218 Barbarto Village

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"Get down." Valencia was annoyed. She felt for Hero because they had to gallop around the grassland for almost five rounds to completely shake off the disgusting purple Udy crows. Hero was exhausted, practically foaming at its mouth just because she decided to save a young teen who was being very irritating right now.

"Oh." Tang Ling jumped down the horse with the crow's nest.

Valencia also jumped down after she heard Hero breathing heavily. She stroked its neck and ignored Tang Ling.

Tang Ling did not mind the cold shoulder since she had helped him. He opened his backpack and searched for a seed the size of his palm to hand over. "Here, this is for you."

"What?" Valencia turned around and saw the seed in his palm. The shell of the seed was black and had red stripes on it. It was round and rich, similar to a stone that was lustrous. 


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