2 School Part 1

The goading continued once more before anyone even notice.

"Nie Lie, with your talent you can only reach Bronze Rank Fighter in your lifetime." Shen Xiu said a little upset at the flippant teen. Forgetting that she was a teacher really. A side effect of the main character halo that Niel Lie had. Not only did it provoke people easily and promote jealousy, but it also had ways of making people focus on you for no other reason besides to shape the individual. At least Nie Li's was not as bad as Ye Xighe's. "Wanting to be a Demon Spiritualist is simply impossible."

"Aunty that is really enough." Shen Yue said. A few looking at him surprised he spoke against her. But he really couldn't tolerate this to much. Plus, he needed to make a good impression on a few people. "As your role as a teacher, it is important to stir us up but you are boarding on making them upset." He looked around gauging the other classmates. Only a few had a small inkling of what he meant. "Don't her words and those of Nie Lie make you want to try harder just to prove yourself?"

"Well, a little.." A student next to him said. His little fists balled up as he thought about how hard his parents suffered. The commoner's life was just awful if someone was suppressing you as well. "..you are right! Thank you teacher Shen Xiu for encouraging us!"

"Yeah, thought you were a bi.. I mean just being difficult at first!" Another student said. Almost slipped a word that would get him throttled at home.

"Nie Lie did have some points to. But no way he would know any of this with out help." Another student surmised. He nodded his head drawing conclusions that made sense to him. "They had to plan this from the start!"

A purple-haired girl in the class didn't think so. Ye Ziyun could tell Shen Xiu meant what she said, since it was what most Noble and those most influential thought. But what was going on with Shen Yue? He was acting very differently all of a sudden.

Nie Lie was taken back but he recovered quickly enough. Insulting Shen Xiu made him feel good.

Shen Xiu still at a loss in the behavior of her nephew. He sowed a little bit of discord and got his classmates thinking something a little about how things worked.

"Ehem!" Shen Xiu cleared her throat as she wanted to get back on track. "Ok, that is enough. Just those with weak talent try harder. The families in Sacred City will defintely help you." Failing at changing things around, she tossed that out there. A glare at her nephew and she went back to teaching. 'I will talk with him later about this.'

"Moving on with the lesson.." Shen Xiu looked over a scroll. ".. the results of everyone's Soul Force test is out! Among the students, Ye Ziyun has a Cyan Soul Realm with a force of 86. Shen Yue.."

"Ah don't mention mine." Shen Yue said to his aunt. "It is not their business aunty." She was suprised he wouldn't want to show off even more so. The way he called her aunty, left a funny feeling in her belly. The first few times she thought it was an accident or she misheard. 'If memory serves, she was really fond of Shen Yue compared to the others in the family, gonna have to use that to my advantage more.'

"Ok.." Shen Xiu gave a nod before proceding. "Xiao Ninger has a Green Soul Realm and a Soul Force of 78." Her eyes traveled to look at Nie Lie. Slight contempt held in them. "They will soon reach 1-Star Bronze Realm."

At the mention of that, Nie Lie and Shen Yue looked at Xiao Ninger. Both for the same reason mostly.

'First child of the Xiao Family, one of the seven Noble families. Her Soul Force is only slightly beneath Ye Ziyun. Before the Fall of Glory City, she already became a Silver Rank Demon Spiritualist. Togethor with...' Nie Lie stopped his thinking. He noticed Shen Yue looking at her as well before turning away. '..that was odd. I do not remember him having an interest in her before. In fact..'

In order to curry the favor of the 3 major families, the Xiao Family forced Xiao Ninger to marry into the Sacred Family and chose Shen Fei. The old foggies decided this long ago but one participant was unwilling.

'Xiao Ninger left her family and went into the St.Ancestral Mountains Black Devil Forest and never came back.' Nie Lie felt that in of itself was odd. But not much he could do about that situation right now. 'If given the chance, I will defintely help her. If only to cause problems for the Sacred Family.'

'"Hmmm.." Shen Yue leaned back in the seat. It was slightly uncomfortable as he thought things over. 'Ye Ziyun was not worth the hassle at all to recruit to my side. Especially with the abilities of the Flame Vortex Core to change things with the proper resources, I can turn the most common into the extraordinary. Character is what matters most. And Xiao Ninger is a ride-or-die chick. But that age though..'

