61 Chapter 61 - The Experience and Thoughts

As the three young mages made their way back to Red Copper Town, their steps were filled with a mix of awe and curiosity. The encounter with Skalain, the master of the Dark Archive, had left an indelible impression on them. They marveled at his power and mysterious aura.

For new students like them, even a new mage at the level of Skalain is something to be taken lightly.

In a sense, the fact that Skalain has the resources and knowledge of the Dark Archive and that he is a hardworking mage with a keen interest in learning and a smart intelligence made him increase his knowledge and magic power pretty quickly.

It was only to be expected that in about one month he would be at the level where new students would marvel.

At the same time, he had some battle experience too, so he was not an inexperienced mage considering all the things he had seen.

"It was exciting."

Ezekiel thought as he kept on moving.

Cardian broke the silence. "Did you see the way he commanded those skeletons? It was like they were an extension of his own will. Skalain is truly a formidable mage. It is no wonder he knows Master Jareth."

Ezekiel nodded, his eyes filled with admiration. "And the way he spoke was so composed and enigmatic. It's as if he holds the knowledge of a thousand tomes within his mind. I can't help but wonder what kind of experiences he has had to become so powerful."

Layla chimed in, her voice filled with curiosity. "I'm also curious about the punishment we'll face from Master Jareth for destroying Skalain's skeleton. He mentioned something about paying him 30 gold coins. That's quite a hefty sum."

The mention of their impending punishment brought a mix of concern and humor to their faces. They knew that their actions had consequences, and Jareth, their mentor and guide, would surely hold them accountable for their misstep.

Of course, compared to the fact that they were murdered and turned into skeletons by a necromancer, They would definitely pay for even more if needed. Even if they need to work doing most mundane jobs for one year, it does not matter at all.

Cardian let out a nervous chuckle. "I can already imagine the disappointment in Master Jareth's eyes when he hears about what we did. I hope he understands that it was an honest mistake."

Ezekiel nodded in agreement. "Indeed, we didn't know the significance of the skeleton. But I have a feeling that Jareth will find a way to teach us a valuable lesson, one that we won't soon forget."

Layla added with a grin, "Well, we better start saving up those gold coins. We don't want to be in debt to Skalain for too long. Besides, it might be an opportunity to earn some extra funds through missions and tasks."

The three mages continued their journey, their conversation laced with a mix of anticipation and lightheartedness. As they approached Red Copper Town, they knew that their encounter with Skalain had marked the beginning of a new chapter in their magical journeys. Which was not that wrong.

Skalain had his own little plans for them in his mind that they weren't aware of.

Little did they know that the alliance they forged with Skalain and the impending consequences of their actions would shape their future in unforeseen ways. The mysteries of the Dark Archive and the pursuit of justice would intertwine.

The young mages of The Tower Of Black Sun walked onward; they were having a good time because they were able to save their own lives from the hands of impending death. That was all they ever wanted from this interaction with Skalain, and they got it.

They were lucky to encounter Skalain, and that was all.

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