17 ∆∆The Fear of Their Breath ∆∆

In Royal Castle,

Three pairs of eyes were looking in one direction. Their whole face was filled with full of confusion. Even in confusion, they were looking like they were ready to burn the girl alive in front of them.

This girl was none other than Anastasia. She bowed down to them and knelt near the door then sat there with head down.

Professor smiled as he knew she was the girl with respect and manner. Casper stood up immediately after smelling her scent. He loudly shouted "Human".  Draco and Ashton also stood up immediately. Ana shivered at the high pitched voice.

But soon became surprised because Casper immediately knelt before the professor and said with a low voice "Sorry professor. I didn't mean to raise my voice at your presence, but why you brought a human here, Isn't it prohibited?"

Professor nodded with a smile and said "My dear kids I came here to give you one caretaker and she is the one who will take care of you all with food, house chores and all the respective works assigned by you people, this time no more killing or vanishing."

All three looked in the direction of Ana who was looking down. Her respect towards them amazed them still, how could a human take care of them. They all glanced at the staircase, expecting Dominic will come down. As per their feeling, Dominic came down. He stopped at his track and looked at the door. Then looked at Casper who said everything about what was going on here through their mind link.

Dominic's voice came "Good morning Professor" Professor smiled and said, "Good morning, how are you, my child? I brought a caretaker for all of you, she will be under your protection." Dominic's face was neutral neither hate nor surprise, he was like this only always an emotionless beast.

Casper said in his calm voice "Keep her under our protection professor and be tense free from now on we will take care of our precious caretaker mostly thank you for your hard work, have a nice day"  Professor knew it's difficult for her to take care of them still he trusted Ana.

He stood up from the couch and started to go towards the door. He bent down and patted Ana's hand, therefore, said "You promised you will take care of them" she nodded her head obediently with a pure smile.

Everyone looked at her smiling face.  It's the first time they have seen someone smiling in their palace because they were too scared to smile. After his departing Ana kept sitting there till Casper's command came.

"Little Girl, stand up, enough giving respect," Casper said with a hard and mocking tone...because no human can survive with them.

Dominic said in a deep and cold tone "Your room will be there on the same floor as mine, in the tomb, the crown of the palace."

She slowly glanced at his eyes to her utter surprise he was masked, he glanced in another direction as soon as their eyes met. On the other side, Casper, Draco, Ashton were gawking like they have seen some ghost. Casper said "Aish Bro what did you instructed? Drac I think I need to go to Royal castle to meet some physicians. Oh, Holy Moon Goddess did I become deaf?"

Dominic said to Ashton "Ash, go and show the room to her, you know which I meant." Ashton nodded his head and told to Ana "Little Missy come with me."

Ana bowed down to them and started leaving with him. Dominic looked at her back till she disappeared on the stairs. Then he glanced towards Casper and Draco but they were already gazing at him with a serious expression.

Dominic said with a dangerous smirk "Now she will understand that a human can't stand in front of four Magical Lords. How dare she entered here to take care of god's of supernatural beings. Do you think I will let this disgraced human living here with us?"

Casper said calmly "She is feeling different from others. Let's see if she is good for us or not" Dominic shouted in a commanding tone "NOO, I DON'T LIKE ANY EXTRA PERSON OTHER THAN YOU THREE. I HATE TO BE WITH SOME OTHER PERSON"

both Casper and Draco stepped back in fear, no matter how powerful they're like Dominic, still felt a shiver in the spine to his dominating black power in his voice sometimes. They both nodded their head and didn't dare to talk back.

On the second floor, Ana looked at the whole place with an amused expression, she turned behind to see Ashton but he was not there, with a gasp, she called "Master...Master, where are you?"

Suddenly a voice came from a ballroom on the second floor "Follow", she gulped down and started following but screamed in fear when she saw two Dead bodies in a glass cube, their eyes were open like normal people, but there was an empty place in their chest from where still blood was dripping.

It felt like someone brutally pulled out their heart and made them as showpieces. Suddenly one dead body whispered "Don't Stay here, Vacate this place otherwise you will also be in our place go"

She started stepping back while holding her heart, she whispered with a sobbing voice "I... I ca...can't, it's scary. They four killed them."

