1 Part 1

Dark Empires

The planet earth was covered in the remains of all those who were killed in the "conquer seal" a war that had been going on for the past five years. Many people left their home world and colonized the outer planets for refuge, such as Saturn, Mars, Kepler 425b and others just outside the solar system but still in a inhabitable distance of a young star as strong as the sun. It was much younger then earth's, it was blue but because of its youthful stage, it sent out warmth and energy needed for the planets...

On Kepler 425b A group of super humans were preparing to take off in their ship to collect any material on the planets that hadn't been colonized or weren't suitable for normal human's needs.

"Mara are were ok for the ship's entry into space?"

The girl typed in something on her computer she was sitting at then replied: "all systems seem ready to go, I've done a scan over the ship's systems and no sign of any problems captain"

"Good, seems we're ready to head back out there and claim more resources or land"

"Permission to speak captain Otama" The man nodded in approval keeping his eyes forward away from his officer that had spoken up, "what should we do if the nearby planets plan an attack on Kepler in our absence?"

The captain sighed as if it were a pointless question, "David, we have plenty of men including the improved genetic humans as well spread out all over the planet with high tech weapons plus sensors of incoming attacks, so unless our men aren't doing their job or three planets at once team up for an attack...I'm sure we'll be fine"

They all nodded at their leader just before he pushed the button activating the ship, it blasted off into space in seconds, they had improved the ship's greatly from their past troubles and study of the nearby empire technology. They soon reached Balemeno which was a small silver planet that created metal, steal and copper. There they could take the found resources to construct or strengthen ships or armor in case of surprise attacks. The captain stepped off the space craft and looked around before embarking in further.

"Keep on your guard everyone, there could be others here, or at least old landmines that were forgotten and left here" All five of them walked through the rocky terrain with just a few tiny trees here in there like it were a dessert but with a normal temperature.

"All of you wait here I think I see something" Otama carefully made his way towards a darker part of the planet even though it was already night there, he took out a small dagger that on impact, would stun the target for several hours depending on where the weapon had made contact. Just then a rock could be heard falling nearby, the captain threw the dagger at the torso of the figure then watched as it lit up from the shocks passing through its body before slowly hitting the ground from the lack of gravity.

"Wait a minute" the man shinned his flashlight down at the body to see it was a skeleton of an old corpse. "It's a set up!" Otama yelled before jumping back to get distance from the bait. Suddenly men appeared from every corner of the bolder were the rock's sound had come from, they aimed their guns at him before the man pulled out what seemed like a grenade.

"Fire!" one of them commanded, the group of mercenaries opened fire at him just as Otama made it to a rock that was able to take the force of their beams. As his teammates fired back he pushed a small button on the side of the sphere that made lights flash all around it. He tossed the weapon over to the enemies' side and watched as they shot at it, but all the beams reflected off the ball when the ball instantly began shooting lasers out of the left side of itself, each time, the ball would shoot three lasers at once towards the opponents. The mercenaries continued to get shot from the small weapon until a loud beep rang out, Otama quickly typed in the location of where his team was and were transported near the ship which was about a mile or so away from their current position.

"three...two...one..." The group turned around to see a massive explosion of red light, it filled the area in a mist of red light before fading seconds later. Their leader ordered three of the men to hurry and start collecting any important resources while he and Mara went to inspect the grenade's effect against the men they had just gone up against.

"Hmm, seems these are soldiers from Saturn" she looked over at one of the corpses to see a badge with Saturn on it. As Otama planned to leave, his motion detector went off, a surviving soldier lunged at him but was stopped by the captain's hand.

"Give me more credit, I have 15 years of fighting and mission experience, along with improved skeletal structure that multiplies the strength of my bones" Otama pulled the guy closer before slamming them to the ground. "Now tell me...why is Saturn targeting this planet? for its resources or just to ambush someone?" The guy was about to answer when he finally died from his wounds. "Damn it" he let go of the corpse and they walked back to the ship where the team members had gathered half a crate of the copper and metal needed for their ships or armor.

"You three, go back to Kepler. I along with Mara will take the semi–ship to Alco's pawnshop for any new or useful items...oh I almost forgot, in my absence Jiraya will be in command" His men accepted the command heading into ship.

CHAPTER 1: Incoming Threat    

  Otama landed the small spacecraft in the parking lot of the large store with a thick dome around it, that kept oxygen flowing inside it so people could take off their helmets instead of having to keep them on while off world. The man walked in with the bell going off to alert the store owner.

