5 Beginning 5

My sigh merged with the somewhat chilly morning air. I walked alone on the main street that has a very different atmosphere at noon.

The big road was neither noisy nor complex. The skies were already bright. Even it was still early in the morning, I could already see plenty of people around.

Pallums who were preparing to open a shop and also some dwarves who were adventurers discussing something in their team. Look's like they were going to the dungeon.

"Ah~ I forgot to eat breakfast!"

After remembering that I haven't had a meal yet, I looked left and right while walking and stared at the surroundings.

This is kind of bad. I forgot to eat and now I'm feeling hungry.

"...! ?"

I furiously looked backwards in an instant. Unpleasant feeling... Although it was not the type that I detected killing intent, it was like I'm being observed.

'What was that?'

A feeling of danger. Just like when you are assessing an item, ordinary people absolutely couldn't imitate it.


I immediately changed my pose and turned around to the voice coming from behind. The person who addressed me was the same as me, a human girl.

She was wearing a white blouse and a leaf-colored knee-length long skirt. On top of this was also a slightly long apron around her waist. Her silver hair that was tied into a small knot— a type of ponytail.

Her eyes that had the same color of her hair were seemingly innocent and cute. Her milky white and smooth gentle face displayed a surprised expression due to my vigilant action.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Is there something wrong?"

"Um..You dropped this."

A purplish-blue crystal was placed in her outstretched hand. I remembered that I traded them yesterday to the guild. Could it be that I remembered it wrong?

"S-sorry. I'm grateful for it."

"No problem."

She answered with a smile that made me feel comfortable. My frown when I was apologizing also changed to a smile because of her smile.

"You're an adventurer, right? You're heading in the dungeon this early?"

"Yes, but before that, I had something to take care of..."

The shop employee continued to talk with me. Because I was troubled on how to end this, I was grateful that she spoke first.

After exchanging a few more words, I said my goodbyes.

"I....I'm Bell Cranel. May I ask for your name?"

"It's Syr Flover, Bell~san."

With that, we exchanged smiles and our names.


Before making my way to the dungeon, I strolled for a while, thinking to purchase some materials to prepare myself. Just to secure my own safety as I don't want my goddess to worry about me.

Although there were only few people who tried selling common materials, there would still surely be some who sold drop items from the dungeon that can be used to create items.

As expected, the prices were a bit higher than I expected. However, I still has to buy them. I could buy them as long as the price was below 200 valis.

After purchasing materials for an hour, I decided to return to the place I tried forging. As I broke my weapon when I retaliated from the minotaur, I no longer had one so I intended to create some to ensure my safety in the dangerous dungeon.

Inside the Forging Room, I prepared all the materials I collected. This time, I wanted to try producing an armor for myself.

Of course before I went here, I tried appraising some equipment from the shops I passed on the way here so that I could obtain the production methods.

[You have grasped the materials that make up Glimmer Armor, the production method, and the intentions of its creator.]

[Your understanding of Glimmer Armor is now at 100%. You can use Glimmer Armor perfectly.]

[You have learned how to make Glimmer Armor.]

With that, I picked up the hammer that I forged before and started happily forging equipment—going all-out as I forged the Glimmer Armor.

I used the drop item of Killer Ants. I think their hard shell could be used as an armor to serve as a protection in the upper levels.

Because of my improved mood, somehow my hands became much more nimble. The hammer in my hands was like a musical instrument, rhythmically beating out a moving melody.

[The Legendary Blacksmith's Breath has increased the effectiveness of your production items]

Time passed, bit by bit.

I was completely unaware of the surroundings as I forged my equipment.

[A rare rated item was produced, so all basic abilities have permanently risen by +2.]

I smiled and even felt good looking at it. The color was red which has a bit of pale gold, and it's giving off a dull glow. The appearance of this new armor looked extremely cool. It would definitely look majestic while worn.

Following which, I chose to identify the equipment's information.

[Glimmer Armor]

Rating: Rare

[Durability: 180/180 Movement Speed: -2%

* Defense: +15

* Strength +10

* Healing effects received are increased by 10%.

This is a work made by an aspiring blacksmith. The wearer of this work can feel the creator's strong willpower that remained behind.

Conditions of Use: None.]

It even came with a special feature.

Afterward, I continued forging a weapon that I could use in the dungeon. I used the drop item that I bought with a bit of bargaining, the War Shadow's Finger Blade to a simple short sword.

[An epic rated item was produced, so all basic abilities have permanently risen by +4.]

[Congratulations! You have forged an epic item in your first attempt of producing a sword.]

[You have obtained a skill book as an achievement reward.]

Grabbing the newly produced short sword, there're no flashy colors or fancy decorations in but it still looked cool despite being plain.

[Refined Short Sword]

Rating: Epic

[Durability: 60/60 Attack Power: 122~127

* Attack Speed: +8%

* The damage of stabbing attacks will increase by 2%.

* The damage of slashing attacks will increase by 4%.

A sword made by a craftsman with great skill and potential, but lacking in experience and reputation.

It won't be easily damaged after being tempered for a long time.

Restriction: None.]

As I was feeling tired after forging for almost three hours straight, a bit of information about the book that magically appeared out of nowhere appeared in my vision.

[Skill Book: Sword Mastery]

Rating: Normal

Type: Passive

The Sword Mastery skill or Swordsman development ability is generated.

"Umm, Morpheus. What do I need to do with this?"

[Just open the book and you'll automatically look right into the book and go through each page until you reach the last one.]

'Just open the book and I'll automatically flip through the pages?'

[Yes. Please start.]

I was not convinced, but as soon as I opened the book, my hands started flipping through pages without my consent and then quickly reached the last page. I did not realize it, but my focus was shaking rapidly.

'I did it.'

[Scanned the book 'Sword Mastery.' Attempting to send the information to the user's brain. Will you accept?]

'Scan? Oh, you mean you copied what it means?'

[Yes, Master. Will you accept?]

'I accept.'

Suddenly my head felt as if a jolt of lightning had struck me and the information swept into my brain. I felt slightly dizzy and I held onto the table in front of me. It was much better than before, but I still felt like everything was spinning around me.

[Transfer complete.]

[The skill, 'Sword Mastery' has been obtained.]

"Ha... ha..."

[You will get used to it, Master.]

'Are you worried about me?'

[I am just stating the fact.]

And as Morpheus said, the dizziness quickly disappeared.

'Is this over?'

[Yes, Master. As you did with the manual, you can think about the related information to bring it up.]

I then thought about the blood flow I felt earlier, and information about the book that I hadn't even read came up to my mind so naturally.

'What... wow.'

It was hard to believe, but I had just crammed the entire book into my head without even reading it and I fully understood what it meant. It's not just memorization about the swordsmanship contained in the book but I fully understand the content.

[Sword Mastery Lv. 1]

Rating: Normal

[Greatly improves your control with sword and swordsmanship will also have more impact.

* When a sword is equipped, attack power will increase and attack speed by 2%.]

Holding the newly produced short sword, I readied myself. It was the basic stance that swordsmen did before unleashing their skills. I swung my arm to unleash my sword.

I did not learn from someone, nor I was taught by anyone, but I'm pretty sure that my movements now matched most adventurers. They might even be trained for several years yet I could mimic their movements perfectly.

"Now that I somehow know how to fight properly, let's proceed to the dungeon, shall we?"

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