219 The Ambitions of The Stardust Council

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Tang Ling had no idea what ash lamb soup was. Based on his understanding, it was mutton sliced into thin shreds as thin as ash and cooked into a mutton paste.

Was he correct? No. 

He had a great imagination, but he was headed in the wrong direction. The real ash lamb soup was a dish prepared with a lot of steps. More than a dozen special spices found only in the grassland were used to marinade the mutton. Underground spring water with a quality that ranged between Level 2 and Level 3 drinking water was added into the special clay pot that was then buried under the fire.

Specific wood materials were used to build the fire in order to add fragrance to the soup, but Tang Ling had no idea exactly what materials they were. He just knew that the pot of soup was buried under the fire for more than three hours and the wood was burned to ash, hence the name 'ash lamb soup'. 


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