50 Chapter 0050: Hellhound! 

"Also, remember to put this thing on!"

Tsubaki took a piece of clothing that looked like gauze or cloth from the backpack behind her and threw it on Yami's shoulder, who immediately showed a puzzled expression.

The memories about Danmachi in his mind had blurred a lot.

Apart from remembering some related characters, Yami had forgotten most of the basic information about the monster, so he didn't recognize it.

"The monsters in the middle layer have begun to have special abilities. The thirteenth layer is also called the 'first line of death.' There is a black wolf called hellhound registered in the Monster Manual of the Adventurer's Guild. It can shoot out flames and turn the unprotected adventurers into charcoal."

"This thing is called fire-resistant cloth. In a sense, it is a piece of standard equipment on the middle floors. It has extremely strong resistance to flames and high temperatures and can withstand most flame damage."

Fire-resistant cloth?

With Tsubaki's reminder, Yami remembered the function of this thing.

It was woven from protective cloth, a garment made by fairy spirits weaving their magic power. It is also a special item with the blessing of fairy spirits. In addition to having a high defense against attacks such as flames and heat, it also has cold protection properties. It could be said to be a must for middle floors.

"Don't look at it, it's not expensive, only six figures. I've kept this one for you temporarily, so remember to return it to me later."


Yami nodded and put the fire-fine cloth under the armor.

The surface of the protective cloth was dotted with bright particles of light, and the colors were bright, making it look extremely pretty.

"It's worthy of being the equipment produced by the cooperation of fairies. It feels that even senior blacksmiths can't match it. It's not unreasonable for this race to be called 'God clone.'"

It was just that although the performance of this kind of work was powerful, it had a single function, and it could only surpass the armor of a senior blacksmith in the field of specialization, but it was still very powerful.

"Don't worry. You will have a chance to meet that magical group someday!"

Tsubaki patted Yami's shoulder and walked forward first. The latter tightened the fire-resistant cloth on his body, couldn't help smiling, and followed without hesitation.

Gray rocks were rolling everywhere around. The surrounding walls, floors, and ceilings were all made of rocks, with a little moist air floating around.

The middle layer was also a natural cave on the mountainside. Some people who knew nothing about it might come here and believe this description.

It had to be said that Yami felt a little nervous when he came here.

He also wanted to see what was so special about the middle floors, known as the first line of death, and how powerful the hellhound, who also had the alias of "Pyromaniac," was.

All in all, hellhound was probably the middle-floor opponent needing special attention.

Of course, if there were monsters like the Minotaur, it wouldn't be that important.

Yami and Tsubaki walked in a single passage like a cave. This process lasted about ten minutes without encountering any monsters on the way.

But when this thought appeared in their hearts, the two of them stopped almost at the same time.

The 'status' strengthening was extremely comprehensive; even Yami's five senses had been greatly enhanced. Yami could easily sense that something was running from a distance.

The sound of 'Pata Pata' footsteps was very obvious in this silent environment.

"It came right after I finished speaking, and I'll see you perform next. Remember to ask for help if you can't hold on." Tsubaki looked sideways at Yami but only got a confident nod from him.

She suddenly chuckled, knowing that the situation of calling for help would probably not happen.

However, Tsubaki would still not stand idly by if Yami was in danger...

The faint phosphorescence reflected several figures, and the shadows reflected on the stone wall of the cave, gradually elongated with the sound of footsteps, and then all the figures fully appeared from the depths of the passage.

Many pairs of scarlet eyes appeared, walking out of the darkness without haste.

These were hellhounds, which were also adventurer killers. Its uneven skin was wrapped in black hair, and its exposed sharp teeth highlighted its horror.

The hellhound had a ferocious face different from that of a wolf, and just after it appeared, it bared its teeth and let out a low growl.

Yami had a panoramic view of everything and couldn't help but let out a sound of wonder in his heart.

Honestly, the hellhound in front of him was bigger than all the dogs he had seen in his previous life, and those four strong dog legs alone were already thicker than most animals.

If someone said that the one in front of him was a cow, Yami would believe it.

"The appearance is bluffing, but I don't know its strength, so let's try it out first!"

Even though he was confident enough in his strength, Yami did not take it lightly. The long sword at his waist was slowly drawn out, and the sound produced by the friction was like a command.

The hellhounds almost simultaneously let out a loud roar and rushed over with astonishing momentum.

The two-way rush between each other instantly covered the short distance of 100 meters.


A hellhound took the lead, leaped across the sky, and rushed toward Yami.

The latter did not dodge, and the long sword in his hand slashed at the bloody mouth of the hellhound. He wanted to try to see how powerful the hellhound was.


Fighting close to each other, Yami almost couldn't control his figure due to the hellhound's huge strength.

His face suddenly sank as he was pushed back!


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