Danmachi: Shrouded in the Abyss of Darkness

In a world suffocated by the weight of societal expectations, Ren's life unfolds as a hollow facade, devoid of purpose or true fulfillment. His days are spent trapped in the chains of conformity, desperately yearning for the moment they will end. And then, a revelation tears through the veil of his existence, thrusting him into a realm beyond his wildest dreams. Consumed by a delusion that permeates his every thought, Ren becomes enamored with a goddess-like character, Ais Wallenstein, from the world of "Danmachi." Her otherworldly beauty, with long golden-blonde tresses cascading like a radiant sun, her eyes a mesmerizing shade of gold, and a figure exuding grace and elegance, captivate his imagination. As if fate's cruel jest, tragedy befalls Ren, casting him into the realm of the afterlife. But amidst the abyss, a powerful Goddess emerges, confirming the existence of worlds he once believed were mere figments of imagination. It is a revelation that shatters the boundaries of his perceived reality and reignites the flames of the twisted desires he suppressed for a long, long time... ————— The novel's discord server: 2NUzdasA6F Author Notes: First and foremost, I extend my apologies in advance. Throughout this novel, I may make references to various anime and novels, as well as playfully critique certain aspects of other works. Please understand that it is not my intention to offend anyone. I neither claim ownership of these works nor have personal connections with the authors. Posting Pace: I must confess that I am writing this story purely for my own satisfaction, without any fixed schedule or deadlines. Anticipating some common questions: Q: Will there be a harem? A: I cannot say for certain. My MC has a deep obsession with Ais Wallenstein alone, which may be enough to satisfy his desires. Q: Is the MC mentally stable? A: No. Ren is a broken individual, a clear example being the MC of "The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines." If you are unfamiliar with that character, I encourage you to read a few chapters or peruse the synopsis for further insight. Q: Is this a Danmachi fanfiction? A: Yes, it is ultimately a Danmachi fanfic. However, it may diverge from the most popular fanfictions you may have encountered, offering a unique perspective and narrative. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me. I hope you find the story engaging and thought-provoking, as it explores the depths of Ren's twisted desires and the intricacies of a world woven from both familiar and unfamiliar threads.

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Dungeon: To Reach You(4)

The expedition progressed rapidly without encountering any mishaps. In a mere three days, they had already achieved their objective, collecting all the necessary monster parts. The faces of the lower-level members now bore a somber and mature expression, as if they had just emerged from the depths of hell.

All's well that ends well...

However, Finn couldn't ignore the throbbing sensation in his thumb, an unfamiliar intensity that hinted at the validity of his concerns.

What troubled Finn, even more, was the realization their assailant wasn't directly targeting their Familia. Despite numerous opportunities to do so in the past few days, it seemed their sights were set solely on Ais Wallenstein herself.

How could this person be aware that Ais was meant to venture forth alone? The implications were unsettling, suggesting the presence of a traitor among their ranks divulging their movements or an individual possessing an extraordinary ability to grasp their plans as they were spoken.

Such knowledge had the potential to drive even the most composed Commanders to the brink of madness with anxiety.

Nevertheless, Finn adjusted his plans accordingly. He summoned Riveria and maintained his usual demeanor. However, as soon as they were alone, he discreetly handed her a report and began filling in the crucial [details].

[Our enemy is a formidable one. I fear they may have the ability to eavesdrop on our conversations. Let's be cautious and avoid any suspicious movements.]

Finn dismissed the possibility of a traitor, as the security measures in place were stringent, making it impossible for the information to be conveyed outside the confines of the 28th floor or for anyone to leave the camp unnoticed.

"It appears that our expedition is progressing well," Finn began speaking in his customary manner.

His approach was not entirely misguided, given his keen intuition and sharp wit. These were the only options available to him at the moment. Somehow, this person possessed an uncanny understanding of their situation, yet Finn had received no reports of any outsiders entering the 28th floor.

The adventurers present were all familiar members of other Familia.

Though, Infiltrating the 28th floor was not particularly difficult. While adventurers often checked for nearby monsters near the safe zone, their inspections were not exhaustive.

But within the Loki Familia camp, even an expert surpassing Finn's level would struggle to leave no trace, indicating the enemy's strength might surpass their initial expectations, or that they possessed remarkable expertise in concealment.

[I will remain here and inform Gareth to assume command] Finn decided, weighing the options.

Leaving the Familia members without their first-rate adventurers would only breed anxiety and confusion. It would also make them vulnerable targets if left unprotected.

Thus, he chose to quietly stay behind while relinquishing his role as Commander. Instructing Ais to remain with them would likely alert their enemy, so catching them off guard was the wiser course of action.

