Danmachi: I have a Simulator!

Yami travels to the world of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? and join the Familia of Goddess Hephaestus! Simple synopsis: The Mc have a Simulator system where he can simulate through different world to obtain different power to become stronger. He can also travel to different world to conqueror the world and invite familia from other world! Ps: For More Chapters You Can Visit My P@tre0n: p@tre0n.com/LazySeeker

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Chapter 12: Fighting Doma! 

[You soon arrived at the center of the battlefield. At this time, the battle between Kanae and Doma had entered a fierce stage, but in fact, it was more like Doma teasing his prey. ]

[Even though Kanae was only seventeen, she already possessed Hashira-level strength, but Doma was too strong. She was not his opponent; she had already suffered serious injuries, and her life was in danger. ]

[It seems that you want to change the development of the plot urgently, or you want to save your former savior. You stop the nearby members of the Demon Slayer team, take a Nichirin Sword from their hands, and rush toward Doma while using the Flame Breathing to save Kanae. ]

[Doma was very surprised that you could use the breathing technique, and Kanae, who was on the side, also recognized the breath of the flame and was a little surprised. ]

[Even so, Doma involuntarily used his demon arts. Doma liked to tease his enemy during the battle and let them go afterward. He still didn't pay much attention to you and Kanae, giving you a chance to survive. ]

[The sword energy of Breath of Flame has a certain scorching effect. Although it cannot create real flames, it can still dissolve the misty ice crystals in the air to a certain extent. Thanks to this, neither you nor Kanae inhaled it. The battle continues. ]

[Time was passing quickly, and dawn was approaching. Doma, who realized the seriousness of the problem, decided to kill the two of you, but under resistance from you and Kanae, Doma failed and had to retreat early. You and Kanae could not stop him and only watched him retreat completely. ]


"Ah... he really saved her?"

Looking at the development of the plot, Yami himself was slightly surprised. He only got the breath of flames, but he had no corresponding combat experience, so he didn't expect that he could save Kanae.

And sure enough, it is difficult to fight the upper moons. There would be no Demon Slayer team if all the upper moons were a little united.

"No matter what the process is, at least the result is not bad. As for whether the final evaluation can be improved after saving Kanae, it will be clear later!"

Yami returned to his senses, and his eyes fell on the white screen again.

[Doma retreated, and the follow-up support of the Demon Slayer Team also came, and Shinobu was also in the queue. ]

[ Kanae told Shinobu what happened and invited you to the Demon Slayer Squad base, but you refused. ]

[You don't plan to continue contacting the Demon Slayer Squad but have your own ideas. ]

[After bidding farewell to Sisters, you took a carriage and left the Cult with your wealth, and at the same time, took a Nichirin Sword. ]

[Relying on the vague impression in your mind, after a long journey, you try to find out about Tanjuro Kamado, who sells charcoal in a town. After asking, you found the mountain where Tanjuro Kamado and his family lived and found their residence. At this time, Tanjuro had not died of illness. ]

[Because you knew the particularity of little Tanjiro's sense of smell, you didn't lie but directly explained your purpose of coming and, at the same time, told about Demons. Kamado Tanjuro believed your words and agreed to teach you the fire God Kagura Dance. ]

[You are grateful. You stayed with the Kamado family. The Kamado family was very kind, accepted you very happily, and did not treat you as an outsider, and you also used your funds to improve the living standards of the Kamado family. ]

[In the second year, because the Flame Breathing was the closest to the original appearance of Sun Breathing, you successfully learned all the dance styles of the God of Fire Kagura Dance and the Breath of the Sun, but your body cannot sustain it for a long time so you start working out your body. ]

[Because of living together for a long time, Nezuko was attracted to you. In addition, you usually tell some fresh stories intentionally or unintentionally, which makes the girl more dependent on you. This scene fell on Kamado Tanjuro and Kamado Kie's eyes. But the two did not choose to stop it. ]

[After getting along for a long time, they know that you are worthy of entrustment, and if Nezuko follows you, they will not oppose it. ]


Yami: "..."

Seeing this, Yami felt weird.

Such a serious simulation. Why did it suddenly do this kind of thing? There was still long before the original plot began. If he remembers correctly, Kamado Nezuko seemed to be only…

This seems illegal! 

"Why did it suddenly become like this? Although it is surprising to learn the sun breathing, the subsequent development was too strange. Obviously, there is Kanae who is more suitable for further development, but you choose little Nezuko…"

As soon as the murmur in his mouth fell, Yami shook his head quickly.

He quickly thought about the pictures of Hephaestus and Tsubaki in his mind, and he was relieved after proving that he had no problem.

Sure enough, the development of Nezuko was purely accidental, which is why the system is at fault! 

He is a normal man! 

... ...