18 years ago

Midwinter season

Bones breaking chilled wind was passing... a lady left a child on the stairs of the church ...

a sister was having prayer at that time who heard a baby's cry from nowhere....she thought someone's baby was crying and continue prayer again

but the baby's crying was not stopping either....so she stopped doing prayer and went out ....her heart skipped a beat after seeing this baby ....she has seen her on stairs in that cold wind ...

she ran near the baby and took her to arms by covering with the shawl...because the baby was shivering badly...her tiny lips became blue in so much coldness...

she thought while looking here and there with confusion "who is this baby??? Jesus... who left her here ...fine....let me search for some time I can find anyone related to baby or not...who left the baby here in this cold wind..."

She started walking forward while calling if someone was there or not ...she came so far from the church then she found a lady at some distance ...

she went near the lady after seeing the sister the lady started panicking... sister asked: "excuse me ..Dear...are you the mother of this baby"...

That lady replied coldly "what do you think of me ?? Huh??? do you think I'm the mother of a child"...

Sister understood she was lying ...so she said in a hard tone "fine I will call to the police ...then they'll find the truth"

that lady started sweating....the Sister started going to the lady but stopped her and said "please don't do that I'm the mother of that baby... I'm too young to raise a child moreover I'm not ready to have this burden ...

I don't want this baby... she is a curse for me that's why I don't want her"

sister said with hatred "you're not worthy to be called a mother ....Shame on you Girl...go away" ...The lady went off ...then sister said by looking at sleeping child "you're not a curse dear... you're a boon from today ...you'll be raised in this home"

She kissed her forehead and named the child "Anastasia" she was the youngest child in the orphanage.. this was the story of Anastasia.


hello everyone ...let me introduce myself to you all... I'm Anastasia 211 don't get scared by number... it's my number in the orphanage... I'm the two hundred and eleventh child in the orphanage so that 211 is my surname...

According to me,

I'm 18 years old girl who is studying literature ...my life is ordinary but smooth going ...

I'm speaking about an orphanage ...I know what you people might be thinking that I'm a child who lost their parents and ended up in an orphanage right ??? Haha

but I'm sorry to kill all your imagination ....coming to the truth I'm an abandoned child by my parents ...

I have no shame and sadness to say this....because they don't love me it's their fault...I will pray for their Goodness forever...

I'm living in a moonstone orphanage.. where everyone is good-hearted ...

I don't think even if I'm with my parents, they might never have cared for me like these people but not even a day left like I stopped thinking about who are my birth parents and why they abandoned me like this ...

Who cries for the abandoned child, living on the streets?

What is left when hope is stripped away?

What is left of their poisoned hearts,

As they die inside each day?

Victims of an angry world,

they never asked to join.

Statistics on the nightly news, Faces without names.

Why do the innocent have to suffer,

at the hands of wickedness?

How did they become the victims,

of someone else's mess?

Born into a world of addiction,

and a reluctant parent's scom.

Cast away like garbage,

victims before they were born.

How do we sleep at night,

when someone's child is dying?

How can we just look away,

when a starving baby's crying?

How can we ignore the pain...

Of butterflies in a hurricane?

will an abandoned child ever get pure love from someone????

if they never need a child why they give birth

who gave the right to throw me like this if they think I can't get love from anyone then they're mistaken if we are destined to get the love we will get it from everywhere

everyone is born to receive love no one has the right to stop anyone from receiving love

be happy like me always and make people regret those who thought of you as trash and left

sister told to me once if someone loses you it's not your mistake because people often think of diamonds as stones and leaves you're also a diamond whom they thought as a stone and went off

one day you'll meet someone who will give every love that is present in this world who'll think your presence is a boon in your life.

Till today I followed that only. I'm waiting for that right person in my life it's not that now I didn't get love even now I'm loved by everyone ...

I'm the youngest one in this orphanage so everyone cares for me but somewhere I feel it's just a pity on me... I want someone who likes me like what I'm not by pity or something else...

if I'm lucky enough I think I will meet that person for sure...

I love to live in fantasy ...make fun of me .....but it's good to live in fantasy because reality hurts a lot ...it's not that I don't understand reality...I know my reality...I know how abandoned I am ...still I will live with my fantasy ..someday my prince will come to claim me as his ...., not like my parents who have the shame to claim me...I sighed at those thinking then took my favourite book and jumped on the bed to read this book ...I just started the book....it enchants me a lot already...I wish I could go there...I wanna live with the four princes who were extremely handsome awwwww.....

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