56 Chapter 0056: You Must Never Steal Things, But If You Want To Steal, Be Sure Not To Be Discovered!

In Orari's dungeon, monsters on most floors would be respawned regularly after being eliminated to fill the gaps in each floor and prevent adventurers from continuing to go deeper.

To enter the dungeon, you had to enter through the entrance in Orario, and if you wanted to get out, you had to go up through the passages of each floor. You need to go through the corresponding floors whether you are entering or leaving. There was no so-called archive point outside the special 'Floor Skipping passages.

After all, this was the real world. Even if falna gave the adventurer a game-like status panel, it was nothing more than that.

Therefore, the term "expedition" appeared.

But the dungeon started from the middle level, and the monsters refreshed intensively were very troublesome for adventurers. During this period, the loss of equipment and supplies was extremely huge, and the occasional monster wave was an important reason preventing adventurers from going on expeditions.

Perhaps because of the idea of ​​balance, there was not a glimmer of life in the dungeon.

During the exploration process, the adventurers were surprised to find the existence of the safe floor. Monsters would not be spawned here, and monsters from other floors would unlikely come here. Therefore this temporary safe floor composed of adventurers, the town of Rivera, was born!

In fact, the safe floor was not just the eighteenth floor.

There were safe floors for every other fixed floor that would not spawn monsters. The known ones were the eighteenth, thirty-ninth, and the fiftieth floors.

Of course, between the 28th and 30th floors, there seemed to be a safe floor. Yami didn't know if it was true. Still, according to the rumor, the rooms behind the boss floor were usually very likely to be safe floors, so there should be safe floors on the twenty or so floors.

These were things for the future. Yami cannot go to such a deep place now.

"The general situation is like this!"

In the temporary residence of the Hephaestus familia, Tsubaki explained with a flat face.

This workshop is the property of the Hephaestus familia in the town of Rivera, and it specializes in providing weapon repair and weapon sales for passing adventurers.

As a familia of artisans, this could be regarded as a long-term job.

Basically, the Hephaestus familia and the Goibniu familia divided up most of Orario's forging business, and the other forging families shared the rest equally.

For this reason, the Hephaestus familia was also very famous in the entire labyrinth city!

"There is also day and night on the safe floor, but it is not day and night in the true sense. There is a special crystal here. By absorbing the magic power of the dungeon, it releases light for lighting and enhances the light. The attenuation creates the difference between day and night, and you get used to it later."

Tsubaki seemed to have thought of something suddenly and hurriedly reminded him with a serious expression.

"The safe floor also has many mineral resources, including the crystal mine on the ground and the marcasite left on the wall. They are all very good basic materials, but you must not collect them. That will affect the situation in the town of Rivera, and it will cause public outrage."

"Uh...captain, do you really think of me as a greedy person?"

Yami showed a helpless expression. He was not so hungry for money!

Although...he didn't know that there was such a 'benefit' on the safe floor at the beginning, and it was really exciting to be mentioned by Tsubaki suddenly, but he would not do such a thing rashly.

At least he would wait until no one was there!

"Anyway, I've already told you that you must not do that kind of thing. Even if you do, you must not be discovered by other familia members, and don't take it all away, understand?"

Seemingly aware of Yami's temperament, Tsubaki even went out of her way to give such a warning.

This time, Yami did not respond. He was unsure whether he would take away the materials, and even if he would, he would definitely choose a time when no one was around.

"Well, forget it, as long as you know what's right."

Tsubaki shook her head helplessly, feeling that the boy in front of her would be a problem child, and hoped that he would not bring too much trouble to their goddess Hephaestus.

Although, there was not only one problem child in the familia.

"Okay, let's talk about other things later. Now, do you need to rest for a while? The fighting along the way was really tiring. Why don't you rest for a night, and we will formally start forging tomorrow!"

"Roger that, Captain."

For Tsubaki's proposal, Yami naturally had no reason to refuse.

As the other party said, fighting was really exhausting, and there was no place for them to rest in the dungeon. If they continued to forge with high intensity, it would not be uncommon for you to faint.

Forging was not that urgent at this moment. He could have a good night's rest first!

After the conversation, Tsubaki arranged a spare room for Yami, then turned and left.

Yami was physically and mentally exhausted and had no time to care about other things. He closed the door and lay on the bed, his eyes tightly closed, instantly falling into a deep sleep.

Soon, there was a soft snoring sound in the room, which complemented the lively scene outside the room.

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