Danmachi: Shrouded in the Abyss of Darkness

In a world suffocated by the weight of societal expectations, Ren's life unfolds as a hollow facade, devoid of purpose or true fulfillment. His days are spent trapped in the chains of conformity, desperately yearning for the moment they will end. And then, a revelation tears through the veil of his existence, thrusting him into a realm beyond his wildest dreams. Consumed by a delusion that permeates his every thought, Ren becomes enamored with a goddess-like character, Ais Wallenstein, from the world of "Danmachi." Her otherworldly beauty, with long golden-blonde tresses cascading like a radiant sun, her eyes a mesmerizing shade of gold, and a figure exuding grace and elegance, captivate his imagination. As if fate's cruel jest, tragedy befalls Ren, casting him into the realm of the afterlife. But amidst the abyss, a powerful Goddess emerges, confirming the existence of worlds he once believed were mere figments of imagination. It is a revelation that shatters the boundaries of his perceived reality and reignites the flames of the twisted desires he suppressed for a long, long time... ————— The novel's discord server: 2NUzdasA6F Author Notes: First and foremost, I extend my apologies in advance. Throughout this novel, I may make references to various anime and novels, as well as playfully critique certain aspects of other works. Please understand that it is not my intention to offend anyone. I neither claim ownership of these works nor have personal connections with the authors. Posting Pace: I must confess that I am writing this story purely for my own satisfaction, without any fixed schedule or deadlines. Anticipating some common questions: Q: Will there be a harem? A: I cannot say for certain. My MC has a deep obsession with Ais Wallenstein alone, which may be enough to satisfy his desires. Q: Is the MC mentally stable? A: No. Ren is a broken individual, a clear example being the MC of "The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines." If you are unfamiliar with that character, I encourage you to read a few chapters or peruse the synopsis for further insight. Q: Is this a Danmachi fanfiction? A: Yes, it is ultimately a Danmachi fanfic. However, it may diverge from the most popular fanfictions you may have encountered, offering a unique perspective and narrative. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me. I hope you find the story engaging and thought-provoking, as it explores the depths of Ren's twisted desires and the intricacies of a world woven from both familiar and unfamiliar threads.

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After an hour had passed, I rose from the small chair I had been seated on and nodded in acknowledgment. "It appears our conversation has come to an end. I now possess all the necessary information," I remarked.

Eve provided detailed explanations about critical matters, including the process of traveling to the Danmachi World once I completed my objectives on 5T9B, which is the name of the planet closest to the Danmachi World at approximately 20 Light Years with such abundant conditions.

She also divulged why the Gods were hesitant to attack her—they feared her ability to utilize the "Veil of Destiny," which shielded her true nature and made it impossible for any God of her level to understand her. Only her immense divine power was discernible, leaving the Gods uneasy until they possessed overwhelming strength that disregarded any potential trump cards she may have.

[Yes. Before you go, though, I will give you one gift. Consider this a tool that will aid you in your survival, but can't guarantee it.]

As my mind raced with a flurry of thoughts, I couldn't help but entertain a somewhat foolish notion.

"Oh, a System or something?"

I muttered, my mind echoing the common plot device found in countless novels.

In those stories, it seemed almost customary for a clueless protagonist from Earth to possess some kind of system, an all-encompassing tool that would guide them through unfamiliar worlds. After all, how else could an ordinary person hope to navigate such extraordinary circumstances?

Unless, of course, they were fortunate enough to possess the expertise they already had in their previous life, like a doctor reincarnating as a doctor in another world. However, such instances were rare, and most found solace in relying on the crutch of a system.

While lost in my contemplation, I noticed Eve emitting a soft, weary sigh. It was as though she bore witness to my frivolous musings, silently acknowledging the absurdity that entangled my thoughts.

[You know well, Ren]

Eve's voice resonated with a hint of disappointment

[I am unable to grant you such a system. The power it holds would make you a conspicuous presence in every world you venture into. Stepping foot into the Danmachi World with that kind of power would send ripples throughout the divine realm, alerting every God to your presence. And believe me, the consequences would be dire.]

