"Hahaha, come on, you've been in love with her for three years man, give it up, you don't stand a chance, she won't even look at you," scoffed Mulciber.

"What do you know, sooner or later she'll be mine!"

Mulciber just laughed harder.

"Are you talking about me?" asked a female voice behind them.

"Ava!" shouted Avery.

"Yeah?" she said with a raised eyebrow.

"This..., we were just talking about how you were going to win," Avery said quickly with an ugly, strained smile, as Mulciber laughed beside him.

"Uh-oh, I see... you think the same Prince?" asked Ava directing her gaze at Severus.

But he didn't respond.

"Oh dear, looks like he doesn't have that much confidence in you," scoffed Mulciber causing Ava to give him an annoyed look.

"Tell me, Prince, will you support me or your dear cousin?" asked Ava coquettishly.

Which made Avery jealous and irritated.

" May the best one win," smiled Severus speaking for the first time as he stared at her.

Ava took it as a compliment and nodded and then went to the platform.

"You...!" started to complain Avery looking at Severus angrily as he thought he was flirting with her as well.

"I don't care what you think," Severus said quickly and focused his gaze on the duel.

Although he already knew the outcome.

As Severus expected it didn't take long for Hermione to show her dominance and defeat Ava Bird with relative ease.

This surprised everyone since Ava wasn't an average witch, she was almost on the same level as Avery.

And if Hermione defeated Ava with such speed and facility, then Avery would have lost as well, of course, that was something no Slytherin would admit.

But the Gryffindors did think so.

When Hermione returned to the Gryffindors after winning, everyone cheered and shouted about how impressed they were by her skills.

Sirius even flirted with her unsuccessfully, but this made many in Gryffindor laugh and made Lily angry at his idiocy but she calmed down when she saw that Hermione wasn't bothered by Sirius' move.

"Did you know that was going to happen?" asked Rosier to Severus when he saw that he wasn't surprised at all.

Of course, Severus didn't try to hide it either.

"Maybe," grinned Severus without giving a direct answer.

Which made Mulciber and Rosier frown.

While Avery was stuck thinking about the whole situation.

Now all the Slytherins were frowning, they were shocked by the defeat of Ava who was one of the best Slytherin witches in their year but most of all angry because now they were losing.

That was not acceptable to the proud snakes.

"Impressive performance by Miss Prince," Professor Harvey complimented.

"Hmm, well, now for one last duel. Let's see how the Prince family does again," said the professor suddenly as he read out a piece of paper with the names of the students on it.




Levels of mastery of magic:






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