"Alright, let's see if we can find any useful tech that we need" the women followed her captain while looking around the store every now and again. Otama saw a pill bottle and quickly examined it;

"Strengthen pill 101 A

●Increases body recuperation

●Heightened senses

●Multiplied endurance

●Each pill lasts 12 hours

Contains 200 pills"

"Seems reasonable, and doesn't seem to have any negative effects, or at least on the bottle" He walked up to the counter of the store and placed the bottle down, "are there any after or negative effects to these pills?" the store owner picked it up and read through the info before putting it back down.

"Well we just released this just last week and haven't seen any signs of negative effects, so you're taking a risk with these"

"Ok I'll give you 200 credits for them"

"Normally I'd sell them for 1,000 but since you're taking a risk I'll take the 200" The captain thanked him as he put the pills in his pocket.

"Found anything?"  he asked his 2nd in command, she skimmed over the shelves once more then shrugged.

"Not really...did you?" Otama nodded showing her the pills...

After they got back to their home world, Otama got word an incoming fleet was just minutes away.

"Have we received any transmissions from those ships?" he questioned not taking his eyes off the screen that displayed their radar of anything approaching their planet within a 3.6-billion-mile radius (or 0.000624 light years).

"Negative, we don't seem to have much info on them, all we can do is trace their location and estimate their entry time" The captain had them prepare their space weapons in case the fleet needed to be shot down.

"Three minutes till in range sir" one of his men announced. Their leader took one of the pills ready for the possible threat. At that moment an alert rang out from the radar screen indicating that a projectile had been fired.

"Sir do we launch a counter strike?" Otama replied: fire back!" The soldiers fired rockets right back to stop the approaching weapon and the fleet that were just over the planet's atmosphere. The two rockets nearly missed but managed to make contact seconds before they passed. The team was glad they had stopped it but with the fleet still in shooting range, what stopped them from doing it again...

His men fired rounds of projectiles right back, at first they were only stopping the threat's attack until one of their shots made it past the fleet's onslaught and impacted the front of one of them, the space craft lost control and was pulled into the planet's gravitational pull, impacting an open area miles away from them.

The battle went on for five minutes straight before the two remaining ships made it through the outer layers of the atmosphere, flying below the clouds at this point.

"Damn it, I'll put an end to these intruders!" He ran outside putting on his space suit and pushed off into the air using the boost power of his suit's boots. The hero activated the rocket boots that sent him flying across the sky as fast as a jet. Otama saw one of the ships headed right for him but he stayed in his spot...suddenly he ascended up grabbing the side of the fast-moving vehicle, the force of the wind was slowing him down but the man made his way to a window where he shattered it with an armored punch. The ship began to spin out of control from the off balance of air pressure. It knocked into the other ship before both crashed in a forest nearby.

One of them got up from their seat and said: "They're destroyed let's go make sure our leader is ok" the team ran out with guns loaded looking for their ally, after two minutes of jogging they found the two ships, and their leader not too far from the impact point.

"Captain!" they cried out running over to him, his armor was badly damaged along with his helmet that was smashed to the point of uselessness. They leaned him up against a tree then removed his armor, they examined his body but found no fatal injuries or even any noticeable stains of blood on his under clothing.

"Isn't that weird?" Mara commented, the others agreed. But they were glad the man was still in good condition. As they were about to help him to his feet, a man in silver armor with dark blonde hair and green eyes limped out of the flames of the burning ships, glaring at them.

"Not, so fast...you're coming with me Otama Foresigh" Mara including the other team members blocked his path aiming their guns at him. "You really think, just because I look injured, I can't fight back? What fools you are. I Michal will take your leader by force and return him to my lord's home world"

One of the men who normally kept quiet loaded his gun replying: "Over my dead body" The foe stopped limping as much proceeding to walk towards them, his gaze locked only on Otama. The team of Kepler fired rounds of blasts at the man but even though they were injured, Michal wasn't fazed by the projectiles.

"W-what is he?" she whispered in fear. Suddenly the super-human...or whatever he was, punched straight through two men instantaneously then pulled out letting them hit the ground with their blood oozing from their lifeless bodies.

"Two weaklings too go" Michal commented with a slight grin, all that remained was Mara and Jiraya. The nearly invincible foe took a dash forward going for Jiraya, the warrior threw a punch in an attempt to stop the heartless advisory, but his target ducked under the incoming blow, striking him in the chest with immense strength.

"I'm sorry, my lord" he collapsed onto the gravel surface dead on impact. Michal put his attention on Mara who was holding Otama who had somehow lost consciousness.