Indeed, it was as she said. Since our operation is to never be found by anyone else, I can't just get some random OP system that will carry me along to the stronger levels by killing monsters or doing daily quests like the Saitama³ training...

With a somber tone, she continued

[I can provide you with something similar, but without the reliance on divine power. It will fuse with your very soul, rendering it undetectable by all but the most invasive of inspections. Think of it as a small AI, capable of quantifying your own stats as well as those of others based on your observations and its own. It may also offer assistance in various fields, though its capabilities are limited. It is the best I can offer without jeopardizing your safety. You can explore all its capabilities on your own, though don't expect much.]

I sigh in lament at how hard "reality" is compared to these fucking anime and novels, yet I don't bother with it for more than an instant. It is what it is.

"Since I have no cheat, I just have to become the cheat."

The words hung in the air, breaking the silence with a touch of awkwardness. Eve's voice held a touch of amusement and mild reproach as she responded to my thoughts.

[It seems you have a tendency to carry a certain air of arrogance about you, don't you? I mean, it was I who mentioned that your destiny shines like a ray of sunshine for me, but...]

Her words trailed off, leaving a sense of unfinished thought. I couldn't help but acknowledge the truth in her observation. Perhaps I had allowed a hint of pride to seep into my thoughts.

What I can guess was a troubled expression flickered across Eve's face, betraying a hint of concern amidst her divine countenance. I couldn't help but let a small smirk escape from my cage of emotions, a subtle display of amusement at the unexpected vulnerability she revealed. It was a fleeting moment of connection between a Goddess and a mortal, a shared understanding that transcended the boundaries separating us.

With this unspoken exchange, the time had come to bid farewell. Our eyes met one final time, each nodding in silent acknowledgment of the other.

Without a word, Eve summoned her divine power with a snap of her fingers, conjuring a small portal before me.

As the shimmering portal materialized, I couldn't help but feel a surge of anticipation for the journey that lay ahead. The words Eve spoke next echoed with a touch of mystery and promise, intertwining fate and possibility.

[You will have your 'System' once you set foot on 5T9B]

Her voice resonated with a resolute assurance, infused with a touch of bittersweet finality, for it was clear that these would be the last words she would utter to me for a considerable stretch of time, akin to a farewell.

In that familiar moment, where tradition dictated the Mortal would bow in gratitude and express thanks to the God or Goddess for their bestowed opportunity, an unconventional scene unfolded. This Mortal, an anomaly even among the Irregulars, offered words that strayed from the expected script.

"..If I had not already fallen in love with Ais Wallenstein before my death, and if I had beheld your appearance unveiled, devoid of the veiling rays of light that shroud your perfect features, perhaps my heart might have yielded to you, Oh Goddess Eve. May our alliance endure for eternity, or until death's grip forcibly separates us. It was not an entirely pleasurable encounter, yet it was not without its merits. Farewell, for now."

With those words hanging delicately in the air, the Mortal unhesitatingly crossed the threshold of the portal, poised to embark upon his fabled story of conquest and obsession, evoking tremors that would cause even the Heavens themselves to quake in his wake.

Yet, for the Goddess, in that fleeting instant, none of that held any significance. Amidst the divine light that enveloped her form, a sensation gripped her being, rendering her visage a deep shade of crimson, while her very essence trembled with an emotion akin to embarrassment. Throughout her long and eternal existence, never before had a man dared to utter such audacious words.

He had been insolent throughout, treating her as naught but a flawless adornment upon which he bestowed fleeting glances before ultimately disregarding her. Yet, against all odds, the Goddess harbored no trace of anger within her.

No, instead, a newfound sentiment stirred within her core, escaping the confines of its cage to enwrap her heart. It was a sentiment that surpassed mere love, resembling the concern a parent would feel for their child, albeit distorted and obsessive in nature.


In her wisdom, the Goddess chose silence, recognizing that, contrary to expectations, she was not nearly as unhinged as the Mortal. She sealed this unusual episode within the recesses of her being, reserving it for another chapter in their shared tale.


3. Saitama is the protagonist of One Punch Man. I don't know if there's anyone here who doesn't know who he is, but...(No, I'm not hungry for words. This chapter has already 1250 words. More than enough.)

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