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Dark Honor


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Screams. Wails. Cries. Sobs. Regrets. Punishments. Sufferings. Pain. Pain. And Pain. Hell reeks of those smells. Scratchy and dark? Emotionless and screeching like nails on a chalkboard? I smirk. You poor little, clueless souls. Tall slender, wearing a red silk suit; his eyes have pure darkness. Stare at me, and I will get you to tell me what you desire; the words spoken in a deep, soft tone make the hair stand up at the back of your neck. He has tried to make people believe that darkness and evil are all myths. That way, he lures them to his dungeon and Grins at their pain and blood splattering all over the floor as the rats feast on the remains of the dead bodies. His dark eyes mislead you into trusting him and make you feel like it's the safest place to be. Lucifer brings fear into others just by the whisper of his name. He walks across the dungeon as his slaves plead for death; the anticipation of the unimaginable makes their hearts race with fear. Lucifer Morningstar turned his son into a demon.”Love has no boundaries.” Joshua and his sister both have secrets, and the only person who knows the secret is buried six feet under. Lucifer's enemies never live long enough to tell the tale, and being the most feared and cruel person on earth makes his family a constant target. “You were a heartless asshole, and now your family will pay dearly for the lives you have ruined.” consequences of his actions will lead to death, and death will bring darkness and chaos, “You took my family; now I will make you all suffer.” Prison has turned him into the monster that he became. The shadows and tales you have heard are all actual; the bedtime stories that were read to him as a child were not just a story but a sign to prepare him for the future. Evil will always follow you wherever you go.”Dwell, but don’t dwell too far and be away for long; my shadow will draw you back to where you belong, “It's either with me, or you are dead.” The more you fight it, the weaker you become; walk carefully and look back. Those shadows aren't ordinary. It's your enemies within you, “I will trail you, I will call you, and I will kill you if you dare to ignore me.” “You feel weak as I watch your blood drip to the concrete ground; there is no giving up, for you have lives to save. “That’s enough, dad; now it's our turn.” “Your turn?” He laughs as his kids are locked in a cell; Joshua and Tiffany have had enough. It's time they go up against their father. At first, he laughs, then realizes he underestimated his own kids. “Who will get the last laugh now? Father.” “Will we love you enough to spare you? Darkness is within us; your suffering will make you heartless and merciless. We have suffered enough; now it's your turn. Father” “You have spilled enough blood, and I will stop you even if it takes everything within me; I am nothing like you.” “Your Perfect life was not so perfect, especially if you had to protect the girl you love against your father.” Welcome to Dark honor. ”A quick death is more pleasurable than being in the presence of Lucifer Morningstar.”


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