"Stay back!" the women yelled holding her leader close to her. Michal grinned slowly walking over to the two last members.

"Don't worry, I'm taking you with me" Mara pulled her gun out quickly shooting him in the center of the head. But to her horror, the wound in his head healed in mere seconds as if it had no effect.

"Let's go girl" He grabbed both of them and thrown them into a ship he had stolen, in minutes they reached Saturn landing on a large landing pad. The two captured members were taken to the throne room where the ruler Arkamis waited on his throne.

"What is this medieval times?" the ruler of Kepler joked now conscious. The leader of Saturn glared at him but did not respond to the disrespectful comment.

"You both will be experiments for a new evolution project I've been working on, naturally I would use it on one of my men but since I do not have the slightest idea of the effects, I decided to take someone off world as my test subject"

"We're not your test-" at that moment, Arkamis appeared in front of them as if he had teleported from his throne that was 10 feet away right in up to them, without a word he tapped both outworlders in the center of the head, causing them to knock out instantly.

"Take them to the isolation chambers" his guards bowed their heads grabbing the two out cold soldiers...

Otama awoke in a straitjacket made out of a strong steel-like material. "w-where am I?"  the man looked around to only see a small empty metal room.

"Ah you're finally awake, good now let us begin the test"

"You bastard where's Mara!?"

"Don't worry about her, she's in the room over and she's fine...now you're going to take a serum I created after months of studying human genes and other superhuman traits"

Before the man could oppose he was injected in the neck with the serum by an automated syringe. Seconds pasted when suddenly the hero's hair went from dark brown to silver, and his eyes changed from hazel to a glistening blue.

"Sir...I think it's working" Arkamis watched as his test subject showed results glowing with an unknown blue light. Otama rose to his feet and broke out of the restraining jacket with the pieces flying in every direction.

"Uh sir I think we should activate a complete lock down on his chamber"  

"No need Eric, if he escapes I'm capable of containing him myself" The members watched along with Arkamis as the leader of Kepler ran up to the wall of the room and knocked it down in one shot. The men aimed their weapons toward the evolved threat preparing to fire. Before his men could attack, Otama released a wave of energy that formed into spheres that killed all the guards in one shot. Arkamis deflected it with the flick of his hand causing it to burst into sparkles of light. The space captain began walking towards his foe with an aura blazing around him.

"Die!" Otama threw his fist aimed for the leader's face as hard as he could, Arkamis caught the man's fist, striking the hero across the face. They were sent sailing backwards until he struck the steel wall of the lobby. Blood dripped from his face while at the same time healing in seconds. The villain smirked crossing his arms then proceeded forward.

"Poor fool, even after the successful evolution experiments, you're still not strong enough to match my capabilities" The hero tore off a part of the steel wall then threw it sideways straight for the over powered threat. To his surprise, Arkamis caught it as if it were a Frisbee then threw it right back. Otama was struck in the chest, stuck up against the steel wall with blood running down his body forming a pool of blood under his feet. "D-damn, it can't end here" Just then a small grenade fell beside Foresigh aimed in his direction, suddenly it blew up like a flashbang that blinded the villain instantly.

"My eyes!" With the foe blinded, a group of men broke in before putting Arkamis in high level energy hand cuffs.

"Arkamis Foresigh, you're under arrest for kidnapping, murder and performing experiments on civilians without their consent!" Their target attempted to kick one of them but missed due to his blindness. While Arkamis was taken away, some men removed the piece of steel from Otama's chest allowing it to heal.  He went down the destroyed hall where police were helping Mara out of here restraints.

"Are you alright?" the Captain asked as he placed a hand on her cold cheek.

"Yes I'm fine now…" They regrouped back to their home planet where Otama rested in bed.

1 Week later…

The Captain spectated their surveillance \ security room. There is where groups of members watched over the planet for any incoming fleets or activity that were on Kepler such as natural occurrences or unauthorized activity. That's when a transmission from Pluto began coming through their servers, all they could hear was static with a faint voice cutting in and out every second.

"How odd, I didn't think there was any empires on Pluto, even so how would they get a strong enough signal to reach us?"

"We're not sure sir, but the others are trying to fix the message to understand what they're saying" Otama nodded then walked out. The man walked into the war room where the men would discuss tactics or group their men a certain way, the commander sat down in the head chair on the left end of the long table two rows of members aligned both sides of him.

"So…what has come up this week?"

"We have sent small fleets of our men to each nearby planet, both known inhabited and thought to be lifeless" Otama nodded in approval then asked: "Have you heard anything back from any fleets?"