If they proved incapable of defeating the enemy, a strategic retreat would be their next move.

As Riveria and Finn concluded their conversation, a rough plan gradually took shape, carefully concealing its true contents from prying eyes...


As the Loki Familia made their way back to the surface, my emotions stirred, though I quickly suppressed them. I couldn't afford to make any mistakes now.

Taking deep breaths, my stomach churned with an unfamiliar sensation, as if awakening from a long slumber. When was the last time I experienced such a multitude of emotions? At this moment, I felt truly alive.

[Three strong presences are approaching your location, Host. They are estimated to reach you soon] Lucy informed me, her emotionless voice calm and precise.

I had instructed Lucy to alert me of any approaching lifeforms, as I needed to be prepared. It served as a means to channel my focus and eliminate any distracting thoughts. At this moment, only she existed—my sole priority.

True to Lucy's words, I didn't have to wait long. Finally, my gaze fell upon the woman who had become the object of my obsessions, and she was breathtakingly perfect.

Though my memories from before I became Ren Von Seraphis were scant, with most of them stored within Lucy, one image remained etched vividly in my mind—her appearance.

Her lustrous golden-blonde tresses cascaded like liquid sunlight, flowing down to grace her slender waist. Each strand shimmered with a radiant glow as if infused with the very essence of celestial beauty. Her face, delicate and ethereal, seemed to have been carefully carved by the hands of a divine artisan, each feature harmoniously balanced.

Within her mesmerizing gaze, eyes of pure gold glimmered with a captivating radiance, reflecting a hidden fire that burned with unwavering determination. It was as if her irises held a wellspring of passion, an inferno of resolute purpose that ignited her every step.

Her slender arms, adorned with skin as flawless as moonlight, bore the grace of a seasoned warrior. Despite the rigors of daily swordplay, they remained unblemished, untouched by the marks of battle.

A white and black battle cloth draped her lithe figure, its contrasting hues accentuating the gentle curves of her form. Sleek black arm covers embraced her arms with a sinuous allure, their supple embrace highlighting the sleek contours beneath. Long, regal blue boots encased her slender legs, their deep sapphire shade hinting at depths of mystery.

The disparity between glimpsing her through a screen and standing in her presence was staggering. It was as if the air itself trembled, causing my carefully constructed concealment to waver, exposing my hidden form to the trio before me. In that fleeting moment, the two accompanying figures faded into insignificance, for she alone seized my every thought and held my rapt attention.

Awestruck and unable to catch my breath, I stood before her, completely spellbound by her transcendent beauty. Every fiber of my being was enraptured, and my heart raced within my chest, reminiscent of that very first "encounter". But this time, the sensations surged with even greater force, ignited solely by her mere presence.

...Yet, it was a microsecond, too brief for anyone but myself to grasp. As I absorbed her enchanting presence, I regained my composure, for the time allotted to admire her had passed. Now, it was time to claim her as my own.

In a remarkable shift, my eyes, which had remained a subdued pale blue for centuries, underwent a profound transformation. They now blazed with a vibrant cyan hue, matching the intensity that radiated from her own captivating gaze. Neither I nor Lucy could fathom the significance of this change, but its magnitude surpassed our comprehension.

"...Greetings, Riveria Ljos Alf....Ais....Wallenstein...and, Finn Deimne."

I refrained from attempting a smile, fully aware of the dire consequences that could ensue. Smiling was an endeavor I had long abandoned, for my feeble attempts had only resulted in awkward or unnerving expressions. Such an activity was best avoided unless I found myself in solitude.

However, my presence was met with immediate hostility as their weapons rose against me, treating me as if I were a formidable enemy to be vanquished immediately. Finn gripped his spear, prepared to lend support to Ais who had already lunged at me, her sword poised threateningly at my throat. Meanwhile, Riveria seemed engrossed in conjuring one of her renowned spells.

I found their aggressive stance perplexing. Was it not customary to first seek understanding before engaging in combat?

...Not that I minded, for I effortlessly deflected Finn's spear with my hand and evaded Ais' swift strikes. Though they were weak, I did not wish for Ais to land a single blow. Such an outcome would jeopardize my meticulously crafted plan.

With this thought in mind, I surpassed Ais and advanced toward Riveria, my hand inching to her throat while maintaining an unwavering tone.

"...Why don't we all take a moment to calm down? You appear quite...agitated."

Having spoken, I awaited their response, knowing well that the initial steps of my plan had already veered from the intended path.


Author's Note:

In the upcoming chapter, we will delve into their POV! I promise to include a detailed description of Ren to avoid this chapter becoming an epic of 5000 words.