Reviews of Dark Wind, Icy Snow - RyuTar, YinYuan [BL]


Dark Wind, Icy Snow - RyuTar, YinYuan [BL]


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I love this novel so much, I just hope it never ends. I feel bad when I think it will end. I will not be able to lie on my bed and indulge in this great imagination. Thank you to the author for this precious gem.


Enjoyed a lot so far. Though your MC is a bit of an evil one -_- Love the writing style, very easy to follow. Can't wait to read more. Update, please! :)


Great Novel. Deep characterdevelopment, well written, lots of interesting plots in the making. The world is complex but well built. Above all love the fact that it updates on a daily basis. Keep up the good job!


This book is a must read.The book starts at a slow pace and helps you understand and get familiar with the characters then it picks up the pace and just leaves you wanting for more😋😋.This is the first story that gave me sleepless nights waiting for an update and tell you what the author never dissapoints me.She reads all the comments and takes her time to respond.The plot is very interesting,, character development is on point , language use and everything.This book definitely deserves a five 🌟 and alot of attention and support from readers .Can't wait for more of your works author.


Such a captivating story line... If you like bl you won't ever regret reading this book.. Well done to the author...


Gud start ,,,,👍👍👍i hope it going well character developement nice and deep well written i curious to know what happened next good thing its update daily


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Hello! New reader here. First of all, I would like to say this novel got me hooked. It's a hidden gem for those, like me, appreciate a fantasy story. And it's certainly a good-paced BL. Well, in my opinion, one of the most interesting things in this story is the worldbuilding. The language, the provinces, the whole Celestial and Chosen One bound... It's pleasant to read and understand this incredible world the author created little by little. The characters are amazingly built, specially the Marín characters. They have their own personalities, stories, ambitions and traumas (well, I can say they really had a ****ty life). The point here is that they keep loyal to who they are throughout the story. They don't change out of the blue, like magic. The changes they go through are well-developed and make sense. The writing is also good regarding grammar and description. I can say I really enjoy the way the author writes. I didn't comment on the chapters, but I did appreciate the story and felt like a had to write this review. And of course I'm eagerly waiting for the next chapters! Dear author, thank you for your hard work in this story. I know sometimes it's not easy to keep writing as you have naturally busy moments, but I also know you do your best. I could see It through the chapters. Lastly, suming it up: this story is really worth the read. ☺️


A must read. Smartly written, intriguing and captures the readers imagination whereby scenes are easily pictured. The author leave you wanting more...




Very nice start. Will follow this for sure. Love the complexity of the world and all the characters involved in the plot. THey all have depth and and well developed personalities, Please keep up with it :)




The moment I started reading it, I loved it! The development of the overall story is awesome! I fell in love with the characters very quickly. Overall, it was great, awesome, incredible!


Amo este libro, en todo el sentido de la palabra y espero que puedas terminarlo en todo caso, veré si puedo estar dando algo al mes para ti ........


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Once you pick up this novel you won't want to stop, it has it all from action to romance to mystery there's love and possessiveness hate and some really steamy scenes, character's you love and some you can't help but hate. This novel will make you laugh and cry and smile despite crying. it will leave you at the edge of your seat with your heart running a mile a minute yet feeling so full of love and sometimes just feel so heart breaking, you will find yourself so absorb into the characters ( atleast for me 😊) and feel astounded at the growth of them. there is never a dull moment not even with the side character's lol, and just when you think you've figured something out the Author will hit you with something else there is so so so sooo much to this book you would never be bored. The Author has done an amazing job and she's nowhere near finished... thank god for that 😅. You won't go wrong with this book. Happy reading 🙂🤗🤗🤗🤗


Кто был никем,тот станет всем. Этот роман про то как из грязи превращаются в князи. Месть врагам и достижение поставленных целей,хороший мотивация для читателей.


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Since I started on the Journey of reading this story and the Dynamic between Zai and Snow and the world they live in and the surroundings, I love it. The characters have history and depth, and they despite the dark fantasy and powers and humans, and non-humans - the characters feel human and you are drawn to them. I really love Zai and Snows story and I can't wait to see more of it unravel.


thanking author for gracing the readers with this amazing story🙇🏼 it has all the amazing worldbuilding, intriguing plot, and well designed characters! prologue left me all confused with the language author used, but hooked me in anyway LOL story is paced nicely and steady, each chapters managed to make me stay hooked. the language is def one of the most interesting part of this story. they were unusual and i had to check the notes for their meaning in the first few chapters, but you'll get used to it. there are many things that left me curious! what is MC's real power that others and ML fear him, MC's background, who ML really is, the whole celestial, daitai and well basically the world itself is really well built that i want to understand more! regarding romance between MC and ML, it's probably going to be a slow burn. (i'm currently at the 3rd arc) they are so incompatible rn😂 MC seems selfish and mean, but his actions were understandable as he has his own priority. ML he... is quite pessimistic about life. but he actually just wants to survive okay! he had suffered so much😭 i'm quite intrigued how they'll come to like each other! may author give appropriate suffering for those who've wronged MC and ML. oh, a happy ending please. will this be a HE? (i can't handle BE🥺)