Danmachi: I have a Simulator!

Yami travels to the world of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? and join the Familia of Goddess Hephaestus! Simple synopsis: The Mc have a Simulator system where he can simulate through different world to obtain different power to become stronger. He can also travel to different world to conqueror the world and invite familia from other world! Ps: For More Chapters You Can Visit My P@tre0n: p@tre0n.com/LazySeeker

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Chapter 00101: Tailor-Made Training Methods, Learn To Be Beaten Before Hitting Someone!

With Shinobu in tow, Yami came to the backyard.

This place is usually used as a leisure place for the members of Hephaestus's Familia. Sometimes when they are tired from blacksmithing, they will come to this place to relax a little.

Now, none of the Familia members have come back. Some of them are looking for materials in the dungeon, and the other is probably in the weapon store that was set up inside the Tower of Babel. So now the yard is deserted, which is just convenient for Yami to do things next.

In the huge courtyard, there are only Yami and Shinobu now.

He accepted the physical strength recovery potion that Ms. Tamayo gave him. He never expected that Ms. Tamayo's talent was so good that she could fiddle with the magic potion without systematic study.

Although Shinobu's magic can restore physical strength, no one knows what will happen in the dungeon, so it is also a good thing to prepare in advance so that you don't have to worry about physical strength loss problems.

"Yami-san, let's start now."

Shinobu's eyes were full of longing, and her expression was full of impatience.

However, looking at the girl's clothes, Yami frowned subconsciously, and then said: "Shinobu, you should change into a workout outfit first, this outfit is not conducive to the next training, maybe it will hinder you so change into a slightly looser clothes."

"I understand."

Shinobu could only suppress the restlessness in her heart, turned around and went back to her room to change clothes.

After a while, she returned to the backyard, and now she has completely changed into slim training clothes. Her good figure can't be concealed at all, and Yami subconsciously took a second look.

Fortunately, the latter's powerful control made him forget his wild thoughts.

"Then we're going to start now."


Hearing this, Shinobu's gaze also became firm.

"Very good, I hope you can still have such a spirit later, so now, put these five things on your body, and start running around the whole of Orario!"

"Eh? Eeehhhh?!"

Watching Yami's movements, Shinobu subconsciously lowered her head and looked towards the ground.

At some point, there were already five kinds of things on the ground, one of which looked like clothes, and the other four seemed to be wristbands, which made Shinobu's expression a little strange

Let her prepare so many things, and the result is to come for a run?

Shinobu couldn't understand it. This was completely different from the special training she had imagined. Isn't this the most basic physical training?

It's not like she hasn't done this kind of training before, but the effect is not obvious at all, it's completely useless!

"Don't look at me like that. The things I want to give you must be supported by strong physical fitness, otherwise you will never be able to display them, so physical training is a must. I got these things from Captain. The training clothes add up to about 500 catties, which are just right for you to train."

"Of course, it's okay for you to quit now."

Yami shrugged nonchalantly, with a relaxed expression.

But he didn't say this, if Shinobu chooses to give up now, then if she still thinks about training later, he won't pay too much attention to it.

Sometimes, giving up may be really giving up!

"Forget it, let me demonstrate it to you. The next thing I will teach you is called 'Six Styles', which are six powerful moves. Only those who have broken through the limits of the human body can learn them. Simply put, those who are the weakest, a LV.2 level adventurer, that is, an adventurer whose ability value is only D and can be upgraded, it is impossible to perform this trick, and you will only collapse if you don't have a strong body."

"The first trick is 'Shave'."


As soon as his voice fell, Shinobu heard a piercing sound of breaking wind.

The strong wind around her almost made her unable to open her eyes. When everything stabilized and she opened her eyes again, she suddenly found that Yami in front of her had completely disappeared and appeared on the other side of the yard.

It's only a few breaths before and after, this speed can't be captured by sight at all!

Even the demons she has encountered before, or the monsters in the dungeon, don't have such terrifying speed, and she doesn't even have a chance to react. This is really terrifying!

Swish! It was the same sound again, and Yami returned to his previous spot.

The girl still couldn't capture any movement trajectory, as if he had crossed the space, and appeared in front of her eyes in an instant, that kind of calm and breezy expression made her even more frightened.

"This is 'Shave', a high-speed moving move. In a very short period of time, the feet step on the ground dozens of times in a row, and then move at a high speed through the reaction force, which is almost impossible to catch with the naked eye. This is also the reason why I want you to do basic training, do you still want to learn it now?"