"Some of them yes sir, I was given an update just moments ago. Seems Jupiter's commander is offering an alliance with us"

"Hmm, do you still have  their frequency to message them in any way?" Foresigh responded.

"Yes sir, are you requesting an audience with him?" their Captain nodded ordering the officer to get in touch with the planet's leader. Finally AH answered.

"Ah so glad to hear from you in such a short amount of time, what has  encouraged such a decision?"

Otama put his hands formally behind his back replying: "I would like you to come here to discuss our alliance if you're willing" AH thought for a moment…

"Very well, I shall leave soon with an escort of my top officers in case something may arise"

"Whatever makes you comfortable friend" Otama ended the transmission before heading to the war room…

One hour later…

Guards watched the halls leading to the war room while others kept a close watch on their radar in case a surprise attack were to occur.

"Why the uneasiness friend?" AH asked.

"I'm fine, just making sure we're prepared for any surprise attacks, I'm sure our foes wouldn't take an alliance very well so I'm taking precautions"

AH continued: "Now then, what alliance were you hoping to form with us?" The commander thought for a second before answering: "I would be grateful if you moved half your officers here and half mine to yours so we'd have a type of advantage"

"How so?" his ally questioned. Otama explained to him that their officers may have different resources and tactics that would serve both planets well in defense against invaders. "Very well, I'll transfer 50 of my men here while you send let's say…20 since you don't have as many soldiers"

"It will be done" Gavin responded nodding his head. His ally smiled then left back to his world. Gavin now had a lot more men at his disposal…

Otama was admiring the stars when suddenly an alarm began to go off. "Damn who would be invading me out of the blue!?" Just then he saw a large ship began to fire a massive violet laser at the dome protecting them. Otama made his way outside the dome using the docking hallway opening the door. The warrior with his new abilities from Arkamis used his power of flight to ascend up towards the enormous ship. As he was nearly there, guards on board the ship noticed him and opened fire using a large cannon that was on the side of the ship. Gavin wasn't used to flying but somehow managed to evade the balls of energy that came his way until he finally reached the bottom level of the ship, smashing a multilayered window to get inside.

Guards in space suits rushed him in the narrow hallway but were easily taken out by the hero's immense speed and strength, he stopped two guard's dual attack and knocked their heads together causing them to lose consciousness even with their helmets on.

"Need to hurry and reach their captain before I lose all my men" He raced down the endless halls. Each time an assailant would attempt to shoot him with a ray gun, he would either doge it then continue to run, or he'd knock them off their feet long enough to escape.

Meanwhile The world was under heavy fire, the beam was nearly breaking through the barrier protecting them. Otama's men opened fire at their watch towers taking out a few men but even though it protected them, their large dome was also limiting them on offensive. Meaning they could only fire at certain spots without the barrier getting in the way.

Just as he was about to reach the captain's quarters he found the power core. "What dumb ass puts the core in the center of the ship instead of way in the back?" He concentrated his power into the palm of his hand building up power.

"Stop right there" A man shouted aiming a gun at him. But without warning, Otama fired a large blast of red light straight for the large power core in the center of the room with the guard standing in the way. The man's eyes widened in fear just as he jumped out of the way. The blast hit the sphere of power head on damaging it. The large green ball of light turned red as the ship's power started to fail. Gavin used the light failure to sneak through the halls up to his point of interest.

"What's going on!?" their captain questioned in anger.

"Our power core has been damaged sir" a women announced reading the system scanner. The leader slammed her fist on a table beside her in anger as their ship fell from the sky from about 600 feet, impacting a few feet away from the dome…

Inside the ship it was now pitch dark with a few sparks of light every few minutes. "Damn that piece of shit's gonna pay she said walking towards the gapping hole in her ship to reach the light. As she was just a step away, she felt someone kick her out, causing her to go sailing out of the ship landing on hard gravel.

"I take it you're the commander of this world?" she responded brushing herself off.

"Yea, why were you attacking us, you have no right to just randomly invade my world especially when we never did anything to you" She laughed softly looking at the ground then looked back at him. "Well who said life was fair?" nothing stops me from doing what I want. If I feel like invading a planet then I will, you have to live your life the way you want to, not limiting yourself to the whole imperial law crap" Otama frowned pulling out a pistol aiming it at her head. "Get off my world if you don't want your brains splattered all over the ground" She smirked and pulled out one as well.