Considering how she developed into a faithful friend and die-hard lover to Nie Lie was something to consider. But the hints to what she originally turned into suggested she was still a die-hard friend and cultivator. The thought of meeting the original Xiao Ninger that suffered hardships sounded most appealing.

'..as well as that, is the her that develops from the interactions with Nie Lie. I should judge things accordingly considering people will change from my influence.' The effect of a Champion brought change whether they did things or not.

'Why were both of them looking at me like that?' Xiao Ninger was only slightly unnerved by it. Especially Shen Yue's look. 'If he is anything like his brother.. I will need to stay far away from him.'

'Things to consider moving forward I suppose. But the cold touch she has in her should be close to the Frost Qi that the Heaven Dragon Halberd produced before. Worth the effort to take. I can use that as an exchange method for treating her.'

"Listen up.." Shen Xiu went into teaching mode. "In the Fighter and Demon Spiritualist test in two months' time, I hope that there will be a few more 1-Star Bronze Rank individuals. It will make both me and the Holy Orchid Institue very proud of you!"

"Once a Fighter's Strength or Demon Spiritualist Soul Force reaches a 100, they can be considered 1-Star Bronze Rank. Achieving that minimum requirement is extremely difficult." Du Ze said lowly to Nie Lie. Making sure not to tick the teacher off by talking to loud. "Lots of people are unable to do this in their lifetime."

"Oh, aunty!" Shen Yue exclaimed getting several people's attention. "I think you should reveal that special surprise you set up. Don't want them thinking you don't care about their growth." Shen Xiu frowned immediately. She had know idea what her nephew was up to. Her shaking convinced the students she was angry that he was spoiling a surprise however. "Every student that increased their efforts by 50% will get a reward to help their cultivation. But they have to agree to try their hardest in the future. No matter the results they have during the test."

"You little brat!" Shen Xiu was fuming now. Especially since she didn't have any plan like that. But she couldn't act on her anger right now. "Stop disrupting class." The number of students in the class receiving rewards would cost a good penny.

It was to late now. The students had twinkling looks in their eyes. Looking at her as if she was a prize.

"Back to what I was saying..." Shen Xiu bared with it. "...In two months' time, I want to see the extent of your hard work. Those who are interested, make sure you sign this scroll before the day is out."

Nie Lie, Du Ze, and Lu Piao were having a conversation all of their own really. The others back there, Wei Nan, Zhu Xiangjun, and Zhang Ming listening only a little. Nie Lie had just said he would make Du Ze and Lu Piao the strongest Demon Spiritualist ever. Not mentioning anything about them really. It left them with an odd feeling.

But they were kids, they might just over thought the matter.

The students that trusted the Sacred Family had signed the scroll after class. Nie Lie's group left to go do some things. Ye Ziyun only giving them a glance before going on her way. Xiao Ninger was stopped by Shen Yue.

"What is it?"

"The thing with you and my brother.." Shen Yue got right to the point with one matter. Xiao Ninger froze up as well as a few other members of the Xiao family. Shen Xiu listened intently to what was going on but kept conversing with the students signing the form. "..I will help with that matter. He is after all a disgrace to males everywhere."

"Is that something to say about your brother?"

"It is because he is my "brother" I can say it." Shen Yue gave a smirk. "The rumors are true by the way, do not doubt them. I will bring up the matter to change the betrothal from him to myself and you can just decline the matter or not pay attention to it. I understand saying is more than believing."

"And why would you do this?" Xiao Ninger was vary but defintely hope this would create a problem to slow things down.

"Because like I said, he is a disgrace to males everywhere. There are ways to deal with him. Just do not let it plague your thoughts for now." Shen Yue said nothing else as he turned away to his aunt. Enough people have heard to spread gossip now. Which will cause trouble for him later. A good way to get resources was by causing conflict with people. And refining the bodies will defintely help him learn more of the place. "Aunty, told you it would be a good idea to offer rewards!"

The students believed this even more so with Shen Yue's bright smile. Xiao Ninger and her people left the room. After the students signed they left as well. Shen Xiu was like a rampaging beast as she almost tore the scroll with all the names on it.

It would cost a pretty penny if they all succeeded after adding it all up again considering the drive of the students now.

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