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NOTE : Mature content, 18 plus, disturbing scenes, strong language read at your own risk Warning : Not a fairytale Where prince charming protects his princess from a demon because this time, the demon himself is her prince charming. But for a change as her master, who is going to cage her forever as his queen or slave. A master who going to be so obsessive of her that he won't care about their species. ❥︎❥︎Breaking the rules of mine, made me to own you from today because you're mine. Mine only my dear prey❥︎❥︎ ❥︎❥︎You will be the shore of my sea because without you, I am meaningless like a sea without shore❥︎❥︎ ❥︎❥︎You are the spell of my magic because without spell, no magic will exist. And without the existence of magic, how then can a wizard exist❥︎❥︎ ❥︎❥︎I am a beast in the form of human, and a wolf. I am the danger who had no mercy, but you became the beauty of this beast's heart❥︎❥︎ When the strongest creatures in the world falls for one girl what will their history be? And what if those strongest creatures are soul brothers and bosom friends? Will there be a sacrifice or a war? ☘︎She is the one for them☘︎ ☘︎Then who is the one for her?☘︎ ❣︎Will love occur through force? ❣︎ ❣︎Will obsession ever turn into love? ❣︎ ❣︎Will sweetness capture heart?❣︎ ❣︎Will possessiveness become protectiveness?❣︎ He wants a pure soul to enlighten his dark soul. She is born pure but ended up in a world filled with demons. He is a cursed prince there is no cure to his curse until he met her. He trapped her innocence in his ruthlessness shadows. She is the obsession of four monstrous kings but she is not someone who belong to that world. Will she able to handle the dangerous infatuation of this four Royal Lords? Or will she run away from them like others? Let's see.... NOTE : Cover credits goes to rightful owner


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