She traced her finger slowly to the scar while whispering, "Granny was right, you are not the person, you show to others." Soon, she was also drifted into a deep sleep while holding his hand.

In the morning before the sunrise,

Dominic has been woken from his sleep, he fluttered his eyelids and looked around his surroundings.

He felt something heavy on his hand, he turned to see it, the moment he saw the person lying on his hand, it's Ana, he felt it's a beautiful dream.

He slightly caressed Ana's cheeks, they're fluffy and soft, he poked on her cheeks with his finger like a kid, she pouted in her sleep, he mumbled "if dreams are this beautiful, then I would love to experience it every second of my life."

He kept strands of her hair behind her ear and pressed his lips against her soft cheeks, the moment his lips came to contact with her cheeks then he realized it's not a dream but a reality.


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