"Love is something which is beyond words and explanations.

For some, love is a memory while for some love is unrequited.

It's easy to love someone deeply, but it's hard to express someone we love.

Love can make a beast into an angel.

It's a fairytale, but love can do anything unless the love is true.

How wonderful it is to getting loved by someone,

How peaceful it is to sleep on the person's embrace we love.

The words "Let me love you forever" is an elixir to ears.

Did you ever dream of a fairytale where a prince charming comes to protect his princess from a demon ...?

Did you ever felt how it will be if the demon is a prince himself who wants to chain you ...?

What happens if an angel ends up as a pet of four beasts ...?

They feel she is only born to serve them ... but what happens if destiny tricks and makes four of them obsessed with her ...?

Will that pure soul accepts the dark soul?

It's a story about him ... about how his curse made him stay away from everyone. People felt that it was an infectious curse and felt disgusted by him. The innocent and pure heart turned into a ruthless and cruel one ... Now he only loved people's pain.

The curse from his mother made him heartless but what's the real reason behind the curse ... ? The face which was hidden for years ... will it ever come out? He, who was disgusted with himself got to know the real meaning of life from her. She made him witness a new world ...


I'm a monster,

I'm cursed.

I'm a disgrace,

I'm born to rule.

I'm born to hate,

No love is present.

There is no purity!

Until I met her these are the only things I knew but she is the real witness of a pure soul.

I want her, I only want her, whether it's my willingness or force or hatred.

I don't care! She must be mine!

I, Dominic Griffiths want her to be mine until my death. Even death can't take her away from me.

I will bring her soul to torture and keep her as mine for eternity ... because I am the controller of the fire of Hell!

Oh, those lips that are designed for kissing,

Are of beauty and soft to kiss.

Though Cupid's arrow was fired it keeps missing,

Our paths seldom cross and do often miss.

I sometimes do view you, dear, from afar,

From my seat, in the town square, I see thee.

I pray you to keep the door to your heart ajar,

For Cupid's arrow are flying straight from me towards you.

But I see you with another bright flame,

Strolling through the town, your sweethearts delightful.

I have yet to know my Heart's rival's name,

To challenge him to a duel, a lovers fight.

Yet to hate him is wrong, I must succumb,

And wait for love to die, and hearts to numb.


I chipped away,

At your cold exterior

Dodging shards of ice,

Until you were no longer hard.

But even though,

I cracked the surface,

Your heart would not melt,

Because you're a monster without a heart.

"World is a mirror, when we give something, it surely comes back."

This is the thing my grandma taught me during my childhood. I love to get love from all, so I love everyone! And this is what later became sin in my life ...

I was loved by four monstrous kings who never knew what was gentleness.

Witnessing people's pain was a game for them ...watching the blood flow from their bodies was a satisfaction to them.

I was the 100th pet of them, in fact, slave too.

Destiny didn't leave a chance for me to become a slave of them. I witnessed every worst phase of my life with them. They are the ones who would care for me and hurt me too.

I became a thorn in their friendship ... the soul brothers became sworn enemies only because of me.

I wanted to run away from them, I wanted to escape from this hell but I knew very well ... they'll bring me back even if I hide at the end of Earth because they're the ruler of each side of the earth.


I'm a beast,

I love to fear in people's eyes,

I'm the most powerful lycan of my pack!

I'm the future ruler !!!

But I hated to see fear in her pure eyes ... for the first time, I became the weakest in the whole world. I wanted to rule her heart. For the first time in my life, I wanted to feel what it meant to be loved by someone.

If I love you,

I will express it to you.

And if you choose to leave,

I might beg you to stay by my side,

because ...

I love you!

But I cannot make you stay

if you choose to walk away.

Rest assured,

I will not pretend not to care,

just to deny my heart that you were the one to leave.

I'd rather love you even if I am not being loved by you in return for you.

And crumble in pain,

over the loss of love,

And pretend that my love for you

was a lie ...


I'm born to create wonders,

I can create a new world.

I'm unique,

but I'm dangerous too.

But I wonder who made a whole world of mysteries within her.

Her every action is a wonder,

Her every word is a spell,

I'm a slave of her innocence.

We were destined to meet,

no matter what the distance between us was,

we returned to each other

again and again.

It's only that once in a lifetime


Even the silence is perfect,

because you feel whole

only by their presence.

I don't know what it is

about her,

I only know that,

whenever I look into her eyes

I see a reflection of my soul,

staring back at me.


I'm the king of the ocean,

I rule every species of the ocean,

But she rules my heart.

She is the shore of my ocean.

Love, a boundless feeling,

free to give and free to receive.

But not a love like mine -


Not love like this!

Such love must stay hidden

inside dark corridors,

beneath my ribs.

You mustn't look at me with those tender eyes,

You mustn't talk to me with those sweet lips,

You mustn't be given your desired pair of wings,

Because you're bound to be with me.

She is with me and I'm with her but we are not destined ...


The story of an angel and four beasts, an angel who is unaware of her identity, the beasts who are unaware of gentleness are gonna be destined.

She is a pet of them, they're the Masters of her. How come these Masters are gonna fall for her naive muse?

Have you dreamed of transmigrating into the book you love?

Have you ever dreamed of the character you like, falling in love with you?

What if an ordinary girl enters into the fantasy world, where can she make her existence in that world?

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