43 A New Person

After the energy had created a solid base in what Raze assumed was his dantian, the energy started to spread throughout his body, and now it felt like it was ripping him from the inside out.

The dark, almost black-colored blood was quite the sign to say that he was probably right, and when he could see it going for his heart next, he needed to act fast.

"Shrouded heart," the skill that used up all his mana to create a shield around his mana core, which was linked to the heart in the first place. Raze could feel the energy trying to attack it, almost as if it was alive.

However, the skill Shrouded heart was pushing it away. It continued to hit, and he could feel his whole body shaking.

"Kuk, Kuk!!" Raze continued to cough, and blood was flung out of his mouth violently. It wasn't just being coughed out but was being propelled all over the place.

'Am I going to die?'



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