"Yes! I want to learn!!"

When saying this, Shinobu's tone can only be described as decisive.

Seeing Yami's strength, that speed is really terrifying, isn't this the powerful power she wants to get?

If this kind of power is in front of her and she doesn't know how to choose, then she is too stupid.

"I want to learn the six styles, please, Yami-san, please teach me!"

"Since you have chosen to learn it, don't give up halfway. I will supervise you all the time. In the morning, we will start running around Orario, and in the afternoon we will enter the dungeon for special training. Be mentally prepared, you will not be idle for a second!"

Having said that, Yami grinned, revealing a sunny smile.

Naturally, he would not let go of such a useful thing as 'God's Grace'. Apart from basic training, it can speed up physical fitness. In addition, it can also increase the experience of fighting against the enemy. There's no better way than this.

Shinobu felt a little uneasy in her heart, but she didn't say anything.

As long as she can obtain powerful strength, no matter how hard it is in the future, she will not hesitate!

As a result, Yami took Shinobu and left the familia residence, and walked towards the outskirts of Orario, but he did not leave the city, but started running against the city wall.

As the center of the world, Orario's defense force is very strong, but usually no one else will come to attack the city, so there are no defenders on the top of the city, it is simply a perfect training ground.

Under the scorching sun, Shinobu wearing weights are running at a constant speed.

The full weight of five hundred catties is a burden for a girl like her who is petite and lacks strength. It is obviously very difficult to wear it for daily walking, let alone running.

Only half an hour later, she began to pant heavily, and her steps began to slow down.

Yami, who was always by her side, frowned slightly, and said immediately: "Don't slow down, keep the previous speed, don't you want to become stronger?"

The girl gritted her teeth, quickly increased her speed, and forcibly recovered her previous speed.

However, under such a high intensity, the burden on Shinobu became even greater. She seemed to feel that the whole world was on her shoulders, and her steps became heavier and heavier.

"Don't forget to breathe, squeeze the strength in your body, keep going!"

The figures of the two flickered on the wall.

The morning time passed quickly, and Shinobu almost collapsed.

Yami took out the stamina recovery potion given by Tamayo and poured it on the girl. The girl who was so tired before the effect of the magic potion took effect immediately recovered her ability to move.

With the release of the magic, the exhausted physical strength recovered at an extremely fast speed.

Compared with the world of One Piece, Orario probably can use this when exercising to quickly recover their exhausted physical strength, and then continue to train in high-intensity

"How do you feel?" Yami asked with a smile.

"Not so good. I felt like I was going to die when I was running before. Does this really work?"

"Of course, I won't lie to you. Have you recovered your physical strength? The next step is to enter the dungeon. It's still the same sentence. If you can't hold on, you can give up."

Yami's kind words of persuasion are indeed from the heart.

This kind of thing that is close to the devil's training is hard for men to bear, let alone women with slightly inferior physical talents.

In fact, Shinobu's highly poisonous fighting style is very reliable.

However, he somewhat underestimated the stubbornness of the girl in front of him.

"No, I'm going to continue, the next step is to enter the dungeon, right? Don't worry, I will definitely persevere, and I will never become a drag on the team again!"

"That's fine, let's go on, lunch can only be done on the road~"

Yami nodded lightly, then walked down the city wall with Shinobu, and walked towards the central Tower of Babel. It really feels good to train other people by yourself!

Then let him see how long the girl in front of him can last!

Inside the Avenue of Adventurers.

"Hey, Ais, what do you think of this dress?"


"What about this one? I think this dress is very suitable for you, Ais, why don't you try it, after all, you don't seem to have this type of dress."


Similar conversations echoed in the streets.

Four young girl-like adventurers wander the streets, entering the nearby shop from time to time, picking out the items inside, and showing sweet smiles from time to time.

No matter where they go, they are the most eye-catching focus.

The eyes of many people around them almost stayed on them, and there was a look of longing in their eyes, but no one dared to come forward to talk.

The four big characters of the Loki Familia are enough to make anyone afraid.

That's right, these people are the members of the Loki Familia who returned from the dungeon. At Tiona's invitation, Ais, Lefiya and Tione went out to play together, but Ais's face was completely indifferent from the beginning.

She obviously came out to play, but she didn't even take off the armor on her body, she even had a weapon pinned to her waist, and her eyes looked in the direction of the Tower of Babel from time to time.

