Dargolth Kaiser and The Djiins Book

novel - Fantasy

Dargolth Kaiser and The Djiins


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Richan is an ordinary Teenager, who lives in Indonesia, East Java Province, he born into such a warm and caring family, having some reliable friends, and he glad for it and prays gratitude to God for everything he got every day. But one day this youngster asks for an extraordinary request to God on his prayer, which is he asks for an "Eternal Friend and Companion" and that's where his life began to change. He encounters a strange dream for seven days straight, and what he got in the end? he got two new friends, these two friends of him are unnamed. And Richan our MC, decided to give them a name which is "Rayzal" and "Rizteyfal", just what gonna happen with this boy ordinary life? and what big fate gonna come for him??


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