"Go and shoot, we'll see who's brain gets splattered" Suddenly Gavin smiled and slowly bent his finger preparing to fire. His foe didn't take her eyes off him…waiting for him to fire. She heard his gun go off, and in reaction she fired as well. His shot barley grazed her leaving a dark red burn on the side of her face. But as the women's shot seemed to make contact, it slowly faded away.

"A-mirage!?" She gasped in a shocked expression. She stood still, gun in hand listening, she heard a rock fall off a nearby bolder causing her to spin around aiming in the direction of the noise. Again her foe was no where to be seen. Just then she felt a hand tap on her shoulder, she spun around about to stab him with a hidden blade but was stopped with his hand just as it was about to make contact. The over-powered hero took the blade from her and kicked her across the face sending her a few feet away laying on the ground with rocks all over her. "Now leave" he said with a serious expression. The man entered the ship and moved power cords around getting most of the ship to gain power again. He went over to the damaged, yet operational power core and set it for self destruct.

"Ship to self-destruct in ten second… Gavin jumped back out and watched near the injured captain.

"Ten….nine…eight…seven…six…five…four…three…two…one…Finally in an eruption of blinding light, her entire ship blew up in a violent explosion.

"You dick!" she charged him still hurt but angry and tried to punch him, but he just pushed her away and she fell back down.

"How do you expect me to leave now!?" She complained. Otama rolled his eyes then pushed a small button on his glove…Just then a small space pod landed next to them. He picked her up by the arm and shoved her into it.

"This isn't over" she announced. Gavin nodded aware of her plan to come back. The pod closed ad he typed in coordinates to send it. The pod blasted off into space headed for it's directed location.

It took months for them to fix the barrier and clean up the ship but finally everything was back to good condition. The leader sighed walking around his fortress.

"What is it my lord?" Otama looked at him about to respond when his eyes suddenly rolled to the back of his head before falling into a coma…His men placed him in his bed with equipment checking for any signs of stress or if his blood pressure and heart rate became too high. His assistant watched over the men while a group of medics watched over Otama.  Meanwhile the injured women had landed on a planet filled with random creatures in a large city living out there lives. She had found a hotel to stay at while she recovered. Tilly sat in her room and focused on making herself better.  She tried all kinds of salve and cures. Finally after weeks of healing she was finally well enough to leave the hotel. Tilly immediately went to work on her return. After a few short days, she had made her plan work.  She was on her way back.

Meanwhile Otama was still in his coma, his replacement was doing well when the girl's ship came into range of their scanners. They checked on Gavin but he was still out cold.

"Damn looks like we'll have to fight back without him. Mara came out to help.

"Where were you?" He questioned. She told him that she was one of the medics watching over their lord. The ship began to descend down onto their planet. The troops fired laser at the ship attempting to shoot it down before she could land.

The ship easily landed with no damage due to its strong protection shields.  Tilly grinned as she watched the failed attacks.  Her soldiers rushed out and started their attack.

"Shit where'd she get all those troops!?" Mara commented as she and the other men fired back. They managed to push back her men but they kept coming. Tilly diverted her path and made it into enemy territory undetected.  She kept her gun at the ready, hoping to blast enemies away. She worked her way to Mara. The protector fired at Tilly keeping her back as long as she could. "Stay back!" She shouted. Tilly used a jamming in her enemy's weapon to get closer.  She punched the protector and then fired into her stomach. She shook from the unbearable pain looking up at her foe. "S-stay away...from Otama" She hit the ground bleeding out while the remaining troops fired at her, killing her men off. She dogged the laser making her way up to the barrier protecting the city where Gavin was.

Tilly approached the barrier and worked on destroying it to get to him, She struck the barrier of blue light, the troops continuing firing but she managed to evade the rounds of blasts and cracking a small hole in the barrier. went immediately to Gavin.  She stole into the room he was in and powered up her laser gun. She approached Gavin, A few soldiers helped Mara to a medic station and began treating her wounds while their threat prepared to fire. Tilly shoved Gavin's shoulder.  "Awaken!" Gavin slowly opened his eyes paralyzed for some reason. "W-what do you want?" He replied trying to fight his paralysis.

Tilly pressed her gun to his chest.  "You're coming with me or I'll shoot you here." Otama had no choice but to agree. "Fine" he said laying there motionless. Tilly transported them both to her ship. They took off into space. Tilly shoved Gavin into a protective cell, much like an energy bubble.  She orders a guard to stand watch and walks off a little to listen to the casualty reports. Regaining his strength, Gavin took out his pill bottle and ate one...After a few seconds he grew much stronger. "I can do this!" The dark haired fighter struck the bubble with all his strength but it just shook when suddenly electricity surged through the bubble shocking him, causing him to fall to his knees.

