56 Chapter 56 - Not Going To Get Overwhelmed

With measured steps, the group of skeletons dispersed into the surrounding woods, their bony frames moving silently and swiftly, as they sought out any signs of disturbance or threat.

Skalain remained vigilant, his gaze fixed on their departure.

As the minutes ticked by, tension hung heavy in the air, each passing moment heightening Skalain's anticipation.

"I am not worried that much, but these three weeks passed without any incident and I can say that I am bored and having some sort of action would do good."

He knew that Dark Archive and it is surrounding forest was not without its dangers, hidden as it was within the depths of the forest.

He also started calling his own conjured skeleton the name of Skeleton Sentinel, he did sent two of them with to Servants, if additional power force needed, Sentinels would make short work of many mages and monsters as long as they were not that powerful.

Time seemed to stretch as Skalain anxiously awaited the return of his skeletal scouts. Each passing second felt like an eternity.

His magical power and understanding of necromancy is not high enough to understand every experience skeletons went through.

If his level was high enough he can hear from the location of the skeletons and see what they are seeing.

But at this point, he can only understand some simple things and that was because of his own conjured skeleton sentinels, not the ones he created.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the first of the skeletal scouts returned, its bony form emerging from the depths of the forest. Skalain's eyes locked onto the figure, waiting for any indication of what it had discovered. The skeletal servant approached, its movements deliberate and calculated.

As the skeleton drew closer, Skalain noticed that the skeleton was melted.

"A fire element spell, it is more than likely that a mage, a weak one of that, destroyed it."

With a heavy heart, Skalain listened intently as the skeletal scout conveyed its findings. Through its silent gestures and the echoes of its memories,

"I could not stay silent in this matter. But, right now, I don't want to waste my time trying to find out who destroyed my skeleton."

"Best, I can do us have more Skeleton Servants to keep looking around and waiting for my target."

Gathering his remaining skeleton servants, Skalain prepared them and ordered them to keep their eyes open and search the area. Other than some guard servants, all the other forty skeletons were left to the Dark Archive.

As the skeletal army assembled under Skalain's command. He would not allow the trespassers to undermine the authority he had established, nor would he let them tarnish the legacy of the Dark Archive.

"I did not come into this world to be attacked"

"I will not let what happened to me back on earth make itself surface again. That is the most important and only point that I seek and find makes sense."

Skalain thought and took a deep breath.

Two Days Later -

Other than ten servants in the Dark Archive, five responsible for preparing tea and other things for Skalain and Five for general guard, forty servants, with the help of two sentinels, kept looking for targets.

Two days later, they encountered what they were seeking.

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