55 Chapter 0055: Eighteenth Floor, Safe Floor, Rivera Town

Defeating the Minotaur was, in general, a cause for celebration.

Yami may also be able to appreciate the unique charm of the adventurer in the set!

Continuously using the Sun Breathing did not cause too much burden on his current body, but there was still a certain degree of fatigue, especially fighting against powerful monsters, which was even more difficult.

After all, the Minotaur was tough to deal with at his current level.

In the following section, Yami and Tsubaki continued to move forward.

Overcoming almost all obstacles, no matter what kind of monsters, they didn't stop their progress.

Of course, this was also the reason why the monster wave did not reappear. Although the monster attacks never stopped, and the strength of the monsters was also rising, with Tsubaki's support, the two quickly advanced to the seventeenth floor.

If not for the lack of physical and mental strength, Yami might have been able to participate in more battles!

"It looks like I will have to buy some potions when I return this time. Whether it's a potion related to physical, mental, or injury recovery, they will be very helpful for exploring the dungeon!"

However, these could only be easily realized after having sufficient funds.

At least for now, he might not be able to afford more expensive potions.

For example, a potion called 'panacea' could restore all internal and external injuries. It claims that as long as one breath is left, it could save you and remove all negative effects. The price alone had reached 500,000 Valis. This may be an amount that some adventurers could not save in their entire lives.

Therefore, adventurers were not rich and often needed to work hard for money.

"Oh, we're finally here!"

As the passage in front of them became wider and wider, Tsubaki turned her head and said to Yami.

A square-like hall soon appeared in front of the two of them. Compared with the other messy dungeon caves, it was much smoother.

Although only a little bit.

There were still many huge stones on the square. Just placing them there made people feel small.

"Did you see the wall on the left?" Walking into the hall, Tsubaki started teaching again, "That wall is the 'Wall of Sighs,' also called the 'The First Boss,' where Goliath, the boss of the floor, is spawned. It is equivalent to an Lv.4 monster, but it is difficult for adventurers of the same level to defeat."

"The floor bosses will appear on every other floor, each one is powerful, and the respawn time is longer than other monsters. It seems that Goliath has been solved by other adventurers and has not been respawned yet!"

"Since there is nothing to see, let's go to the eighteenth floor. It's time to start another lesson!"

Hearing this, Yami nodded and took his gaze away from the wall.

This wall, which seemed to have been polished by someone, was spectacular. It was hard to imagine who could have made such a wonderful and varied dungeon.

It was a pity that there seemed no way to see Goliath this time.

Without staying there any longer, walking through the long hall, the two soon entered the passage leading to the lower floor.

After passing through the dark stairs, the long-lost light appeared before Yami's eyes. After finally getting used to it, he was attracted by the dense forest before him.

This was the eighteenth floor of the dungeon, which was also the so-called safe floor.

Adventurers like to call it 'Dungeon Paradise.'

The afterglow of the evening rose from a distance, and it seemed that the sun rose and the moon that had set on the ground had been restored here. Although it was only a simulation, it did make people feel safe.

Generally, no monsters would appear on the safe floor, so it had become the gathering place for many familia members.

After Yami and Tsubaki entered this floor, they entered a town marked 'Rivera.'

Different from the bustling Orario, the town of Rivera looked relatively simple. The first thing you see is the simple wooden houses, many pedestrians selling fruits around, and some slightly sturdy hotels.

The chatter and laughter of the adventurers came from the tavern not far away, and from time to time, the sound of forging iron could be heard. This very familiar sound attracted Yami's attention. Not far away, in the workshop, some adventurers were standing at the workshop's entrance and were constantly bargaining.

Many people had even lived here for several years.

Orario's business was too complicated. Some businessmen thought they had found another way and hired adventurers to escort them to Rivera Town to do business.

Although it was very dangerous and occasionally destroyed, it was not as terrible as imagined.

The people who could settle here were veterans, and they knew what to do and when to save their lives.

"Surprised? When I first came to Rivera, I also showed the same expression as you!"

Yami's silence was disturbed by Tsubaki's mistake for coming here for the first time, and then she said: "Our Hephaestus familia also has property here. Let's go there first and settle down. Then I will slowly explain to you the origin of this town."

"Come with me!"

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