Tilly turned and looked at the warrior, pleasantly amused.  "That was enjoyable to watch.  For your health, sit and relax.  You'll be safe as long as you cooperate.  Dilleon, keep a close eye on him." The guard nodded and aimed his weapon at the bubble. (What do I do...) He thought looking around. He thought for a moment then grinned. Dilleon looked to see the prisoner fall out of the bubble out of breath with Burns all over his body. Gavin coughed and looked up at the guard charging him.

Tilly swung around and round house kicked Gavin across the room.  She shoved Dilleon out of way and advanced toward Gavin once more. The wounded guy began to laugh getting back up once more. The wounded guy began to laugh getting back up once more. Tilly grabbed the fallen stun ray gun and aimed it at her captive. Gavin smiled and ran towards her jumping over her at the last second landing on the other side of the room. Tilly pivoted and shot a stun blast at Gavin.  "There's nowhere for you to go!" He grinned and evaded the blast at the last second and hit the bubble freeing the real Gavin Tilly's eyes wide realizing that the Gavin she was fighting was a mirage the whole time. Tilly swore and rammed into the true Gavin.  She pressed the gun to his back. The freed Warrior knock the gun out of her hand and pushed her back. "Enough of the gun shit" he said. Tilly stumbled and glared at Gavin. "There's nowhere for you to go.  Cease this insolence!"

Gavin struck the side of the ship repeatedly until a hole finally opens. Both of them go flying out of the ship into space. At first Otama was freaking about being out in space with no atmosphere but realized he could breathe.

(W-what's happening? I shouldn't be able to breathe in space) Just then he realized that they had reached a planet that had an artificial atmosphere around it and they had just entered it before he had broken through the ship's wall. Tilly's eyes widen.  She looked around in curiosity and relief.  "Astonishing!" Both of them began to get pulled down to the planet's surface like a meteor Gavin impacted a parking lot while Tilly landed in an underground subway station.

"D-damn that hurt, luckily-I survived the impact" Tilly groaned and slowly got to her feet.  Her clothing was luckily made for absorbing impact and damage.  She climbed out of the subway station. The hero began limping away from the large crater he had created with blood dripping down his body, but thanks to the pill he had taken his wounds were healing quickly. After about a few minutes he was fully healed as if he hadn't' of  impacted the parking in the first place. He saw Tilly and hid behind a building nearby watching her.

Tilly looked around for Gavin.  She inspected the crater and spotted the blood drops on the pavement.  She used her energy to heal herself before following the blood. Now fully healed and out of ideas of where to go Gavin took a deep breath and fired an energy blast out of his hand aim straight for her, the citizens in the area began screaming running out of the way as the red ray of light headed straight for it's target. Tilly saw the blast and redirected it skyward with an angled wall of energy.  "Idiot! Do you not see the civilians?" "Don't act like the hero here!" Gavin responded putting his palm out aimed at her preparing to shoot another energy blast. Tilly created a wall before her.  It stayed a few feet in front of her as she ran at him. Changing his tactic the warrior formed a sphere of energy and threw it straight at the barrier, instead of it erupting it latched onto the barrier. Otama fired multiple energy spheres blocking her view as they attached to her barrier.

Tilly swore under her breath.  She broke the wall and shot wind sickles at the warrior, As the projectiles headed straight for its Target all of the Spheres of energy erupted in a massive explosion in Tilly's face. Tilly was blown backwards.  She rolled to a stop in front of a bus bench and laid there. One of the projectiles struck him in the chest and he fell to one knee was the air knocked out of them. "Darn, thought I would Dodge that" He look at his enemy that was laying there by the bench. At first Gavin thought to shoot one more energy blast to take care of her but decided to just leave her be and leave.

Tilly slowly got to her feet, face singed and pained.  She looked around for Gavin but her vision was too blurry to distinguish him from any other thing in the area. Gavin searched the city for a space craft until after ten minutes of searching he finally found one and the key still happen to be in the ignition. The man quickly started the ship and took off into space, suddenly he was beginning to get shot at by a group of men luckily he managed to get off-planet and head straight back to his world...

But after about 20 minutes of flying he realized that the ship was almost out of gas. He impacted a planet not far from his own he could actually see his Home world in the sky like a moon.

Meanwhile Tilly managed to find her people, who had landed not far from where she fell.  They fixed the spacecraft wall…