Darling CEO I'll marry you: His wife is a nightingale

Xia Lihua was born with a beautiful voice. A voice as sweet as hers was hard to find. She used to be her cousin sister's shadow singer. Her family exiled her to the United States when she was set up by her cousin sister and stepsister. She returned to her own country after completing high school in America only to discover her father had given orders for some guys to murder her. After narrowly escaping death, she was saved by a friend who rushed her to the hospital and with the help of a genius hacker she was able to eventually escape from the country, hiding in Milan for two years. Except for her grandfather who doted on her, the rest of the Xia family assumed that she was dead. After three years, she returned, stronger than ever, to face-slap the scumbags and exact retribution. She is now the nation's sister- a top idol and a movie queen. She is also known as the Ice Empress in business world! People called her the Nightingale because of her melodic voice, little did she know that she will be become the night songstress of the man whom she hated the most. She didn't know that she was the reason why the demon king couldn't sleep at night. All he could think about from morning till dusk was her. He could wreck devastation on earth for her, and this time he would do anything to keep her. The devil bigshot has made up his mind and is chasing her! Netizens: Is Emperor Yang pursuing you, sister Hua? Xia Lihua: No! He is just my ex-fiancé and a die-hard fan. Emperor Yang: What ex-fiancé? Bullshit! Tell them that you are my wife, little bird. Author note: The author is not Chinese and this is her own story. THIS IS NOT A TRANSLATION. [ Update: Cover art by- @dixerqua ;) (DO NOT STEAL!!!) ]

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He cared about Xia Lihua

"Let's not continue the show. There is so much negativity surrounding it. It's a mess and I can't bear any more losses."

"If you stop investing now, the losses will only grow. We've already invested so much. We can't afford to walk away now."

"Do you honestly believe it's wise to continue this sh*t show amidst all the hate from the media and the public? I'm pulling out!"

"I am also pulling out."

Director Du was extremely anxious. He knew that if the investors pulled out, he would have no choice but to call off the show. For the first time in his career, he found himself in such a risky situation, close to failing. He was frustrated and agitated, blaming himself for not having chosen the mentors more wisely. He never imagined that the well-known Producer Fu would be a corrupt and disgraceful man behind the scenes.