It can be seen from this that the drunkard's intention is not to drink!

Ais's actions from time to time at that time made the three girls on the scene very helpless.

They have worked very hard to mobilize Ais' emotions. This time out shopping was entrusted by Riveria, just to prevent Ais from being too extreme and hurting herself.

But now it seems that the effect is not very good!

"I said, Ais, can't you take a break for a few days? You're already out to play, so don't look in the direction of the Tower of Babel. You know that Riveria doesn't allow you to enter again. The dungeon raid is over, at least it will be a few days later."

Tione said softly with a helpless face.


However, what she got in return was Ais's indifferent response, without any emotion at all, making it impossible to guess what she was thinking at the moment.

After the communication failed, Tione could only choose to give up.

If she don't want to listen, so be it, at least she can walk with them

Just don't enter the dungeon, this can barely be regarded as fulfilling Riveria's entrustment!

However, the next voice made the situation change.

"Eh?! Isn't that the little brother we met on the safe floor before? The girl next to him, I have never seen her, is she a newcomer to Hephaestus familia? Judging by their appearance, it seems that they are about to enter the dungeon."

As soon as these words came out, they immediately attracted the attention of everyone present.

Following Tiona's words, they saw two figures walking towards the Tower of Babel. They were Yami and Shinobu who had left around the city wall before.

"That girl is so beautiful, and her footsteps seem too unsteady. Is she wearing something that is too big and heavy? It is not a good choice to enter the dungeon like this."

The sharp-eyed Tione also saw the abnormal figure of Shinobu, and subconsciously commented.

But it was this sentence that instantly revived Ais's whole body, she tilted her head expressionlessly, and they didn't know what was going on in her mind.

The next moment, the girl suddenly turned her head, her expression still unchanged.

But the voice that came out of her mouth was full of firmness.

"Tione, I want to enter the dungeon."

"Eh?!" The sudden words confused Tione, "Ais, didn't I already say that? Don't embarrass me, if Riveria know that you entered the dungeon without her permission, I'm sure I'm going to die terribly, so Ais, you just take a day off!"

Thinking of Riveria's angry look, Tione couldn't help but tremble.

"I'm not going for leveling, I want to follow them and have a look."

Ais raised her hand and pointed at Yami who was about to enter the dungeon. Her tone was unusually flat, but anyone could tell that this was no longer an application, but a notification.

"I want to go and see."

Repeating this sentence all the time made Tione very tangled.

Looking at Ais's expression at this time, she suddenly sighed helplessly, "Sigh! I really can't do anything about you, but let me tell you this first, you can't go there to level up, you just go to see the situation, otherwise I won't promise you this next time, do you understand?"

"Yeah!" Ais nodded lightly, her face full of obedience.

"Really, you can only be more obedient at this time. Since you want to follow, then let's hurry up, otherwise you will be in trouble if you lose track on them."

With Tione's permission, the group of four hurried to catch up.

At this moment, Yami has not noticed that there are four tails hanging far behind him.

After entering the dungeon, Yami led Shinobu to move forward until they reached the tenth floor, and then they stopped.

Looking at the surrounding foggy terrain, Shinobu panted heavily while showing a confused expression.

"Yami-san, shall we start training here?"

"That's right, today is here, what you have to do today is to survive here, don't attack monsters with your hands, but dodge their attacks and push them at the same time."

Yami put down the backpack behind him, and took out a set of light armor from it.

"This is a product I made when I was forging. It's not too heavy. It can protect you to the greatest extent, and it can also withstand attacks for a long time. This is what you have to do today."

After saying that, Yami helped Shinobu put on this light armor.

In addition to the original weight, the girl felt that she was carrying the whole world on her back, her movements were restricted, and even her breathing seemed to be a little difficult.

It seems to be directly wrapped her into rice dumplings!

"You can start."

Standing aside and admiring Shinobu behind the armor, that kind of heroic posture really made people nod their heads. Sure enough, as long as they are beautiful, they look good in anything.

"Don't be in a daze, being beaten can exercise your durability to the maximum, dodging can also increase your dexterity, carrying weight can also exercise your strength, running around the city wall before can exercise your speed, wait until you feel that you can't bear it. When the time comes, just chant magic to recover, which can exercise your magic power."

"It's the training method I tailor-made for you, which can improve your physique in the shortest time, so as to meet the minimum requirements for learning the six styles, so do you have any questions now?"


"Then move, the enemy is coming~"