She rushed down the staircase, fat tears were flowing down from her eyes, the goosebumps were making her wobble, she saw a huge green door but didn't go there.

Ana again glances at the staircase, then ran towards the main door of the Palace but it was closed on its own, as soon as she reached there. She again shrieked in fear with her heart out.

Then ran towards that green door and entered into a dark room where little green lights were blurring, she was breathing heavily...the sweat was dripping from her forehead.

She slowly went near the big pond inside the room, to her utter surprise, there was no bed only the mini pond is present. She stood on the edge of the pond but was pulled into the water by someone harshly, her fearful scream filled the room.

Witch taught many normal spells but couldn't make her swim, she felt breathless underwater and started spattering water. But suddenly she saw someone was coming like a mermaid but it was a man.

He held her wrist then came closer, she gasped because it's one of the lords among four. He wickedly smirked which made her push him, but as soon as he was pushed by her, her breath started getting short more, it felt like he was giving oxygen through his clutch.

But a sudden magic wind made her come out of the water, She was gasping heavily while crying, from her childhood, she didn't face these many scary aspects.

She ran out of the room and went to the main door again to go out but surprisingly, it started moving here and there, the wall started moving around her, her head started feeling dizzy and she collapsed on the floor.

She loosened her eyelids slowly then again cried out loud because she was hanging in the air, under her a big fire circle was moving.

She started pleading with a sob and heard a foot sound. She begged in a painful tone "Wh..who .. is... it...pl..please leave me. I came for taking care of them that's it, please, I don't have any bad intention let me go" ...a mocking voice reached her ears "well if you don't have any bad intention then come down this magical fire won't burn you, little missy".She understood it's him who made her headed towards upstairs.

She tilted her head to see the fire, by taking a long and deep breath she slowly thinks about climbing down to her utter surprise she came down.

The fear, the sweat, the red eyes, the sobbing, the cry, the pleading was showing her helpless condition, as soon as her feet touched the fire it has vanished. She stared at Ashton who was smirking at her, therefore she gulped down in fear and started running from there to flee, he whispered, "Now my turn is over".

She went to a wilderness side room and found an open balcony door. The whole room was filled with wooden items, the fresh smell of mahogany was coming.

She pushed the door and came out of the royal garden, without giving any time she started running through the forest, she doesn't know how to go back to the witch, but she wanna go to the dorm very badly so that she could meet with Rebecca she felt only her sister can protect her.

She was already vulnerable due to fear and mental pressure, so she was feeling unsteady but not ready to give up. One big wooden log was on the path, she tripped and fell to the ground. Her head collided with the stone and she screamed in pain but heard a howl behind her.

She was too frightened to look behind because of this dangerous beastly roar. The big werewolf started coming towards her, with all courage she looked behind and found a big Wolf was hovering over her, She cried out loud in fear.

The tiredness and fear were making her give up on everything. She couldn't take it anymore. Still one last try, yeah, she did one last attempt to evade.

She sat back and stood up with her last part of strength then again started running but in a blink of an eye, he came in front of her.

Her step halted. She pleaded in a low tone like a mere whisper "Ple...please, spare me. I ...I  am sorry for entering into..into your forest."

The big wolf said in the manly voice "You little girl, go back or else I will smash your life with my one hit, go back"

She gasped as the wolf spoke. One black fog came which made her eyes close. When she looked up found Casper.


Ana shivered at the high pitched voice then started running back to the palace. She sat in front of a big pond with a thud then cried out loudly.

She was tired, her whole body was in pain, her head was pounding in pain. She said with a painful cry while hugging her knees "Grandma witch, the...they are so cruel. How I ...I will handle them. It's just only some hours they hurt me like I am kind of ...kind of plaything. Why do I have to lead such a life from my birth God? Rebecca where are you?" ...her sobbing sound filled the whole garden.

Two different coloured eyes were glancing down through the high tomb, his face was still a mystery for the whole world, he gritted his teeth and mumbled, "You dare to come here." ...then closed the window to let the room fill with darkness, It's his life, the life of Demon King.

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