Danmachi: Shrouded in the Abyss of Darkness

In a world suffocated by the weight of societal expectations, Ren's life unfolds as a hollow facade, devoid of purpose or true fulfillment. His days are spent trapped in the chains of conformity, desperately yearning for the moment they will end. And then, a revelation tears through the veil of his existence, thrusting him into a realm beyond his wildest dreams. Consumed by a delusion that permeates his every thought, Ren becomes enamored with a goddess-like character, Ais Wallenstein, from the world of "Danmachi." Her otherworldly beauty, with long golden-blonde tresses cascading like a radiant sun, her eyes a mesmerizing shade of gold, and a figure exuding grace and elegance, captivate his imagination. As if fate's cruel jest, tragedy befalls Ren, casting him into the realm of the afterlife. But amidst the abyss, a powerful Goddess emerges, confirming the existence of worlds he once believed were mere figments of imagination. It is a revelation that shatters the boundaries of his perceived reality and reignites the flames of the twisted desires he suppressed for a long, long time... ————— The novel's discord server: 2NUzdasA6F Author Notes: First and foremost, I extend my apologies in advance. Throughout this novel, I may make references to various anime and novels, as well as playfully critique certain aspects of other works. Please understand that it is not my intention to offend anyone. I neither claim ownership of these works nor have personal connections with the authors. Posting Pace: I must confess that I am writing this story purely for my own satisfaction, without any fixed schedule or deadlines. Anticipating some common questions: Q: Will there be a harem? A: I cannot say for certain. My MC has a deep obsession with Ais Wallenstein alone, which may be enough to satisfy his desires. Q: Is the MC mentally stable? A: No. Ren is a broken individual, a clear example being the MC of "The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines." If you are unfamiliar with that character, I encourage you to read a few chapters or peruse the synopsis for further insight. Q: Is this a Danmachi fanfiction? A: Yes, it is ultimately a Danmachi fanfic. However, it may diverge from the most popular fanfictions you may have encountered, offering a unique perspective and narrative. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me. I hope you find the story engaging and thought-provoking, as it explores the depths of Ren's twisted desires and the intricacies of a world woven from both familiar and unfamiliar threads.

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Dungeon: To Reach You(2)

Gathering information proved effortless as the Loki Familia made no efforts to conceal their movements. A brief inquiry among the adventurers yielded the desired knowledge.

This time, no one dared to underestimate me. It came as no surprise to see someone without equipment in the Guild Hall, just as the daily demise of rookie adventurers elicited little reaction. But what about an unfamiliar figure, devoid of gear, who had traversed to the 18th floor alone and unscathed?

I could have easily masqueraded as a regular adventurer, engaging in random battles with the strongest fighters present. Yet, such endeavors held no appeal to me. Despite my peculiar nature, I am not devoid of intelligence.

Why would I create needless enemies? While I possess the power to crush them like ants, it is not my modus operandi.

Besides, I am primarily a long-range combatant. But let us set this aside for now.

As I gathered information here and there, rumors began to circulate on the 18th floor. Whispers of an enigmatic figure emerged—a being devoid of equipment, unscathed, and untouched by a single drop of blood. Speculations arose, suggesting that I might be a high-ranking operative intentionally left behind by the Loki Familia for some undisclosed purpose.

These rumors quickly gained traction, evolving into fantastical tales of vengeful spirits seeking retribution against the Loki Familia. Although I paid no heed to such gossip, I found the notion of haunting the beleaguered Familia quite amusing. In a sense, one could say I was pursuing them while showing no interest in anyone else.

"...I will likely end up clashing with them, though."

While my plan is far from discreet, it does not imply a desire to incite their wrath. However, I anticipate their fury—after all, I may snatch away one of their cherished Familia members.

Contemplating her, a faint "smile" graced my lips.

In the midst of all this, I employed a veil of mana to obscure myself from the eyes of mortals as I made my way toward the 28th floor.

'Will she venture forth alone, as is her custom?'

Some of the most captivating moments in the light novels were when Ais Wallenstein blazed with a fervor for growth. A woman shines most brilliantly when she is fueled by determination. I have no desire to extinguish that spark within her; instead, I seek to claim it for myself.

It would be a trivial matter to abduct her and possess her as a mere trophy, akin to Ricardus Skyfall⁴ and his objectifying ways. However, that is not my aim. I do not wish for a woman to be a mere symbol of conquest.

Reaffirming my centuries-old convictions, I am abruptly interrupted by tremors reverberating through the floor I currently occupy.

[You are on the 24th Floor, Host.]

"Thank you"

As I awkwardly extend my thanks to Lucy for her reminder, a surge of awareness floods my senses. The distant reverberations of dragon roars reach my ears, resonating through the air like an ominous prelude. It becomes evident that the very foundation of the floor is trembling, foretelling an impending catastrophe.

"A Monster Parade, perhaps?"

Faint echoes of multiple creatures stampeding reach my ears, eliciting a frustrated sigh. If I were to employ direct means to eradicate them all, I fear my powers would unleash an uncontrollable force, obliterating the entire floor.

While it would be acceptable even if Juggernaut-san were to appear, it would undoubtedly cause a massive commotion, alerting not only the Loki Familia but also the overseer of this Dungeon, Ouranos.

"You are an inconvenience, fucking Dungeon."

My veins pulsate visibly on my forehead as I curse aloud. Despite the obstacles, I vow to eliminate these foolish creatures hindering my progress.


A few hours had passed, and the Loki Familia had already made their way to the 28th floor.

As they pressed onward, the faces of most level 2 adventurers, and even some lower level 3s, grew heavy with solemnity. The sight of hundreds of monsters had left them visibly shaken, though they had yet to witness the true horrors that awaited on the 30th floor.

Finn couldn't help but inwardly smirk, not out of mockery but satisfaction. It seemed that their expedition's purpose was being fulfilled remarkably well. At this rate, they might not even need to confront the brutalities of the 30th floor to accomplish their mission.

However, Finn remained unfazed by the prospect of such an outcome. He knew it was crucial for adventurers of their level to experience the rightful fear that came with their endeavors.

Furthermore, they still had the responsibility to complete the expedition thoroughly. The Guild would not excuse the Loki Familia if they took on a quest and failed to see it through. The consequences would be dire for their reputation, and as the captain, Finn would never allow that to happen.

"...Although, everything is progressing too smoothly," he contemplated aloud.

As a seasoned warrior, Finn's instincts kicked in when events aligned too perfectly with his intentions. Most adventurers would dismiss such feelings as mere paranoia, but Finn dared not overlook them.

He turned to his vice-captain, Riveria, and without the need for words, they shared the same sense of unease.

After retreating into the privacy of the Commander's tent, Riveria stood motionless while Finn settled himself calmly.

"You feel it too. What could it be this time?" Finn's voice carried a touch of exasperation. Why couldn't things simply go smoothly for once?

"...I do not know," Riveria replied. "For now, let us tighten our security measures."

They had never truly let their guard down, but the moments when they gathered around a bonfire to savor a cooked meal held immense significance for them all. It was a brief respite amidst the unforgiving depths of the Dungeon, a time when they could momentarily let go. They would talk of love, of the places they wished to visit once they returned...

Yet even this simple luxury now seemed unattainable. They found themselves under the shadow of an unknown threat, a looming specter that might prove to be nothing more than an illusion... for once.


4: Ricardus Skyfall, King stage cultivator in the novel "Supreme Harem God System".

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