Dare To Love A Dragon

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What is Dare To Love A Dragon

Read Dare To Love A Dragon novel written by the author precious_pruddy on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering r18, dark, bl, dragon, family. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[ #Gold Winner WPC 173] Alexander the prince of Arimelari was cursed by a witch as a child to live as a half-dragon and half-human. He would turn into a dragon by day and human by night. This was due to magic being outlawed by his father and witches being killed. The royal physicians have tried all but he can't be cured unless he breaks the curse. The only way to break the curse is by the hands of the person who is destined to kill him. According to the very witch who cursed him, his bane had the mark of the moon and the sun and the day they met will be the beginning of the countdown to his death. The King made sure that every child born with a birthmark of the moon or sun was killed. But will he be able to protect his son from his fate when it is written to come true and who will Alexander's bane be? **** Francis a young man who lives with his mother and sister is the sole provider in his family. He is a hunter and he tries to provide everything his family needs. But when his mother falls ill sick with an unknown disease he must raise money to get her treated. When the prince asks him for his hand in return for his mother's treatment he accepts. Will he be able to live with the prince and love him for who he is? And what happens when he turns out to be Alexander's bane. Cover by Tisha D and credit goes to the owner. Will remove if asked to.

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Did the author change the cover? I think I've seen the book's title before but with a different cover. Or I'm mistaken? 🤔 Never mind~~ this book is so interesting and well-written. No wonder it won the WPC. The plots are great, the characters' design is also on point. The story developing at the right pace. Thank you for your hard work, author! 🤗🥰


I love bl and this book has such a nice start. The story has a sweet plot that will surely will be great to read. I can't wait to see the love between the two destined enemies. I wish that they end up together in the end.


I find dragons really cool, and BL aren't really my thing....but this story hooked me up. Great start, and the characters are described perfectly. I already added it to my library. Kudos author🤗


Tried desperately to enjoy the book, but found myself cringing through what ive read so far and the way some things were explained felt very rushed and weirdly phrased. Hopefully the book later on gets better because the concept was nice!


All in all I liked the main characters but the plot/story line moved all over the place. I think at some point there wasn’t a clear duration in where this story was going. So changing this and changing that became the norm.


This is awesome🤩🤩😘 author please update more chapters regularly please more chapters and don't stop updating it's awesome and it's amazing😉


In all honesty, BL novels aren't my cup of tea. However, the pinch of fantasy masks that detail accompanied by the fact that the characters feel authentic.


Premise is interesting, I'm not one for romance but I could see it doing fine. Grammar and pacing could use some work, but not a bad effort.


There's a bit of writing error that can be avoided through beta readers. Seems rushed in the beginning. But it has a cool concept and just needs some polish on it so it can shine.


I got hooked the minute I started reading this book. I particularly like how the characters are designed and how they interact with each other, with no intense fights and everything when the story has just began. I like how the story progresses with no confusion going around wondering how you got to a certain point. All in all I'll just say it's interesting and will follow it to see how it ends. Totally recommend it.


i just faded into the story.😍😍😍😍😍 i really like this genre. also i really was curious about that man ( knight maybe) face and power. the describing of places and feellings was really strong. im in love with it. hope someday it turn into a move or animation.🤗🤗🤗


This is the first time that I read such an interesting story, the development of the plot is impeccable, I really liked it, I hope I can continue reading more. [img = recomendar]


i think dragons are the coolest. just picked up this book today and i am hooked. i have added it to my library and i think the author did an amazing job. great work!!!!!! !..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................


nice work, the first chapter got me hooked already although this is my first time reading a bl novel but i love it keep it up author expecting more of it .


My first time reading a Bl novel, I didn't know what to expect, but the first chapter got me hooked. The way the story is portrayed is amazing. Keep Up! Expecting much more from the story! The novel have endless potential!


Well it's not my cup of tea (BL i mean), but it's an interesting idea and author-sans grammar as better than most. So go ahead and read it![img=coins][img=exp]


nice book enjoyed it felt like am watching a movie the flow was sweet.i recommend more readers


nice story but had a lot of twist to it and I don't really love the ending but it's good but I will compliment the author of the story[img=coins]


Ich bin erst bei Kapitel 3, aber die Geschichte ließt sich für mich sehr gestückelt. Die Sätze gehen nicht flüssig ineinander über. Am Übersetzer kann es nicht liegen, denn den benutze ich immer und bei anderen Geschichten ist es nicht so schlimm.


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